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Blending Astrological Meanings (Intermediate Astrology)

Karnonnos [JG]

Joy of Satan Guardian
Nov 10, 2019
This is more of a topic for those members who are intermediate level with Astrology or understand all the basic concepts in AA but want to go further.

Something HPS Maxine always emphasised in Astrology was blending the aspects of the chart together to produce a coherent meaning. Sometimes, as it goes, one aspect can actually shed a massive amount of light on how someone behaves. This is how you can move on from cookbook definitions so present in books.

For example, let's take an example HPS Maxine gave out:

HPS Maxine said:
I know of a person with a Sun/Venus conjunction. This aspect often indicates personal vanity (I lived with this individual). This conjunction was in the home sign of Taurus.

There were no hard aspects to Saturn to keep this person in check. She would primp in front of the mirror for hours on end. The bathroom was always tied up. This person got up at 4:15 am every morning. Spent until 5:45 am in the bathroom primping her hair, make-up, etc. Left for work and then complained that when getting to work, that others would come into the ladies room (even on the third floor where it was quiet), while she 'fixed her hair and make-up.'

Regardless of any lack of money, even under-age dependents going hungry or without, this person ALWAYS had her 10 am Thursday morning beauty appointment at a nearby salon. Getting back to this person at work, she would also primp on the lunch hour. Then upon returning home at night, spend another hour and a half in the bathroom pin curling her hair and primping. No one could even take a 30 second piss. I have seen this shit more than once and it is nauseating to say the least.

No... this person certainly wasn't trying to conceal any feelings of inferiority as there weren't any. She could do no wrong. I could cite many more examples as I have been an astrologer for over 35 years and have done the charts of nearly everyone close to me, relatives and many others. The points to look out for are an unbalanced personality, especially if you are considering getting into a personal relationship with someone in question.

As it goes, today is Friday AND the Sun and Venus are in conjunction in the opposing sign of Scorpio right now (odd coincidence) so I thought it would be a good idea to bring this up. The story of this vain woman is how the Sun and Venus in the sign of Taurus can manifest into something external. But why?

First of all we should look at what AA has to say about Sun and Venus in aspect:

Azazel's Astrology said:
This is the aspect of the narcissist, as it gives vanity. These people are concerned about their appearance and are the ones who rarely venture out if their hair, clothing and for women makeup are not in place. Much pride is taken in the appearance. Also gives artistic talent.

What does this mean with the sign of Taurus?

Taurus as a Sign and Other Indicators


- The sign of Taurus has to do with seeking stability, gathering resources, conservation and beauty (including cosmetics). The Sun has to do with self-expression, hierarchy, one's father, one's children and ego. Venus deals with the love life, beauty, art and social relations as well. Bear all of these significations in mind. The likelihood is that unless this person 'shined' by looking perfect, she felt like she couldn't do much.


- Taurus is a fixed sign ruling over long periods of time. Often, astrologically, 'long' means long in context to the situation. Sometimes you see something with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius signifying something on a natal chart that takes decades to resolve.

But when you're at or getting ready for work, somebody hogging a space to do her makeup and hair for hours, then continuing this behavior throughout the day is LONG. Short would be like 2 minutes. These things have to be read in context.

- "She could do no wrong". Azazel's Astrology notes that Sun in Taurus hates changes to their plans or novelties. Remember:

  • Taurus is the opposite sign to Scorpio which rules over transformations.
  • Taurus in semi-sextile to Aries ruling over initiating actions.
  • Taurus in semi-sextile to Gemini ruling over run of the mill things and new sensations.
  • Both signs may be of Venus, but Taurus does not 'see' Libra ruling over adaptability in social matters. They are inconjunct.
  • In addition, Taurus forms a square to Leo (the Sun's home sign) because Leo the King who wants to expand is frustrated with the bull's conservative tendencies.
  • Aquarius is the other square to Taurus and this deals with Aquarius unsettling, unstable, futuristic and socially levelling nature being disturbing to Taurus.
This is why Taurus has a reputation for stubbornness. There is a meaning to why the 12 signs are placed around each other like this. The chart has a logic to it!


- As Azazels' Astrology says, the conjunction created narcissism or hisitrionic tendency. The Sun in such close proximity to Venus can signify someone who thinks they are a queen... or is a drama queen. Sometimes the chart has to be read literally. This aspect for women can also deal with thinking one is better than other women. She may have had fun doing it - Venus can be catty and the Sun can rule childishness, sometimes.

- She might've been looking for a promotion or male attention by exhibiting Taurean behavior. The Sun rules over status, promotions and the men in a women's chart.

- Venus is the Morning Star. In its own sign and backed up by the Sun it may indicate her regime.


At its absolute worst... this aspect can be reminiscent of this person.

Planet problems

- Combustion. Traditionally a planet nearing the Sun (within 8 degrees) was considered to be 'combust'. I've found some use for this idea, but some claim this deals with the smaller planet being forced to be low-key. I don't agree with that... HPS Maxine's story obviously contradicts that idea. Conjunctions to the Sun can express itself in undesirable behaviors. Astronomicially, when transiting, Venus can only go as far as a sextile away from the Sun.

HPS Maxine said:
As for the Vedic teachings, I have found some truths, such as the natures of the planets are more important than the aspects with interpretation. Idiots write of all trines and sextiles being favorable and all squares and oppositions being bad. This is not true at all. The natures of the planets have to be taken into consideration, along with the houses they rule, where they are posited in the chart and so forth.

Trines can be rotten, say if one's chart ruler is trine to the ruler of the sixth house, he/she will more than likely have considerable health problems, even if so-called 'benefics' Venus and Jupiter are involved. Say someone has the chart of a reserved personality, such as many Capricorn planets, many planets in the twelfth house, etc... A Mars/Jupiter square or opposition is extremely helpful in balancing the personality with this. Squares and oppositions are not all bad. Saturn/Sun hard aspects for example can be troublesome, but these keep the ego in check, unless the chart is full of low self-esteem aspects.

- In line with this, although many people think the Sun and Venus represent similar and benefic things, and conjunctions between 'benefic' planets are always good, Venus and the Sun can actually be antagonistic. The Sun itself is in detriment in Libra, a home sign of Venus. As I said before, Taurus forms a square to Leo. How does this all show up?

Venusian conduct often represents adolescent and young adult behaviours liike dating, beautification, sexuality and keeping the peace that conflict with the interests of children or authority figures. We've all seen this. The Sun can be demanding of attention or very bossy in a way that feels threatening to Venus, as children often are. This also applies to authority. Many women can relate to their father being controlling of who they date, for example.

- Venus in Taurus can be like this as well, as Venus rules over social conduct and interactions. So with a Taurean emphasis (home sign or not) it can show a real hatred of switching up one's routine for others. It can also show a discomfort at things not 'feeling' right (Taurus is sensual) or things not being the same as usual. This could've contributed to why this woman was so hellbent on being obnoxious. She had no intention of giving up her love life or her beautification routine for anybody.


- The crux of the matter here that HPS Maxine mentions is that neither planet has an aspect to Saturn. She had no sense of responsibility or limitations that Saturn provides. The Sun in Taurus can even be read as 'resources (Taurus) for children (The Sun)'. If she was letting her kids starve just so she could go to the damn salon, this lady was somewhat of a deadbeat. Had this conjunction had some connection to Saturn, she may have behaved in a much more responsible way.

Whatever is true for this woman, doesn't necessarily always hold for everyone else. The House position is also very important here. In 2nd, this aspect in this sign could deal with a man who thinks his furniture is better than everyone else's because it's traditional and spends ridiculous amounts of time fixing cushions into place. That is also an aspect of vanity or even be exported to one's kids. It could convey someone who thinks their kids have to look perfect and wonderful for hours if it's placed in the 5th House, an annoying pageant mommy or stage dad type.

And again, just like Saturn, every aspect to the Sun or Venus counts too. The chart is COMPLICATED. The form of Astrology taught to most people via the Sun Signs alone is mostly a scam. It is never as simple as "a Sun Taurus is only ever like this, or that". Some Taureans may not give a fuck about their looks. If there was a full chart, the House cusps would've shed light on why this woman was like this.

Other Signs

- What would've happened if the Sun and Venus were in the cardinal sign of Aries? Probably this chick would've been much quicker in doing this, but in a way that stood out as more immediately obnoxious, snappy and messy. She might've moved around the office being annoying and trying to beautify it like that. Personally I only know people with semi-sextiles here. I know a Venus in Aries person with a semi-sextile to their Sun in Pisces and they can be obnoxious about fiddling with their hair in short bursts at the most annoying times imaginable. Their attention span is all over the place.

The movie star Joan Crawford had the opposite - Venus in Pisces in 4th with her Sun in Aries in 5th. This helped her immensely with acting, but the negative side is that she went seriously apeshit if her adopted daughter had a hair out of place. Joan treated her daughter like a doll to exhibit and expected her to act like a host because [in line with what AA says about Venus in Pisces] the men she dated were very damaged individuals. This was even in the movie, Mommie Dearest.

From Joan we can also see the differing attitudes - a childish tyrant to the kids, but perfectly suffering for her lovers. Now not all Sun Aries are like this to kids, but it can happen. Much like the lady in HPS Maxine's account, Joan also had zero aspect of Saturn (occupying the 4th) to either the Sun or Venus. This excess extended to other areas of her life. Instead of approaching men directly, Joan strategically climbed ladders with no panties on so men beneath could see. This kind of vulgar behavior can happen with Aries women, but Venus in Pisces is also libidinous (Valens says Pisces can be very sexual in general) and low-key about it. She and her lovers constantly got drunk.

Another person I know with Venus in Taurus semi-sextile Sun in Gemini is obsessed with asking me whether they look good or not before they step outside. They get very angry at people in their neighborhood (Gemini) for 'looking better than them'. This stuff can get tiring very quickly.

House cusp rulers - Kris Jenner's Chart

We also need to consider planets in relation to their House cusp rulers here. I could start by using Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian's mother, as an example. Since she's a person who got herself on the map via her relationships, she might be interesting to investigate with her 1st and 7th House. I cannot stand this individual, but there is no doubt their life is highly unusual and she is very financially successful. There is also a lot of public information about her. So she can be useful as with anyone like this for Astrology. Just filter the information as some biographies can be full of lies.


First of all, we can immediately note things about Kris chart. She has a bundle configuration. This indicates someone who can accomplish many things in their life with drive and concentration. They will do anything to get what they want.


The bundle.

For relationships, we need to look at her 1st House showing her Chart Ruler and her 7th House representing her relationships with others. Kris is a Virgo Ascendant, so her Mercury is in Libra right on the 2nd House cusp [we can blend the meanings of the 1st and 2nd here, but I'd rather focus on the 2nd for now].

Her 7th House's cusp is Pisces, with Neptune in Libra in the 2nd House and Jupiter in Leo in the 11th House ruling over it, representing her partners, as well as her adversaries, legal contracts, etc. Mercury is conjoined to Neptune in the 2nd
House (money, possessions, resources, what one values)> What does Azazel's Astrology say about Mercury conjoined to Neptune?

Azazel's Astrology said:
These people make excellent liars, and in rare cases, if Neptune is prominent and other factors in the chart support this, there can be an inability to separate truth from lies, with a tendency to pathological lying [though this is not too common]. Sometimes secrets are accidentally revealed. The mind is disorganized; one is scatterbrained, and prone to frequent daydreaming without focus. Mercury Neptune aspects make it difficult for one to focus and concentrate. There can be tendencies to dishonesty, and this aspect is often seen in the charts of thieves. These people can be elusive and deceptive, especially if Neptune is prominent. Mercury/Neptune aspects give psychic ability and a talent for telepathic communications. These people have a need and a love for music. They need to listen to music that they enjoy to balance their psyche and to calm their nerves.

Mercury in Second House
These people like to spend their money on books, videos, DVDs, computer software, education, and learning. This is an excellent placement for writers and anyone who earns their living through communications. They have a gift for knowing how to make money, such as analyzing stocks and also knowing what sells at any given time. They apply their knowledge and intelligence towards making money.

Neptune in Second House
Those with this placement are often impractical concerning money. Money is often spent on music, theatre and/or the arts, and on spiritual pursuits. These people can be easily swindled. There can be evasiveness regarding finances. Sometimes they depend on others for financial support or vice versa. There is a strong potential for bankruptcy and/or the erosion of one's assets. In some cases, one with Neptune in the second house may consider money and finances to be unimportant as with those who take a vow of poverty in certain "religious" programs.

We can definitely say large elements of this matches up to Kris if one knows anything about her. Now, usually Neptune in a sign doesn't mean anything except for generational circumstances. Neptune was transiting in Libra from 1942 to 1956. What it represents is a generational energy by itself. As a significator of the 7th House and conjoined to Mercury, however, it can mean a lot on her chart.

Her marriages give clues to her life circumstances:

Robert Kardashian Sr.

- Rob Kardashian Sr. initially dumped her, then came back. Neptune can deal with losses, particularly ones that aren't as they seem.

- After taking her back, Kardashian Sr. was obsessed with moulding Kris into being the perfect wife. Apparently, he was obsessed with the film the Stepford Wives. Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, can be obsessed with perfection, make-believe and dolls. He gave her cassette tapes (Mercury) to practice (Mercury) to speak like the perfect wife (Neptune, Libra). Kardashian Sr. compared her to Snow White all the time, even when threatening other men. I mean there is some resemblance but I don't have to go into how delusional this is. Slush White is more what I'd say... :shock:

- As a born again xian, Kardashian Sr. tried to brainwash Kris into fundamentalist xianity and prayer (Neptune).

- They had a car with the xian fish symbol on it. Can you guess the relevance? Mercury rules over cars, Neptune rules fish in general as well. This was their possession (2nd House). Astrology can be mindblowing in its accuracy!

- Kardashian Sr. apparently made Kris feel imprisoned. Neptune can be the jailer of the zodiac.

- Kris depleted his bank accounts (a shared bank account, conjunction in 2nd House) to buy beautiful things. One of their friends said "I truly think Kris married him for his money".

- Jupiter in Leo in the 11th House also has significance here, showing her romantic preferences as Jupiter co-rules the 7th House cusp. Kardashian Sr. was an Armenian foreigner while Kris was simply of Anglo extraction. Jupiter rules over foreigners. He was also a lawyer, Jupiter and Leo can rule over this, particularly as Kardashian represented celebrities and sportsmen. Kris herself perpetually went after athletic men and sportsmen (Jupiter in Leo). The 11th House can deal with patronage, friend groups and peer networks. This is one of the ways Kris got her big break.

- Her 4th house cusp is ruled by Sagittarius, the other sign of Jupiter. Their home was 3,000 yards wide in Beverly Hills and was used to host their friends 24/7. To tell the truth - this was a mansion. Leo rules over mansions like this and Jupiter can amplify the effect. Also the tennis court was massive and it was known as a party hotspot for celebrities, such as OJ. The law, sports, celebrity and partying themes are heavy here.

- Kris began to have affairs with sportsmen in golf caddies (Mercury again), etc, indicating deception in the marriage (Neptune in Libra). It has long been said that Khloe is probably not his child. The Khloe thing shows up in the Mercury Neptune thing too (deception about siblings). This led to their divorce.

- Kris has Moon in Cancer. On Robert's chart, this is represented by the Moon in Aquarius (rebellious wife) in the 2nd House, Cancer ruling the cusp of his 7th. Often a planet in its own sign can represent their partner's 7th.

- Nicole Brown Simpson was Kris best friend. You can read HPS Maxine's analysis of Nicole here. The cusp of her 11th is Leo, so the Sun in Scorpio for Kris can represent death of a friend. She was infuriated when Kardashian Sr. represented OJ Simpson in court and cut him out of her life entirely. This lawyer representing a celebrity of a different race thing is another manifestation of that Jupiter in Leo. As a result of the trial, Kardashian Sr. himself became a celebrity long before the others.

- Robert Kardashian Sr's diaries were leaked and this revealed damaging information about Kris, such as allegations that she beat Kim a number of times when growing up. A diary being leaked is very Mercury and Neptune.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

With Bruce/Caitlyn we can also see this in action:

- An A-list celebrity in the 1970s, Bruce had lost all his money by the time he met Kris. This time the 2nd House polarity worked in reverse. Kris getting swindled.

- Neptune is written all over this. Bruce hid his real intentions about his transgender nature from Kris. Living a lie. Mercury in Libra can deal with feminine males or with hermaphroditism (Hermes aka Mercury + Aphrodite). This can also deal with mental illness as Mercury governs the rational part of the mind.

- Neptune rules over pharmaceuticals. Bruce took estrogen for a while (not enough to castrate him) and then years later lied to Kris, saying it was just some steroid he took that had lowered his sperm count. This conjunction reveals the root of the deception. The 2nd House can also deal with things we consume.


- I remember as a kid, whenever I saw Bruce Jenner in the media (Mercury), I knew something was very wrong. As a young man he was rather masculine but something seriously bizarre happened to his face. Others compared him to Michael Jackson and said it was a case of being a plastic surgery freak, or that he got burned on the face, or he was gay. I felt something deeper and weirder was going on with that, something distinctly feminine was going on, but this was before trans issues were widely discussed. I cannot fathom how Kris didn't see this, but that's another part of the conjunction. Or - she is just lying.

- When they split up, the breakup was semi-amicable and Kris decorated Caitlyn's house. This is a particularly odd manifestation.

- "When you feel like you gave your whole life to somebody and the sum of it all was you were a distraction..." quote from Kris. This statement feels like the conjunction. Apparently Caitlyn lied about Kris in their autobiography (Mercury) mostly about their marriage (Libra). More deceptions all over. Who knows if this is the truth?

- Caitlyn Jenner is another aspect of that Jupiter in Leo. They were a sportsman (Jupiter, Leo again) and very popular (11th). Their own Midheaven is in Leo. Kris also created a line of exercise videos with Bruce.

- Caitlyn's transformation is quite Neptunian in itself. They really went for the old Barbie doll look. I don't believe they 'pass', but they definitely don't dress like a bum or some reddit creep. It is full investment into the role. It's always designer clothes, weaves, the whole thing. The expression and voice however... that may be another element of Mercury.

Corey Gamble

- He is 30 years younger than her and let's be honest, is probably in it for the money. Mercury can deal with associations of younger people. However, he has stuck around a very long time, almost ten years. This could indicate something intellectual.

- Jupiter in Leo thing comes into play again. He is black and an actor.

Kris herself

- The 1st House-7th House axis can often deal with how someone is versus how they are perceived. To people who like her, Kris is known as a very astute businesswoman and rather well spoken. I'd say this is true.

- To those who hate her, she is a degenerate, a pornographer and a liar. Well...


- This can reflect plastic surgery, which she got a lot of once she started appearing on tv. Neptunian minds never be satisfied with how they look. Again - mental illness may be involved here. The 2nd House placement can reflect the financial acquisition of surgeries. But Mercury can also just mean surgeries to look young.

- The sex tape that made Kim famous. Mercury/Neptune in conjunct can reference this. Mercury rules over video tapes. Neptune rules over secretive [i.e. pornographic] material and reflects the tape [a possession] being leaked, especially as Neptune is forming a sextile with Pluto in Leo, with Scorpio ruling the cusp of the 3rd [something shocking revealed about one's child via media, control and domination of a child's mind is possible as well]. All things here are key to how Kris got her second financial wind - the 2nd House again shows itself.

- The Kardashian 'brand' is built on the six siblings and their relationship. Mercury has a lot to do with this and this signifies more about Kris financial comeup. You can also say that the entire brand has done a lot of damage to people's body image via Instagram and the media too.


Hopefully this makes a lot of things clear about how important the planetary significators of the House cusps are, as well as Houses in general in interpreting aspects. These aspects can be external as well as internal. It can be tricky to predict how external influences manifest in Astrology.

We can also see a hell of a lot of things just by looking at one aspect of a chart, even with Neptune, Uranus or Pluto in conjunct to a personal planet. Sometimes focusing on this and building up info is the best way to get information in Astrology.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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