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  • This day marks the completion of the 14 day purification cycle.
    I experimented with this cycle but it paid off as at the end of it I had a perfect meditation which I enjoyed a lot.

    At the end of cycle the purification went like this (also I will be very glad if anyone shares some tips or if something works better than something else):

    Started by raising energies with 666 meditation,
    Opened with prayer from returning curses 1,
    Cleaned my aura with Suryae x7,
    (I removed the part where i clean each part of my body)
    Then cleaned each main chakra with x7 Suryae,
    after cleaning one chakra, i sort of experimented breathing in it for 3 breaths and spinning it faster with each breath,
    finished with one last cleaning my body x7 Suryae,
    Then asked Demon to take the energies, only visualized them sending away from me and immediately i felt at peace and lighter,
    Used breathing for 3 breaths to draw fresh white-gold energies (I wish i did this outside but it is considered for next purification cycle) while programing it to empower my aura.
    After, I used my will and intent (still trying my best) and vibrated RAUM x8 (i used 8 because i remembered that when turned side it looks like infinity, if anyone has better number, please share) in a ball of energy in front of me, and asked Father to take it and deliver it to the Demon that has helped me as a token of gratitude, as I visualized it being sent I felt at peace again.
    Lastly I meditated on my aura and energies for a few minutes.

    With all this combined, it took me anywhere from 25-40 minutes, depending on the day, sometimes I feel dead tired after work and that is when I do everything, but in more shorter breaths, not drawing them for too long.

    Next purification cycle, which will be in November, is noted and I won't miss it, the goal for next one is to work outside (may not be possible due to being November), to work on all 13 chakras and to try and program the energy myself and send it away. Problem with all 13 is that it would take much longer so if anyone has any suggestions, they are more than welcome.

    Hail Satan!
    I will just share this here as I did my first ever purification today on Witches Sabbath.

    I rarely share my meditation experiences but this is something that everyone should consider doing as much as possible.

    As I am still unexperienced in visualising I did best as I could and as followed:
    Started with the prayer to Satan as in Returning Curses 1.
    Visualized a big ball of light over me and used Suryae x7 over my entire body and aura.
    Then I switched to something different as it has come to me in the moment of meditation to:
    Let the ball of light circle around my entire body ( I believe I read that from HPS Lydia's post) and clean the parts of my body, starting from bottom such as right leg Suryae x7, left leg Suryae x7, torso and upper body, left arm, right arm and finally head.

    Then I did the whole body and aura again x7 Suryae.

    Then I proceeded to each chakra and I visualised a bit smaller light, size of chakra, bit bigger, to clean each one x7 Suryae while keeping the bigger, main ball of light sort of circling around me and continuing taking out any dirt and dross.
    After cleaning each chakra I spun them and focused on them for a few moments.

    After I finished with one last time using big ball of light to clean my body and aura x7 Suryae.

    Then I asked the Demon to take it away and as I said that I heard "Be at peace".
    I'm still not open enough but this is definitely going in notes to remember it.

    The entire process took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes and for someone that never did this, I'm more than proud of how it went.
    The piece and cleaness I feel after is just perfect and cannot really describe how good it feels.
    I will try and do it for 14 days and I encourage EVERYONE to do this on Witches Sabbath, you don't have to do it as I did if you don't want to.
    The only thing is I didn't clean other chakras and extensions but will consider it for next Witches Sabath. As I started this one, will finish it like I started it.

    Hail Satan!
    I have found that in these times when almost no music talent is to be seen I prefer to listen to game music and OST.

    One theme song that got stuck with me when I used to play games before is from game Warframe called "To Take Away It's Pain" or "Smiles From Juran"

    Quick short story while you listen to it: It is about Umbra who spied on evil villian Ballas and in the end Ballas infested him, tortured him, turned him into a waframe (bio-metal exoskeletons controlled by Operators) and made him kill his own son. You as a Operator try and connect with Umbra.
    It is a very short theme song but it is really beautiful, it start with the string instrument as Umbra grieves and suffers from all the pain and torture it has endured and then the second part is where he connects with Operator who helps him to "take away its pain."

    "And it was not their force of will — not their Void devilry — not their alien darkness... it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing — and take away its pain." Ballas

    Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of the string instrument, it is so calming.
    If someone here plays games sometimes, I would highly recommend checking out Warframe and the "Sacrifice" quest.

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