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  • I am sick. Sore throat problem. After taking rest 3 days, can I do the Lord Focalor Ritual ? There have many runes in the ritual.
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    BlackOnyx8 [JG]
    BlackOnyx8 [JG]
    This is not an answer to your question, but I wanted to suggest this, hope you get better soon
    I used to get colds and sore throats in the often. Used to be. But I have been invoking a fire element for some time. One breath is enough.
    And you need to strengthen your immune system in the most positive and healthy way possible with this energy. X9

    But it is not recommended for high blood pressure or inflammation or bleeding.
    If you still have a sore throat try adding some salt to your water (Preferably ancient salt like Himalaya salt), if you have mucus buildup on top of this, limit your sugar intake.

    Foods like honey & garlic can also be very helpful & healing.
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