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  • My philosohpy for working out is to do the hardest things first. It's easy to start with the ego pumping workouts like pushups and bicep curls, much more difficult and humbling to start with the most "hated" workouts.

    I do not allow myself to work my upper body if I haven't worked my lower body before that, my sequence is 10-20 minute core workouts, then hips and glutes workout, then leg workout. If I don't do that, I won't train my upper body.

    Remember, you are as strong as your weak links, it doesn't matter that you have super biceps if you costantly have back aches because you bent over to lift a fork.

    Workout for health and longevity, only after that add in the more cosmetic stuff if you want it.
    Money is the indirect byproduct of the value you give to the world.

    Chasing money won't lead you to money.

    Bring value to people. Focus on this and money will come.
    Henu the Great
    Henu the Great
    Does not explain gambling though.
    Also doesn't explain finding money on the street. Such situations exist, but they're not recurring, and are unique.
    This is a way of working with the mind and the energy; by erecting a series of rules-beliefs about money in the unconscious, applying them practically, one perceives the arrival of money, and one attracts it (if one has enough spiritual power).
    Yet I find the exclusively spiritual method the most effective of all.

    Clearly, the concept of giving value for which to receive a certain sum of money is fundamental for individual ethics, which establishes a good relationship with money, fundamental for attracting it. And furthermore, this is truly an effective way for attracting wealth, if properly applicated.

    Even art, is value. Even beauty is so.
    It's not exclusively effort or time; it's value, which can also be a natural talent.
    I never really knew about constellations, I loved gazing at the sky, but knew nothing about what I was looking at. I thought about downloading an app, my mind was blown. Orion was literally there on top of me, who the hell knew that Jupiter was right besides the moon. The app also notified me that the Iss was about to pass on top of me, and there it was. The app name is sky guide, it's great and mindblowing.
    NakedPluto, that was my exact plan, I also bought a giant book. I also wanted to but an expensive telescope when I was a teenager, then I settled for binoculars, but the good ones still were pricy and didn't buy it, then forgot about it. What a marvel it is to watch the sky.
    Henu the Great
    Henu the Great
    I once went to one of those large telescopes you have. Not a big big, but nothing that you can buy from the store. It was pretty cool to see the Moon as you would look at something on your computer screen in high definition. I'm pretty sure if there had been someone or something large enough moving on the surface it would have been visible to the eye at that moment. I also had my own telescope way back when. It was pretty low-grade, but sure it was fun regardless.
    It's interesting to observed the sky.
    • Mercury and Saturn are little, white and cold.
    • Venus and Jupiter are bigger, hot and brilliant
    • Mars is red
    in north hemisphere, the winter, Orion is easy to recognize, the first I've observed. You recognize this figure, then, on the right, there is a triangle with the beautiful Aldebaran at top left, It's Taurus.
    Later, you view the full constellation, the left arm of Orion goes up and at right, little stars describe an arc.
    Above the Taurus head (the triangle), there is two arcs drawn with little stars for the horns. The body is on the right and at the position of the shoulder, there is the little beautiful stellium, the Pleiades.

    I've just verified... the moon has begun to hide the Taurus, only Aldebaran is clearly visible. We must wait the wan moon to observe them.
    North side, the Great Bear is so big that is difficult to observe it, its size vary along the time.

    To start, I suggest to recognize the cardinal points and observed and understand the Sun/Moon game (day/month).
    Mercury and Venus are already at proximity of the Sun, so you can view them only the morning or the evening.
    Stars also follow their course but during the year. During this phase, you will recognize Mars, Jupiter and Saturn moving slowly from a week to another.


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