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Question #5025: Doing workings without counting mantra reps


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Dec 16, 2022
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Will workings still work if we let ourselves zone out and keep vibrating mantras like runes and planet mantras while not counting the repetitions? Like if I just sit down and start using like the venus mantra for an hour everyday without counting reps will this still be effective as a working?
Determine an exact number of repetitions for your work and do the same every day until the end.
It's better for an organization than repeating an absurd amount over and over again, and numbers have their meanings, certain ones may be good for one type of magical work than others.
This is a negligent attitude towards Spiritual works. No, it's a bad idea.

The number of vibrations of a Rune corresponds to a multiple of its number. And this must be taken into account. The higher the multiple, the stronger the effect. But don't chase numerical indicators, emphasize the qualitative approach. It is possible to vibrate even a thousand times, and there will be no use if you do the work incorrectly.

The principle is almost the same with Mantras, especially Planetary Mantras. The squares are built on mathematically precise conditions. You have to vibrate the Mantra a certain number of times and a certain number of days.

As for the Mantras for daily work with Aura, Chakras and other things, you should also keep track of the number of vibrations. 40, 54, 108, 216 or more times. You need to «calculate» your own strength without exceeding the load allowed for your level. If you exceed the level of load, most likely you will face exhaustion, overwork feeling, or simply the effect will be dissipated, and the Magic program will not be realized because of irresponsible attitude.

Your Soul will not assimilate more Energy from Mantras or Runes than it can. But the opposite is also true: the higher your Soul vibrates, the more pure Energies your Soul will be able to absorb. The power of influence depends on the Purity of the Soul. Purity of the Soul is important because more noble and pure Metal is able to conduct more powerful Forces through itself.
It will be fine. Exact numbers are helpful, but are not a perfect requirement. The only thing that needs to be the perfect number is the planet squares.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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