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I wonder if it's a good idea to have rituals that curse "holy" jewish places, Like the western wall. Wouldn't that do some damage especially if they're constantly kissing it?
Hellenic SS
Hellenic SS
Interesting idea, but I imagine this would demand more energy from us to null the energy sent to these locations. Perhaps these could be group-only rituals that would be done in the dozens, or at least advised to be done in groups.
Tales from the Andrapodlands:

A rapper from Germany, who is a white Muslim migrant, found out that his wife was cheating on him with his best friend, who is a Jewish rapper from Germany.
After finding out, he questions his whole life, his faith, his social circle and even the children he has with her, as they may turn out to be from this Jew.
"It is in thy power to live free from all compulsion in the greatest tranquility of mind [...]"
-Marcus Aurelius, Mediations
From https://islamicevil.com/islam-sex-and-the-west-intro/

"Most successful female rulers in history have been autocrats or queens. Women are in general better suited to this type of rulership than ‘democracy’.

Beyond that, women were meant to have authority figures in themselves. The mother’s word was law, so were those of older women and of a higher social status. It is only really from woman-to-woman that traditions can be passed down to girls and how girls are trained to become an adult woman.

In Christianity, Islam and in the modern world, the status of older women has been systematically destroyed. In Christian times, old women were treated with contempt and referred to as a ‘pile of sticks’. They were subjected to the Inquisition and witch trials at higher rates, particularly widows. In Islam, older women only have ‘role models’ like Khadijah. Although older women managed to gain some esteem and authority in the Victorian period (unfortunately often through the vehicle of Christianity), in the modern Western world, youthful looks and sexual appeal are equated with being female, while the older generations sense of wisdom barely comes into anything, complicated by some of the foolishness of the GI, Silent and Boomer generations giving a negative impression to the young."

This was wonderfully written by @Karnonnos [JG]. Women need female role models, and these role models must be true women of wisdom and feminine power. Not jewess hollywood actresses or the common social media influencer.
Have any of you made the switch to Dvorak keyboard layout? Evidently you can type up to 30% faster and it is more intuitive, having all the most used keys on the middle row. Wrist pain also decreases.

If you've switched, would you recommend it?

I also read from one person, another perk is that nobody else wants to borrow his computer anymore, lol.

Screenshot (97).png

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan