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Taoism and The 8 feast


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Mar 10, 2024
Hi everyone,

As I read again my notes i try to put together the knowledge given. It is not easy since there is no order of teaching. An image of this way of teaching is like in some kung fu school where you do not learn in sequential order a form. Today we have section A next time h, next b then z. Oups now we teach teh 2nd form. It is a good puzzle when all students do the form together.

In due time I will speak about jing jor that looks like void meditation, special days of training, gong sun day, 3 corpses, 3 spirit, 7 animals, bedroom art , etc but first we will need to clarify in due time the concepts of jing chi and shen which are the basic behind everything.… Now the article.

They exist for chinese 24 feasts in a year. Specificly during 8 of them at the 1st day of it there are special taoist exercises. What are these dates and feast names ? They are the 4 trigrams and the peaks of seasons. The 4 trigrams are earth wind mountain and sky or to be more precise the beginning day of seasons . The peaks are solstice, equinox which are rat rabbit horse roster terestrial branches.

Sometimes people say spring comes or spring begins depending the translation.

Therefore in the case of the year 2024 according to the book named 10000 years calendar which is half solar and half lunar. Days change of a few days each year :

Spring comes is feb 4th 2024 ... Spring equinox 20/3/2024 ... Summer comes 5/5/2024​
Summer solstice 21st june ... Autumn comes 7 of august ... Fall equinox sept 14th​
Winter comes nov 7th ... Winter solstice dec 21​

The following are the details for the winter sostice practice and you have to adapt it. Remember as said that the date instead of western is not fixed on 21st (equinox and sosltice) . They may be a difference of couple days depending the year so as teacher said, better do double training than just one.


Rat branch is = water trigram , 22/12/1991 (Sunday) , winter solstice, begin Saturday midnight (eleven month, 23 to 1 o clock, exact rat at 24h.)

Exercise 8 feast imply :

  1. Face direction corresponding
  2. Fasting
  3. bath
  4. Incense
  5. Meditation , visualisation
  6. Reading of taoist canons

Since it is winter solstice it is the rat direction, pure north You can find the others if you search fong seuil/ feng shui compass. 4 peak are rat rabbit horse roster; 4 begins seasons are pig tiger snake monkey

Fast is physical and mental. Better fast but take jing seng to fill full or try at least be a vegetarian one day before, so begin at morning that prepare body, can take little pork and chicken, avoid beef. Meat too much make mind impure, restless. Better diminish meat for any meditation practices. The more important fasting is for the mind : try to keep it clear empty, away from ideas.​

Fasting is often used in different religions. For my part, concept is to avoid being impure for training, probably based on the idea of hierarchy that plants are purer than animals than humans. While they are it, a stone is purer that a plant, no thinking, no mind, no emotion. But we do not eat stones. I believeteh emphasis is not too mutch in either way. This why he says takes jing seng. Empty stomach when you meditate raise hunger, so you are distracted. Too mutch drink and you will go to bathroom.

If you have remarked by training void medittion there is 2 mind : i called one the traductor and the other the pure one. In one word when you talk in your head it will be either english, french… but there no need to translate with words. Concepts are direct, faster similar as intuition or reflexes. Compare it to electricity and specific objects using it. In one word we talk with outer voice to facilitate communication with others. Do you need that as inner voice ? no. We may compare it with carlos casteneda with his concept of stopping the word by being silent or if you prefer no translation (words images…).

  • In china they add a little natural herbs to the water to purify body. (bathing). Take it day before so for rat 1991 just few hours before 11 o clock. Maximum one day before, you can use shower too. goal is wash body. Bath serve to wash the body. Take it a few hours before the time to begin the work.

Sorry, He didn’t gave the names of the herbs. Lucky we have internet now. Hope asiatic members will point which one is best. Apart this, You guess that as satanist I add now chakras and auric cleaning too. And as classic magicians the room where you will train must be protected and cleaned first. On the forum they are articles for protecting a room usign algys rune. If you want pure taoist magical circles just check the link in ne of the last article. Teacher refered as usinf fushi compass fro protection. So you could try to visualize yourself in a circle or tai chi circle surrounded by the ba guas (8 trigrams) in the 8 directions.

Chinese Herbal Bath Recipe: Soothe Your Body and Mind

Chinese Herbal Baths to Promote Health (shen-nong.com)

  • Burn incense all the day, make chi easier to contact universal chi. Use light smell, without chemicals. One stick or 2 then do meditation. Nicer if you keep them the period of meditation

Again no specifications. But the reason here is obvious. Chemicals are artifical flavors or scents and said to be toxic to the body even if said the contrary by companies, government, scientifics (food, vapes…)…. Also, Too strong smell imply a distraction of the mind, you concentrate more on the smell that of your training

  • Do not feel asleep. If you are tired you can read the cannons then do meditation / visualisation, room tidy and clean, not disturbed by things different than Taoism (people, talking) Old advice is not to be dependant on music for that period, but we can do it before.
  • At rat (11 o clock) face north (strongest real chi) for exercise. Food nourish body, chi nourish spirit. When said avoid meat we do not say avoid real chi. For rat it wil nourish the kidney and make them strong
  • For men concentrate on yin kio (under navel / lower dan tian)
  • For woman on level heart
  • Try to use fire (red technic) , small candle growing or chi as a small fire. When you feel mind that is still for a while, stop visualisation. Channels cannot be forced to open. A little awareness of inside the body YIN KIO. For better simply sit on a chair.
  • At 24h chi go down so must taoist use that time to meditate.
  • Kidney breathing is like blowing candle 36 max the do it few hours later (whoooo) good if pain there
  • Stomach breathing is (whro) good if overeat.
  • Knocking teeth repulse ghosts and make teeth stronger
  • When inhale visualise, chi going inside then do sound.

Note that level heart is said to be the middle dantian. On other section teacher since we only had one lady with us spécified things to her. But he explains in general heart produce blood, girls must not concentrate there if they are in their period. Must wait 1 or 2 days after ending of it. Since chi follow intention or the zone of focus, we may assume thath the goal is not to interfere with the red moon.

My theory is that middle tan tien is in fact heart chakra at center line, lower and higher 2nd chakra and 6th. They are the 3 wells, 3 celtic chauldrons, 3 words. I think there is something there that explains the corrupted concept of religion about reversal ( be one with god, return to it) : jing must revert to chi chi to shen shen to tai chi then tai chi to tao. It is in fact an allegory referencing to a training.

  • Before meditate, knock 36 times teeth, just enough to hear it
  • Light exercise 10 minutes : tai chi other
  • Pichnettes on jade pillow 36 times, palms cover ears
  • Swallow saliva when mouth is dry 10 times. Use tongue circling inside/outside until it is full
  • Have loose clothes, do not sit near where wind rushing.
Light exercise is to relax the body. By pichnettes (french term) i meant beating the drums . Place hands on ears facing back, index on hole back neck, raise index and place it on major, sligth resistance than let go, it strike lightly like a drum
I am sure you understand why loose clothing. Sit to meditate with a tied belt or pant imply no confort and distraction from training.

Kidney breathing is like blowing a candle. Do It 36 times. At maximum then you can do it a few hours later. Do it if pain there (who). Stomach sound is like WROO, when inhale visualise chi going in the corresponding part.​

Although not in the titles, 6 healing breath was part of the training since the right time to do so. Why put stomach sound ? probably because they were a party just before on that date.

Do we have the same thing in the west ?

Yes but n one talk about it. We as satanist do have 8 sabbat including the solstice and equinox. We feast and do have fun with our people but due to Government and religions the meanings of these feasts changed and they misplacing them of a few days, examples :

  • Catholic christhmas is 25th december instead of 21st (birth of longer light in day is after winter solstice, christ stole the sun place)
  • 1st mai is anniversary day of working (could it have been spiritual working ?)
  • St john feast is 24th june (john means fire as I remember) and is in fact 21st june. It became feast of the creation of quebec (not an historical date)
  • 21st september is the day of international peace, independence day of belize country
  • Halloween 31 oct is samhain
  • etc …

2023 Pagan Holiday and Celebration Calendar — Celebrate Pagan Holidays

  • sabbat Imbolc (1-2 Février)
  • sabbat Ostara (21 mars)
  • sabbat Beltane (30 avril-1er mai)
  • sabbat Litha (21 juin)
  • sabbat Lughnasadh (1er août)
  • sabbat Mabon (21 septembre)
  • sabbat Samhain (31 octobre)
  • sabbat Yule (21 décembre)
Compare the dates with the main 8 feasts . A coincidence ? beltane fixed day 1st may and chinese calendar 5/5/2024.

The main point here is that it is a day of meditation, prayer, spirtual training. Not just having fun. My guess is that in the past festivities were for the non intiates. The intiates may of course participate but they were going at some moment in recluse for spiritual training.

By the way Did you know that your birthday where you feast iow old you are is also a taoist day of spiritual training (no details received) ? Choose the variant chinese calendar with you real day (stems and branches) or the western one. Witch one is best , no idea, even for the teacher, but he saîd, better double training than do nothing.

6 breath tip

Finally, I have found something about the 6 breath that I did’nt remember or talked about . There is a combination of time which is better like astrology. The note was saying to use fong and goke to get a better impact.

Fong (direction) :

- summer = snake horse lamb
- spring = tiger rabbit dragon
- fall = monkey roster dog
- winter = pig rat boar

Goke is birth peak and burial of an element

- fire = tiger horse dog
- water = monkey rat dragon
- metal = snake roster boar
- wood = pig rabbit lamb

How do you apply these ? you combine hour day month.

Eg. We want to practice fire since we are in season of fire (summer) .We are actually in snake month right now so search a combination of horse lamb (day and hour or hour and day) to practice fire breath . (direction)

When you will be in horse month we check snake lamb for hour and day (direction) but we may also use the goke searching for tiger and dog.

Unsaid but my guess is that we may apply these in any time, lets say in summer I want to practice with the flow of water I will search the best time so a water hour (direction or goke) or better any combination tied to water year-month-day or month day hour.

Earth being at the center of all, there is no direction, and there is no goke. Unsaid but imagine combining dragon year + the others (lamb dog boar) or any 3of the 4 earth. Logicly would it increase effect of working with earth flow?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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