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Rudolf Hess Natal Chart (Reading Fuoco Blu 666)

fuoco blu 666

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Sep 21, 2017
Rudolf Hess Natal Chart (Reading Fuoco Blu 666 )
April 26, 1894 10:00 Alexandria, Egypt

Cancer Ascendant, Chart Ruler: Moon
Intuition and sensitive nature make him psychically open to feel and absorb the feelings and moods of others and the energies of the surrounding environment, natural medium, this position greatly amplifies spiritual and energy sensitivity.
He loves good food and has excellent domestic and cooking skills.
This position strengthens the Moon in Capricorn traits in his natal chart.

Signs of the planets

Sun in Taurus 6°
Slow, stubborn, sensual and artistic, passionate about good food and material comforts and luxury and self-indulgent especially on a material level.
Possessive and jealous, a good part of the energies are directed into the money of which he is a good manager.
Anger is lasting and also explosive due to other aspects in the chart.
Muscle and throat health is usually good unless Sun affairs are damaged and not sublimated.

This position is a purer expression of the sign of Taurus because it is found in the decan of Taurus, all the characteristics of the original sign are elevated.

Moon in Capricorn 16°
A grandparent may have been during your childhood growth and with whom there is a particularly rich family bond.
The mother worked hard to the point of being emotionally absent, and the childhood may have been tough with a physically and/or emotionally absent mother.
The emotional nature is serious and finds it difficult to let go of things because it is serious, on the positive side this position gives reliability and a sense of security in relationships with others.

Emotions influence skin health in a pronounced way.
Cautious and defensive, there is a shy and extremely sensitive side that often hides, this happens because Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, this important sensitive side is protected by often remaining on the defensive and not liking changes, this is linked to Solar sign of Taurus in this birth chart in the sense of perseverance, reliability, responsibility and attention to detail in work and career in a more pronounced way because the Moon sign is found in the decan of Virgo, there is also an intense need for economic security and emotional which is maintained by highlighting the sense of duty which is particularly strong with this planetary position in combination with the Sun in Taurus in the decan of Taurus.
The third eye needs more work along with more careful work of the Lunar energies.

Mercury in Aries 13°
The voice is powerful and high and seems tending towards anger even when he is not really angry because the mental and communicative energies have Mars tones with this position.
he is outspoken with a tendency to say things at the wrong time but this position has been carefully sublimated and this may have happened sometimes in his youthful years before maturity.

He loves discussions and is intellectually competitive especially because in this birth chart Mercury in Aries is on the decan of Leo, he is proud and intellectually competitive.
The mind is very active and has a tendency towards impatience and nervousness which makes mental stillness more difficult to achieve for concentration.
There is a lot of creativity and originality because Aries is a fire sign and because it is located in the decan of Leo (fire is the element of creativity).

This creative aspect is greatly enhanced by other aspects of the birth chart.
There is aggression and ability to be assertive also and very often he says what he thinks without caring about the consequences or at least maintains ideals and high opinions without entering into conflict but without the fear of entering into it if the situation requires it.
The nature is impulsive, irritable and hot-tempered and occasionally offensive.

Mercury in Aries gives reflexes, dexterity, athleticism and mental and physical agility, movements are rapid and energetic.
Mental energy especially influences the sense organs of the head such as eyes and ears because Mercury rules the mind while Aries rules the eyes and head.
In learning he is not a fan of long-winded ways of learning, he prefers to learn and learn in the shortest but most effective way.

Venus in Pisces 19°
Extremely sensitive especially in love, sympathetic and compassionate, this position balances Mercury in Aries in expression and especially in love.
He loves going out with his partner for fun, he is emotional, sensitive and romantic and is attracted to sensitive and delicate women with an abundance of very sweet feminine energy, this is special in the Cancer decan who shows pleasure for this but with an undercurrent of more energy Lunar.

There is a strong need to feel that he is needed in love and he can sacrifice a lot for love.
In love he is strongly altruistic and may have the impulse to help with many to passion the partner.
Sexually he may be attracted to feet as a pleasant addition to sexuality due to their strong physical sensitivity.

Venus is in exaltation in Pisces and her energies are stronger in the expression of this position in the personality, the heart chakra is stronger with this position and is therefore basically easier to open.

Mars in Aquarius 20°
Energies are focused on friends and group activities and organizations, he works better in a group and being part of an organization rather than alone.
Freedom and independence are of great importance to him and there is a very great interest in the scientific field with ability for it along with also an exceptional astrological ability because there are other positions in the chart that favor this in an extraordinary way.
If someone tries to control him or limit his freedom, he reacts with violent rebellion, both verbal and spiritual.
he is keenly interested in humanitarian reforms for the advancement of humanity with the future and used his enormous occult and astrological skills for this, he was Adolf Hitler's personal Astrologer with whom he shares some planetary positions in their expression and was great friends of him.
He loves the future and what it holds and has little patience for antiquated methods superseded by proven facts.
Mars in Aquarius in this birth chart is found in the decan of the same sign and therefore is purer and more intense in the manifestation of the things said before.

Jupiter in Gemini 4th
he is very intellectual and excels in communication and more than likely has an excellent education especially in the occult, spirituality and scientific subjects which he combines with great ease with logical filtering to have a practically spiritually perfect vision of the things he has studied.
Very discursive and skilled in writing and teaching, this position could, if not sublimated, suffer from indecision and change ideas in an unstable way but this has not manifested itself.

This planetary position intensifies skill and dexterity with manual skills together with Mercury in Aries which makes the mind even more active and prevents it from stagnating, there is a high degree of desire for knowledge and expanded curiosity to broaden the mind and provide to it ever new knowledge, a mind becomes more and more immune to ignorance the more the mind learns and advances spiritually.

Since it is located in the decan of the same sign, this sign of Jupiter is purer and more intense.
Jupiter in Gemini is in exile as an astrological dignity and the crown chakra needs more work to sublimate this position in the best possible way.

Saturn in Libra 20°
Bad luck in the emotional sphere, wrong partner who can also be corrupted together with bad luck in relationships, Saturn undermines the loving energies of Venus.
Love can be unrequited, the heart has suffered especially in the first love relationship, there are aspects of Venus that amplify the suffering due to this position.

If love is reciprocated in some cases love can be interrupted through misfortunes of all sorts.

Aging is hard on this position, more so than other planetary positions unless it is sublimated and directed.

Saturn in Libra is in exaltation and is therefore more malefic in its non-sublimated influence and the base chakra is easier to open and may require less work.

Location of the houses
Sun in the tenth house
He loves to appear in public, there is a dominant and "powerful" father who has a lasting and long influence in life and is important.

This Sun in the tenth house has led to fame and career and high social status and very high positions of power (there are other positions for this in the chart which strongly confirm this).
he is a successful person who has achieved success in career with orientation to find power, authoritarian and strong will to succeed and high desire to achieve.
his self-esteem is connected with the satisfaction of the characteristics mentioned above and there is a need for a successful career, honors and recognition to be high in the hierarchy.

Moon in the sixth house
Work can have frequent changes and certain phases throughout life.
working with food, talent for it, working in hotels and housework are favored.
There is a strong desire to be needed in work and career, work affects the emotional sphere, and the emotional sphere directly affects health very strongly in his psyche-soma.
Ulcers, indigestion and gastritis and other stomach problems may occur if the work is not satisfactory and there is a lot of stress and worries that affect health.

Mercury in the tenth house
There is great skill in jobs involving communication and in working for a career that requires intellect.
The father can be intellectual and strong Mercury/Gemini/Virgo eras in the natal chart.
He has studied extensively for his career both formally and informally.
He also communicates with people in positions of power, he communicated with Adolf Hitler himself, of whom he was a great friend.

Venus in the ninth house
He traveled often for pleasure, love of philosophy, art, culture, religion and education.
There was the possibility of meeting a partner from a different culture and place, he tries to convert his partner to follow his ideals because he likes to feel reciprocated in this sense.
Relationships with in-laws are harmonious and fruitful, the third child if there is a strong Venus/Taurus/Libra tone and be beautiful.
There is a strong sense of justice and fairness and ethics.
There is talent here too for writing and teaching with pleasure in doing so.
He greatly appreciates art and music and there are many other aspects in the birth chart that strongly confirm and emphasize this.

Mars in the eighth house
The death was violent and sudden, he died by violent assassination through iron or fire and weapons (ruled by Mars) but due to Saturn in the fourth house which governs the end of life this happened at a very advanced age in this case 93 years .
The sexual desire is very intense and developed, there is particular ability for sexual magic and meditation with it, such strong desire requires an adequate outlet otherwise it results in damage to the soul and psyche much more quickly than average.

The thoughts focus on sex and concern for it (in the third reich there were healthy legal brothels and discreet sexual freedom).

There is strong interest in the occult, life after physical death and spirituality.
There may have been fights over taxes, debts and finances.

Jupiter in the eleventh house
There are many friends who can give a lot of happiness in even spiritual friendship in the best and most sublimated cases.
The success was achieved through group work, including spiritual ones, with the extreme power of the occult.
The interests of groups and organizations in which important friendships are formed have had strong spiritual and religious ideals and humanitarian intentions.

There is a lot of idealism sublimated in philosophy, if not sublimated this position can give a lack of realism about its objectives.

Friends can have Sagittarius/Jupiter in their birth chart and be directly involved in journeys with him (the Reich organized journeys to recover spiritual knowledge).
A lot of emphasis and energy has been placed on this house because it hosts an extremely important conjunction in the birth chart.

Saturn in the fourth house
This placement provides longevity but a harsh old age because Saturn is the planet of harshness and limitation and the fourth house rules the last years of life.

In childhood he felt distant, unloved and detached from the mother this is particular with the combination of this house of Saturn with the Moon in Capricorn in the sense of emotional detachment from the mother, the negative karma of this position is made more impactful because the Moon it is also the ruler of the birth chart and emotional problems, problems in the family of all sorts are more painful for his psyche and also for the body because the Moon in the sixth house strongly indicates a strong emotional reactivity on it especially the areas ruled by the Moon like the stomach.

Uranus in the fifth house
Uranus in the fifth house gives him original creativity with unique abilities including art.
Matters of the heart can begin and end suddenly and this comes into contact with Saturn in Libra of this birth chart in its negative manifestation of ending love relationships.
Gambling can bring sudden and drastic wins or losses.

Neptune in the eleventh house
Friends may have signs in Pisces and/or have a strong Neptunian tone and be at best very spiritual and extremely sensitive and may also be involved in certain cases in humanitarian activities and/or spiritual activities that involve them in an occult way ( Pluto in the eleventh house).
Friends can have an extremely special spiritual bond at best with him.
In a negative manifestation, friends may abuse drugs or alcohol and have addictions.

Pluto in the eleventh house
Friends are powerful and competitive, there has been direct involvement in groups and organizations with these friends and having position of power in this.
The organization was about occult power and had a determining influence regarding life and death.
Friends may have a strong Plutonian tone and/or Pluto/Scorpio accent in their natal chart.

Planetary aspects

Sun opposition Uranus

He hates being told what to do, freedom and independence are very important to him and he is very very rebellious because there are other aspects of Uranus and Mars in Acquarios who confirm and exalt this in a drastic way.
He hates conformity and is of a very tense and highly unpredictable temperament and is an original person with a strong will and is very willing.
The father may have been original in some way.

There is a talent for technology and electronics.
Sun/Uranus especially in hard aspect provides astrological ability and strong, very strong and lively intuition and the tendency to have sudden and very energetic strokes of genius.

Moon square Mercury
This position provides good memory and a highly developed intuition, is very discursive and expresses himself emotionally.
The thoughts are concentrated among other things towards home and family and given that Saturn is in the fourth house it indicates suffering with the association of this planetary aspect based on the manifestation of Saturn in the fourth house.
There is a tendency to worry in a very emotional way about gossip and rumors and have greater difficulty concentrating and keeping the mind still at the beginning of the journey but this is counterbalanced by other positions and has also been sublimated by working with the psyche through meditation .
it is a very good aspect for the emotional expression of his sensitivity (Moon in Capricorn) but also of his aggression (Mercury in Aries) when the situation requires it.

Moon sextile Venus
he has a lot of good taste, charm and artistic ability and there are many other positions that confirm this.
There is skill for cooking and taking care of the house.
he is very affectionate and loving in reality and there are other aspects of Venus that confirm this especially due to Venus in Pisces aspecting Neptune.
This aspect also provides refined soft creativity.

Moon square Saturn
There were problems with the mother, this is very highlighted (Moon in Capricorn aspecting Saturn in the fourth house).
The mother may have been emotionally absent at best or even cruel and negative, in any case there are problems with the maternal figure.
There is a lot of discipline and defense and protection of oneself and emotions which as a result he often hides to keep his emotions safe and also on a psychosomatic level because the Moon is in the sixth house which makes his body very reactive to the energies in particular to those of Uranus and how they influence the Lunar ones in this birth chart.

Moon sextile Uranus
The mother was unusual in some ways.
He liked original, unique things and oddities, in childhood he suffered traumas that marked him and this in his birth chart can be seen from the aspects that indicate a violent, controlling and dominant father who was so in his childhood/young age and for this reason there can be sudden emotional extremes.

There were unexpected domestic changes and emotional outbursts.
Freedom is extremely important to you and she has had a strong desire to break away from the past (The Moon rules the past while Uranus rules freedom and the future).

Mercury opposition Saturn
He has a tendency to jump into pessimism and has to worry about the future with apprehension, this with a tough appearance as the opposition is marked in the personality.
He has worked hard to get a good education and values intelligence.

Mercury sextile Neptune
He can be highly elusive and avoid confrontation and do so in order to live with people who are unable to understand his spirituality and philosophy of life because there are other aspects of the chart that make him emotionally defensive like the Moon in Capricorn.

Sometimes there are revelations of secrets but often he did it voluntarily and when it was safe because it was emotionally secretive enough.
There is talent for telepathic communication and understanding others including other beings such as spiritual entities and animals.

Like all aspects of Mercury/Neptune, to sublimate this position, training for concentration and meditation on the void is required which can be done with the Isa rune if you wish to use it to bring calm, security and guidance to your mind with total control of it .

Mercury sextile Pluto
This aspect helps a lot to counterbalance the Mercury/Neptune aspect in the sense that it increases concentration.
The mind is more powerful than average and is penetrating and intense, there is a talent for investigation and puzzle solving particularly in this chart thanks to the grand trine of air.
Can dominate other people's thoughts and emotions with your strong will if your aura is stronger it has a much more pronounced effect than on other people and has been.

Venus trine Uranus
In relationships he needed freedom and harmonious independence, especially due to the fact that Uranus is in the fifth house and Saturn is in Libra in this birth chart, relationships can begin and end negatively in a sudden and drastic way.
In love and sex he was attracted to the unusual and the pleasing king of adventurously experimenting with sexuality together with a natural attraction to the originality, difference and uniqueness of the partner.

Venus square Neptune
All these aspects of Venus enhance the basic beauty one is born with at birth and beautify the physical body.
This is the creative aspect par excellence, he was extremely sensitive and idealistic, romantic and with a really active imagination.
He tends to want perfect love and when his expectations are not met this causes disappointment.

Mars trine Saturn
There is talent for athletics, martial arts along with a very strong sense of self-discipline and general talent for anything martial.
In extreme cases there may be sexual impotence or in any case denial of sexual pleasure which makes him suffer more and more as time passes and turns into negativity and unhealthy sexual fantasies.
There is a tendency to have accidents more than average.

The father was abusive and there is disagreement with him(Mars is the planet of conflict and Saturn is a relative planet that rules the father).

Mars square Uranus
Here, too, freedom is of great importance to him and he was very tense, "Uranian", rebellious and revolutionary.
There is basic talent for electronics and mechanics.
This aspect also gives charisma and personal magnetism.
There may be a tendency to have accidents.
He was impulsive in certain situations without caring about the consequences.
There is a great need for fun because this aspect makes boredom easier but there is also a need to pay attention to the nervous system if it is stressed for too long and too strongly.

Mars trine Neptune
This aspect makes him more impressionable and dilutes the energies of Mars, weakens his health and vitality (iron in the blood and the health of his blood.)
Mars in aspect to Neptune weakens will and character and opens him up to deception and discouragement, he tends to give up too soon and give up and run away but since it is a soft aspect (trine) it is easier to sublimate and is lighter than the hard aspects.

Mars/Neptune provides even more sensitivity to his birth chart and a developed psychic nature that is exceptional.
Goals can be unrealistic and often lack practice and be more spiritual because he had enormous spiritual talent.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune
Imagination is powerful and developed, loved to fantasize and daydream because of other aspects you focus more than usual in your thoughts on home, family, love and sex.
Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune is very beneficial and magnificent because it provides and gives elegant and particular artistic talent, creativity, refined tastes and appreciation for beauty and importance and interest in the most spiritual and beautiful things.
There is a tendency to be impressionable which must be treated meticulously.
Jupiter/Neptune provides great sensitivity and is benefic and benefits the house with Pisces on the cusp and its governed affairs.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto
Nature has a very intense and strong willed part, she had high opinions and a strong identification with spirituality and a great and intense immersion in it, there can be and have been profound and drastic transformations regarding religion, philosophy and points of turning point that created an enormous psychic and spiritual change that was activated in its manifestation by events involving friends and occult organizations based on the houses in which the planets hosting the conjunction of this aspect are located.

The affairs governed by the house with the cusp in Scorpio have benefited greatly from this contact and have left a strong and profound mark that is positive to the point of being indelible on the soul.

Saturn trine Neptune
It reveals sadness and susceptibility to this feeling particularly in certain periods of life that are in certain planetary transits, this aspect lowers optimism and increases depression.
The imagination is highly developed and must be trained even better in order to best sublimate this aspect.
As with the Sun in trine Neptune, the father is idealized and can sometimes victimize his son without wanting to, but on the positive side he can be very disciplining of his Neptune energies and be refining and a spiritual master for him as a great point of reference.

Neptune conjunction Pluto
This generational aspect provides intense imagination, the house hosting the conjunction in this case the eleventh has special emphasis and importance in life and a huge amount of energy directed into occult organizations and intense and very spiritual friendships.

Retrograde planets

Saturn retrograde
Discipline, sense of duty are directed towards himself and he can expect too much from himself and take too much responsibility from others and difficulty saying no and being authoritarian when it should be.
He doesn't want publicity but success was individual to him.
Self-esteem is an aspect to be carefully balanced with this retrograde aspect together with Saturn in exaltation in Libra because it makes him very self-critical.

Uranus retrograde
The need for freedom and independence is very pronounced.
There is a great sense of intuition that is also enhanced by other planetary positions.
He was very unconventional and original, unconventional.
He was often very tense (which is enhanced by the aspects of Uranus he has in his birth chart)
He felt alienated from society and had a childhood where he could not express his individuality as he would have liked and as he grows up this can cause emotional extremes which cause tension from taking things to the extreme.
One or more areas ruled by the house in which Uranus is retrograde along with the house with the cusp in Aquarius may experience delays or other problems.

Fixed stars
Mercury Conjunction Alpheratz
This star increases the love of freedom, speed and intellect especially on the mental side of life because Mercury rules the mind.
It brings fame and honors and in combination with the energy of the star Haydes means fame and honors, popularity in front of the masses which derives from communicative charisma of an intellectual and spiritual nature, this star better sublimates all the planets in the eleventh house of this chart, it helps to calm the possible negativity of Saturn in Libra in relationships because it provides a harmonious nature.

Sun conjunction Hamal
Willpower is very pronounced along with independence, does not like tyrannical authority, there is the pleasure of thinking independently and logically without spiritually harmful interference, this star especially in exact conjunction with the Sun provides leadership skills.

Jupiter conjunction Haydes
The fame in life was enormous and there are other stellar aspects that confirm this, the sexual drive is very strong and intense especially with Mars in the eighth house in this chart.
There was a high level of energy with military and martial ability, Jupiter amplifies the energy of the star Haydes and intensifies it in this sense along with the other aspects that come into harmony with this position in its manifestation.

Neptune and Pluto conjunction Aldebaran

This is a very important star, the Guardian of the East, prone to pneumonia and can attract dangerous enemies.
The death was violent which is also confirmed by Mars in the eighth house, it occurred by firearms and on the spot or by painful bleeding in prison.

Pluto conjunction Epsilor Tauri
With Pluto (rules intensity) it gives enormous artistic talent, popularity, talent for science and the occult in an extremely spiritual way, this added to the empathy and natural propensity for Astrology as a spiritual discipline it is not surprising that he was l He was Adolf Hitler's astrologer and had enormous contribution and success through mastery in this divine art.

Moon (ruler) conjunction Wega and Ascendant opposition Wega
The Fixed Star is more important in the chart because it is in conjunction with the ruler.
Occult talent along with fame, popularity and wealth, a sense of art full of refinement that is activated by emotions that move the ultra-sensitive of the soul that brings alive his ideals and her hopes.

Uranus conjunction South Scale
This star makes you sensitive to poisons in a more unpredictable way and side effects more difficult to predict, your health can be affected by serious problems in an intermittent and fluctuating way, this has not manifested itself due to the high level of energy and the practice of meditation .

Saturn opposition Baten Kaitos
Accident tendency increases, migration can be forced.

Uranus opposition Almach
Here too there is fame in life and death and skill in the arts especially Astrology.

Deneb opposition Ascendant
With this star on the Ascendant the nature is benevolent, great for successful spiritual warriors who have leadership skills.

Planetary Configurations

Grand Trine of Air element:
Very intellectual, idealistic who values wisdom and education to acquire valuable knowledge especially the spiritual by observing the rest of the birth chart, he excelled in communication in every area with versatility in communication with different people.
With Mercury in Aries and this configuration, aggressive discussion is very effective and allows him not to be excessively involved in anger without being dominated by it.

As with Venus/Uranus there is love for freedom and independence, uniqueness in relationships.
This planetary configuration adds a detached eye to empathy and it becomes more articulated and precise, allowing his intuition not to be disturbed while he looks and mentally perceives reality, this also happened during his astrologer readings
Would anyone like to do a review of the Rudolph Hess Birth Chart reading I did?
Lydia and Blackdragon and others who are experts in Astrology, what do you think of the reading of Rudolf Hess' birth chart that I did?
fuoco blu 666 said:
Would anyone like to do a review of the Rudolph Hess Birth Chart reading I did?

Great job.
Do you also take personal readings?
fuoco blu 666 said:
Lydia and Blackdragon and others who are experts in Astrology, what do you think of the reading of Rudolf Hess' birth chart that I did?
I have it bookmarked, I will read it when I have enough time :)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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