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A pattern in successful books. Useful?

Big Dipper

Nov 24, 2017
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TL;DR Is at the bottom
I plan on being an author and I've been trying to use Neptune as a sign of what will be the most popular genre to hammer in on. On the Azazel's astrology page for when neptune was in scorpio it says: Spy and detective work were glamorized with James Bond movies.

Which makes sense, as scorpio is ruled by pluto and pluto rules hit-men and secret services, plus Neptune rules entertainment.

I've looked at the natal charts of a few books and I've noticed a trend. This is Casino Royale's natal chart, it's the first James bond book. GRANTED, this is the day, month, and year it was PUBLISHED, not finished. And there's no way to see the Electional astrology chart for when the project was started.

Casino Royale Chart.png

Then, lets look at Stephan king's It, Carrie (being the highest sold book by Stephan), Salem's lot, Pet Cemetary, and The shining.

It Natal chart.png

Salems lot Chart.png
The Shining Natal chart.png

Carrie Natal chart.png

All of them have Sun in the tenth house. An exception being Pet cemetary, but it does have sun in the 9th house of publishing with jupiter in the 10th with the chart ruler in the 10th:
Pet cemetary natal chart.png

Thats about as far as I've looked into all the charts, and so what I gather is when a book is published it seems to benefit a lot when the sun is in the publications date's 10th house.
Also, the Casino Royal was published when Neptune was in Libra, it wasn't until the first James bond movie, made after the book, was made when Neptune was in Scorpio.
And Stephan King's best books for the time: The shining, Carrie, Salem's lot, and even The children of the corn has had several movies made of it, but when The children of the corn was published Neptune was in Capricorn, but Uranus was in Saggitarius, which I think people may have been interested in cults at that time, but im not sure.

What I'm wondering is, judging by the publication charts only, is it very important for a book to have sun in the tenth house for it to be successful? It makes sense to me that ideally you'd want the sun in the 10th when you've finished the book, almost like a baby being born. (Which doesn't make sense to me already. If a baby is seen to be handicapped in some way before being born but it hasn't had it's natal chart cast yet, then when does astrology really take place, when the baby started forming in the womb/when the book writing has started?)

Which, if it's true that it would be a great push for success, it would be up to complete chance with the publishers, as they do it seemingly at random over the course of how ever long, could be up to a year or longer to publish your book traditionally. Gladly you can do self publishing.

And my last piece of theory. Neptune is in aries now, I've been trying to see exactly what will be popular for the next 12-ish years. This is what I understand to be true, but I could be wrong: Aries (ruled by mars, which rules energy) with Neptune in aries, I believe that maybe people would like to start breaking free of religion (Conflict with religion)/have a focus on religion? I thought of that after reading that post on the eclipse.
This was specifically the comment from HPS Lydia: "The planets in Aries show strength - strength to break free from false religious lies. And with Pluto recently entering Aquarius and Neptune soon entering Aries (thereby losing some of its power), it all adds to up spell the end for xianity. It's also interesting that Saturn, the planet that rules death and decay, is in Pisces during Neptune's final years in that sign."

Sorry for the long post, it's just something I've noticed while trying to learn more astrology and seeing how my books could benefit, plus, what spells out success and what the cultures will focus on/what will be interesting. On what types of horrors would be interesting for people to explore. It's been on my mind for a while.
Dearest. Big Dipper, I am not much help as I haven’t delved into astrology as deeply as you have. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your observations as I believe you have found a key for success. I have no desire to be an author, so I wish you great success in your endeavors. I just appreciate the depth of your ability to research and it opens ideas for how Ishould be researching. Thank you for sharing. I believe it will assist in my personal soul advancement.

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Beginning to author a book and publishing it are two fundamentally different events, and thus one event's chart cannot be used to determine the outcomes of the other event. The chart of authorship would rule over the process of the book's development, its content and themes, the relationship of the author to the book itself, etc.

The publication chart would, as you have uncovered, rule over the outcome of the book's release into the public sphere, with a 10th house Sun/Jupiter determining a highly visible and successful work. This chart would rule over things as how it is perceived by the public mind, its impact on culture, how it performs in sales and distribution, whether or not it is conducive to adaptions, multiple reprints and editions, and so on.

I hypothesize the distinction between the entity itself and its integration within the broader environment is something seen across electional/“entity” astrology. In my own research into business astrology, this distinction appears in a corporation's “incorporation chart” (when it is legally formed) and its “business chart” (when it begins actually selling goods/services in the market).

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