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  • Mishima, Bodybuilding & Greek Sculpture​

    Hvítr Ormr
    Hvítr Ormr
    Well this was certainly interesting, thank you for posting it. I only just finished reading Mishima's commentary on Hagakure recently. I always thought his death was kind of sad, even though I suppose I understand why he did it.
    Mishima was a good writer with an interesting and unique perspective on the world. I would place him with the likes of Nietzsche and Evola. I wonder if he was a satanist, he had nationalist & spiritual beliefs. He even wrote a play called My Friend Hitler, in which he played as Hitler.

    His philosophical book Sun & Steel is pretty hard to read but his perspective is unique and deep enough to make it worthwhile. It is very personal, you get a sense for how his mind works, I get some plutonian vibes from his writing.

    I also liked The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea. Good reading for men, especially Sun & Steel.
    Hvítr Ormr
    Hvítr Ormr
    I agree for definite about the Plutonian vibes from his work Epiphany, I hadn't thought about it before but it makes perfect sense when I think about how he lived his life IMO. I'm not sure if he was a true Satanist, but he had a Satanic soul in my opinion. He was right about the decay of modern society and how it was affecting post-war Japan for sure. I'll take what you say about Sun & Steel into account too, I have it also but I haven't started it yet. I think that book is considered pretty much to be the Magnum Opus of his writing career isn't it.

    I'm trying to read too many books at the same time as usual, but I'm currently reading Life For Sale by him, and it's pretty good. I'm not that far into it yet, but so far it's pretty funny, and a nice little satire of Japanese society in the late 1960's.
    @Hp. Hoodedcobra666 @The Alchemist7 [JG] @BlackOnyx8 [JG]
    Starting on Monday I will be absent for a few weeks, or maybe months. I'll need BlackOnyx8 if he can, to translate at least important messages and new Ritual pages and post them here and in the website while I'm out, to cover for the Luso-speaking community.
    Thanks and Hail-Satan.
    Candace Owens destroys rabbi and makes him go on babyrage mode
    - then she gets fired from media outlet because jews definitely don't control and harass anyone:
    "We will not forgive them for making us kill their children"🤡 lol
    If you like me don't wanna watch the whole thing with this insufferable foreskin eater, skip to 1:29:15 for some hilarious dramatic performance.

    She may be a xian race-mixer, but Ziocucks who attack are are way, way worse. I support her against the Zionist Crusades.
    It's interesting how Candace, a xian conservative, is more aware of the israeli horrific actions and the ones in control of hollywood along with being more vocal about it than someone like Tim Pool. He didn't even cover the context behind her firing when he brought her being fired during his recent podcast.

    Hopefully, he'll actually delve into this once it picks up more traction. Which I do think he will.
    The best tool for language learning:

    The theory behind it:

    This is true, I didn't ever "study" English, yet I'm pretty confident with my speech and grammar to the point I became a translator over time. When I found the JoS I didn't understand English at all except scarce words. Upon immersing and reading over and over I've achieved fluency level, also from watching videos of people speaking natural English, unrelated to language learning at all (Pewdiepie). My younger sister achieved advanced level English even earlier through PC games and media - none of us got good English classes at school (and other people had the same classes but didn't learn any of it).

    The truth is I hate methodical schooling (brainrotting), I hate writing, and I hate making charts of whatever nature. I've only felt the urge to write things down like now and translating when I really loved what I was doing. The child pill worked wonders for me and has been the working formula of the Ages, where you absorb and repeat the knowledge because your brain learned to love the process, like a child who is learning how to speak from their parents, and repeat things over and over.
    We have 14 Gods Rituals now.
    (post version:
    One ritual for the Gods a day keeps the jew away;

    • First week
    Sun day (enlightenment): Azazel
    Moon day (the occult): Abrasax
    Týr's day (vigor): Andras
    Wodanaz' day (medicine/mind): Valefor
    Thor's day (authority): Baalzebul
    Freya's day (life/riches): Astarte
    Saturn day (kundalini): Satan

    • Second week, and so on
    Sun day (enlightenment): Amon-Ra
    Moon day (the occult): Orobas
    Týr's day (vigor): Marbas
    Wodanaz' day (medicine/mind): Thoth
    Thor's day (authority): Janus
    Freya's day (life/riches): Naberius
    Saturn day (kundalini): Set
    Movie on Whites vs Rapefugees:

    Анастасія Слуцкая (Anastasiya Slutskaya, aka Princess Slutskaya) - Belarusian movie about abrahamist sub-human invasion and attempted genocide of the White Rus people ("Bela-Rus" means White Rus -> Bela = White, and is also the Romance root word for "Beautiful").

    This is a one in a lifetime movie about White people deffending their land from rapefugees. Unfortunately it is in Belarusian and I have no idea what they're talking or find subtitles, but the storyline is pretty simple and straightforward so anyone can understand, regardless. There's also some pampering to christardanity, but it is within this historical context, and the movie is very friendly to Pagans depicting them as loyal warriors who helped Anastasiya with medicinal witchcraft and fighting against the invaders. It is also a bit NSFW, so be warned.

    Also an interesting fact about the very popular Rus name Anastasiya, and its relation with Satan's name and titles:


    "Early 16th century. Hordes of Crimean Tatars attack the lands of White Russia, which are part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. With quick raids the Krymchak cavalry reaches all Belarusian cities without exception. The conquerors take by storm the fortress, plunder, drive the population into slavery, leaving behind ashes. It seems that nothing can stop their onslaught. But on the way of the Crimean Tatars' troops, among the few who have not yet been defeated, a brave squad and brave residents of the city of Slutsk stand up, the defense of which after the death of her husband is led by Princess Anastasia - After the death of her husband, she stood at the head of the squad on the path of hordes of conquerors."

    This story reminds me to the intro of the book Der Untermensch, which is about how the Jew and his hordes of sub-human slaves (unspiritual hybrids) to celebrate the Genocide of innocent Pagan Gentiles.

    Not differently during the Soviet Regime the Jew used his hybrid hordes to genocide 1/3 of the Belarusian population, 1/4 of the Ukranian and several other innocent Gentiles, and today they still use their sub-human rapefugee hordes to attack Native Europeans.


    History repeating itself.

    "As long as there have been men on the earth, the struggle between man and the underman will be the historic rule; As far back as we can look, the Jewish-led struggle against mankind is part of the natural course of life on our planet. One can be assured that with complete certainty that this struggle for life and death is just as much a law of nature as is the struggle of a pestilent bacillus struggles against a healthy body.

    Light and Darkness are eternal enemies, in the same way that night opposes the day - and the greatest enemy of earth's dominant species is man himself. The underman is a biologically complete creation of nature, with hands, legs, the semblance of a brain, eyes, and a mouth. Although it has similar features, this terrible creature is only partly human, and is spiritually and psychologically lower than any animal. Inside this being lies a cruel chaos of wild, uninhibited passions, a desire for nameless destruction, the most primitive desires and naked vulgarity. An Underman- nothingelse! Because everything which has a human face, is not the same.Woe to him who forgets this! Man has conceived, created, completed, contemplated and invented great works, thoughts and art on this earth. For him, there was only one goal: to expand upwards towards a higher existence, to replace the inadequate with something better. And in this way, culture is grown. Thus the plow, the tool and the house were created.

    He seeks self-preservation in the swamp, in hell; but never in the sun. And this underworld of Undermen found their leader: the eternal Jew! Thy understand and know what they want. They press forward their lowest lusts and desires and unleash horror on humanity. It all began in historical times with the destruction of the Persians, with the Festival of Purim, the first glorification of organized mass murder. 75000 Aryan Persians fell victim to this Jewish hatred. To this day, Jewry celebrates this horror as their greatest "religious" festival. The Underman's hate against all bearers of light is eternal. The desert eternally threatens to bring about the downfall of the West. In the distant steppes, the forces of destruction are eternally clustered together: Attila and Genghis Khan gathered his Huns hordes and raced over Europe, leaving behind a living apocalypse, fire, death, rape, murder and terror, which sank back into the original precipice all light, thousandfold accumulated know ledge, and the powers of progress and human greatness."

    Reichsführer-ᛋᛋ Heinrich Himmler

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    Picture from Mourning the Ancient Article about Magda Goebbels
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan