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The Elements, The Zodiac, and the Seasons.


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Aug 31, 2019
Atop the ashes of Isreal
A thought came to me recently as I was walking around in the snow outside at work. The seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, seem to be connected to the 4 elements and Zodiac signs within those elements.

There are 4 seasons, so each with one of the 4 elements. There are 3 months in each season as there are 3 zodiac signs in each element, all adding up to 12 months and 12 zodiac signs in one year within all 4 seasons. Each season's 3 months seems to have its 3 zodiac signs of its own element similar to that of a decon (of which there are 3 in each zodiac sign) For example The first month of Winter for Cancer ( the Moon) the second for Scorpio (Pluto) and the third month of Winter for Pisces (Neptune). At least in terms of amplifying certain energies once again, so different than looking at the sun passing through each sign, but going off of what each season seems to represent best at a certain time in general.

The timings of the planets for something though for example may be in a different season which I think takes precedence but if the two can have a chance to combine if possible, then I have wondered if combining the timings for workings and other things with not only the moon signs and charts but also the proper season if possible would even be further beneficial and amplifying for that working and other things in life.

-Earth for Spring. Earth represents not only the material but the flora and fauna that procreate and regrow during the springtime. This is also the mating season for many animals, especially during the first month of spring and this is ruled by Venus which rules Taurus. Ostara represents fertility love and growth! Procreation, new babies, new homes, new nests. Earth, as well as Taurus and its ruler Venus, are sensual and touchy. Virgo represents the hard worker, detail, and task-oriented, seeing things through. Many new things are growing, new jobs and projects starting (as much work is also seasonal), and requires a lot of follow-through and consistency related to earth. Capricorn also ties into this with the endurance it takes to start projects and the ambition to keep them going. Saturn is the basis of construction, foundation, and things that last, also ruling the base Chakra. Earth as a whole rules the foundation of the sensual and the material. The basic. If timing with the planets first and foremost permits, magick and activities related to Venus, Mercury, and Saturn (months one to three of Spring in that order perhaps) may be amplified at this time.

-Fire for Summer. Summer is hot and often dry. To the point in some places with forest fires. Summer is the time for expansion and activity. Jupiter rules expansion luck and gambling. Long-distance travel may be best done during the summer. Atoms and many animals are most active and energized in the heat. Heat itself is energy. Fire gives life, zest, passion, and confidence. The summer is a time of climbing the ladder, taking risks, being bold, gambling, and getting out there to make something big happen. A time of exhibition, competition, fame, and advertisement. Amplifying and bettering something that has been already started. Promotion and awards. Aries gives the passion and initiative to amplify and want to make big. Leo will find the connections between success and big-time risk-taking While Sagittarius goes the distance in travel, education, and learning to reach success in whatever endeavor. If placements and timings of the planets permit first and foremost, magick and activities ruled by Mars, The sun, And Jupiter (months one to three of Summer in that order perhaps) may be amplified at this time.

-Air for Fall. Sudden changes. Changes in the color of the leaves. Temperature changes. Switching gears and winding down to prepare for the winter. Gemini shows what is subject to change. Jobs and projects switch phases, people switch from fast to slow mode. Libra shows the balance of reaping in the harvest that one has invested in the spring and summer. (or not). Long heated legal issues come to a close and or cool down. Abundance or famine. A time of Removal begins. The wind blows as the leaves are removed from the trees, breaking away and making way for the new to come in the Spring. Aquarius symbolizes out with the old and in with the new while Uranus rules breaking away from the old and outdated. If the timings of the planets permit first and foremost, magick and activities ruled by Mercury, Venus, and Uranus (months one to three of Fall in that order perhaps) may be amplified at this time.

-Water for Winter. Winter symbolizes the stillness of life. Hibernation and introspection. Water and winter both symbolize death. Removal. As Cancer gives way to mood swings, the onset of "Winter Blues" is an actual phenomenon as moods change while the sun sleeps in winter like all else. Water symbolizes depression and deep psychic connection. As animals (and some humans) seclude themselves during the cold months of winter, Scorpio allows these loners to enter a time of regrowth, meditation, and regeneration during a long winter rest while killing off the old things. All things and relations that are undesirable will be cut permanently. Connected to Isa which shows the stillness of the frozen day and stillness of the mind, Winter allows for time to reflect and recharge. Pisces at the end of winter shows the beauty of the coming spring and ideals one has formed during the months of rest to actualize and materialize in the spring during reflection and meditation. If the timings of the planets permit first and foremost, magick and activities ruled by the Moon, Pluto, and Neptune (months one to three of Winter in that order perhaps) may be amplified at this time, Especially namely for spiritual pursuits.
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