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  • Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️
    Historical «Quotes» 💀

    Ancient Greece,
    Alexander the Great, Beauty of the White Race.


    "Greatness is not achieved through comfort and complacency, but through overcoming challenges and pushing one's limits"
    "You shall question not, find a way to the top if you diligently seek it; for nature hath placed nothing so high that it is out of the reach of industry and valor"
    ― Alexander the Great


    "Glory crowns the deeds of those who expose themselves to toils and dangers"
    "Toil and risk are the prices of glory, but it's a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving everlasting fame"
    — Alexander the Great


    "Fortune favors the bold, and I am determined to seize every opportunity that comes my way"
    "There is nothing impossible to him who will try"
    ― Alexander the Great


    "For my own part, I would rather excel in knowledge of the highest secrets of philosophy than in arms"
    — Alexander the Great
    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️
    Satanic «Sermon»

    About beauty of the White Race, the Pure Blood and the Soul (Volume II).

    It is important to remember that our ancestors lived in very cruel times, when there was not the high level of comfort that every Western person has today with white slippers, orange juice and Smart TV, our ancestors had to work in the fields, fight, fight for the survival of their family and their state (in which the soul lived) just to survive, to build and develop a Civilization in parallel.

    It is enough to see what major Civilizations and states our ancestors built:

    Ancient Rome;

    Ancient Greece;

    Ancient Egypt.

    Heroes of the White Race / Heroes of Humanity:


    Marcus Aurelius is a philosopher–emperor who committed Magnum Opus, who by his own example showed all people what ethics and justice are, both in worldly life and in public administration.

    Alexander the Great is the king of Macedonia, who successfully conquered the Persian Empire with small but well–trained military forces and annexed this state entity, which was inhabited by 100% white people, as in Ancient Egypt.

    To the lands of modern Iran and Iraq during the first Islamization of pagan peoples of other races by the pedophile Muhammad, whose descendants currently continue to carve out the descendants of the great warriors of the army of Alexander the Great.

    It is also important not to forget that
    100% white people lived in Ancient Egypt, until after the decomposition of Ancient Egypt by Jews, the migration processes of peoples of other races into the remnants of Ancient Egypt began.

    Which allowed them to gain a foothold in Egypt at the legislative level, no one began to carry out
    anti-migration activities in the government that seized by Jews.

    In conclusion:

    In modern countries with Jews in power and their political conspiracies and machinations, it is more difficult for sound,
    anti jewish-politicians to pursue an anti-migration policy to combat the expansion of migrants (representatives of other races) who are fleeing wars and poverty unleashed by Jews.

    Since the situation in countries where white people live will rapidly deteriorate, it is necessary not to forget about awareness of our actions (as
    Marcus Aurelius taught) and about responsibility for our families, for our kind, for our race and for our future generations, from whom we will then reincarnate, who will then be our parents in the next lives.

    Best wishes, AristocraticDragon666
    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️
    Satanic «Sermon» 🐲

    About beauty of the White Race, the Pure Blood and the Soul (Volume I).


    All previous incarnations (reincarnations) affect us, our future and the future of our children in the next lives, as well as those from whom we will be born in the next lives.

    Every white person needs to remember that the choice he (she) makes in terms of having children from a representative of a particular race will ultimately determine the fate of his family – will continue the development of his ancestral line (with another white person), or will bury it (with a representative of another race).

    To be more clear, I will say bluntly – conscious observance of
    the Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Gods – maintaining the Purity of the Race, the Purity of Blood within their Race, are the natural state of things that guarantee the transfer of DNA and stored genetic, spiritual, racial, generic information to the newborn without damage, as it was conceived by the Gods when they created human beings with the help of genetic engineering.

    the Laws of Nature are forgotten, ignored and, most importantly, violated, a vivid example is racial mixing, then DNA and the energy, genetic and spiritual information contained in it break down, which leads to very serious consequences for the child – mental illness, the problem of self-identification and other problems related to the psyche and soul (on a spiritual and mental level), to oncology, physical deformities (a clear violation of the genome) and other physical diseases (at the genetic level), which will necessarily manifest themselves in the descendants of this child.

    Best wishes, AristocraticDragon666
    Historical «Quotes» 💀
    Historical «Photography» 📷

    Reinhard Heydrich in the Japanese visual novels, comic books and TV-series:


    Reinhard Heydrich in the Real Life:




    "One of the best national socialists, one of the best believers in the German ideology, and one of the greatest opponents to all enemies of the Third Reich"
    ― Adolf Hitler about Reinhard Heydrich

    Satanic «Quotes» 👁️
    Satanic «Digital Art» 🎃


    🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃


    “Aristotle, as every one knows, saw in pity a sickly and dangerous state of mind, the remedy for which was an occasional purgative: he regarded tragedy as that purgative. The instinct of life should prompt us to seek some means of puncturing any such pathological and dangerous accumulation of pity as that appearing in Schopenhauer’s case (and also, alack, in that of our whole literary décadence, from St. Petersburg to Paris, from Tolstoi to Wagner), that it may burst and be discharged... Nothing is more unhealthy, amid all our unhealthy modernism, than Christian pity. To be the doctors here, to be unmerciful here, to wield the knife here — all this is our business, all this is our sort of humanity, by this sign we are philosophers, we Hyperboreans!”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ

    «Breitspurbahn» high-speed: trains and railways of Nazi Germany (Part IV).


    NS Gemeinschaft Kraft durch Freude ( for German "Strength through Joy"; KdF) was a German entertainment organization run by the NSDAP in Nazi Germany.
    KdF had several separate departments.

    The Beauty of Work department (Schönheit der Arbeit) was dedicated to improving workplaces, from general hygiene to reducing sound pollution.

    Other departments included the Office of Sport (Sportamt), the Office of Adult Education (Volksbildungswerk), the Office of Leisure (Amt Feierabend), the Office of Folklore and Homeland (Amt für Volkstum und Heimat) and the Office of Travel, Hiking and Recreation (Amt Feierabend).


    The plans for future routes were drawn up personally by Adolf Hitler: Berlin – Moscow, Berlin – Stalingrad, Berlin – Leningrad, Berlin – Istanbul, etc.
    In the plans, the names of the cities were written with the same names.

    The distance from Berlin to Moscow is 1923 km, to Istanbul – 2429 km. to Bucharest – 1759 km. Rome is 1,627 km away.


    Route map «Breitspurbahn» 1943.







    am Inn-Linz-Wien-Preßburg-Budapest-Belgrad-Bukarest-Varna/Burgas-Istanbul.



    East-West Part Two:


    According to Gunther Wiens, Doctor of Technical Sciences, head of the «Breitspurbahn» project, and his colleagues, the main work on creating a network of broad-gauge expressways should have been completed by 1950.


    A rare color photograph showing the brand new 03 1081 Reichsbahn high-speed train at Bw Amstetten / Lower Danube. 20 September 1940:

    «Breitspurbahn» high-speed: trains and railways of Nazi Germany (Part III).


    The «Breitspurbahn» railway network:


    The «Breitspurbahn» network was supposed to be formed by unique ballastless ways at that time.

    It was assumed that the rails would be based on a monolithic concrete base immersed in the ground, which would allow them to provide the necessary speeds and withstand the appropriate loads.

    In the 21st century, this technology is innovative.

    The width of such a path required the allocation of significant land plots for it.

    This might seem like a serious obstacle to the builders, but, in fact, the idea fully fit into the development strategy of Nazi Germany.


    In the capital, as part of the Welthauptstadt Germania project in Berlin, two colossal stations were conceived at once: North and South. In Munich, only one train station was planned, but with a height of 100 m and a dome with a diameter of 285 m.


    «Breitspurbahn» high-speed: trains and railways of Nazi Germany (Part II).

    “The construction of a wide railway may cause us difficulties, but we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated.
    «Breitspurbahn» is of important strategic importance" – Adolf Hitler.


    Comparison of the ultra-wide-gauge locomotive «Breitspurbahn» with a conventional steam locomotive of the early 1940s

    Reich Minister of Armament and Ammunition Fritz Todt was appointed chief curator and head of the project for the construction of the broad-gauge railway and super trains «Breitspurbahn».


    In September 1941, Fritz Todt received instructions from Adolf Hitler to build a high-capacity railway with a much wider gauge.

    Today there are more than 113 gauge options in the world, but the most common is still the width of 1435 mm, In Finland and Mongolia the gauge is 1524 mm, in Russia - 1520 mm, In Spain, Portugal, Chile and Argentina the gauge is 1676 mm, in Canada — 1495 mm, in the USA — 1473 mm.

    For the «Breitspurbahn», it was envisaged to use a 3000 mm gauge (initially even 4000 or 4600 mm). The rolling stock could be 8000 mm wide and 7500 mm high. The axle load was supposed to be 30-35 tc; the speed of passenger trains was 200-250 km/h. Electrification was to be carried out using a third rail.


    The freight cars had a speed of 100 - 115 km/h and the carrying capacity of an ocean liner.
    Taking into account the distances of future routes, it was decided to reduce the initially projected speed of the train from 400 to 250 km/h.
    250 km/ h was considered sufficient speed for passengers of a giant train, because it took them less than a day to travel any distance of the calculated routes.

    In total, all calculations were performed for maximum speeds of 250 km/h for passenger trains and 115 km/h for freight trains.

    Problem solving:

    1. The problem of air flow resistance, which is very relevant when giant trains are moving at a speed of 250 km/h or when traveling in tunnels, was solved by special streamlined shapes of trains. The radius of the 180-degree turn of the train was 500 m.

    2. Even with the latest braking systems offered by Knorrbremse AG, the estimated braking distance at a speed of 250 km/h was set at 1600 m for emergency braking and 3000 m for normal braking.
    At such speeds and braking distances, the optical signaling system proved ineffective, especially in case of snowfall or fog. Therefore, a new system was developed, somewhat resembling modern electronic ones: with the help of high-frequency sensors, all information was displayed on the driver's console and in the engine room.

    3. The total weight of the freight train was estimated at 10,000 tons (for comparison: the weight of the heaviest modern trains is up to 2,000 tons). If necessary, three freight trains could be combined into one, with a total weight of 30,000 tons. The length of the freight train with the locomotive was 1100-1200 m (the maximum length of a modern one, but without a locomotive, is approximately 500 m).

    With an increase in length of only two times, the mass increased five to seven times.
    Attention was paid to new heating, ventilation, and train lighting systems, because windows, for example, can no longer be opened at such speeds.


    Technical documentation:


    The diesel-electric locomotive has 15800-19000 horsepower, and the maximum speed is 200 km/h/.
    «Breitspurbahn» high-speed: trains and railways of Nazi Germany (Part I).


    Variants of locomotives of a super-wide-gauge railway train

    «Breitspurbahn» - (from German - "broad gauge railway") is a project of a railway network with an ultra-wide gauge (3,000 mm), prepared by personal order of Adolf Hitler.
    The Deutsche Reichsbahn was developed from May 1942 until the last days of the war in 1945.

    Dr. Gunther Wiens (1901-1975), Project manager of the Ultra-wide Gauge Railways (Breitspurbahn) - prepared 10 volumes of technical documentation with drawings of 33 commercial and high-speed locomotives and several shunting locomotives
    developed by companies: Krauss-Maffei, Henschel, Borsig, BBC, Krupp, SSB, RZA Berlin, Schwartzkopff, RZA München, Wien-Floridsdorf etc.


    Detailed project for the construction of ultra-wide-gauge railways (Breitspurbahn).

    The wagons should be able to be fitted with restaurant, cinema, swimming pool, barbershop and sauna.
    Then seating and sleeping cars of three classes were provided with toilets, showers, bars, lounges, private kitchens and laundries.
    Among the special cars of passenger trains there is a cinema car with 196 seats, a common car with 192 seats with a reading room, a cafe, a bar, a conversation room, a luggage compartment and 12 toilets (8 on the lower floor and 4 on the upper); a comfortable car with seating/sleeping places for workers with 480 seats and a dining room, buffet, 18 toilets, washrooms, where each seat is significantly wider and more comfortable than in modern trains of the 21st century.


    For the safety of passengers, a 20-millimeter anti-aircraft gun was going to be installed on the baggage car :giggle:;)(y)

    The device of the "bath" car:
    Lower floor: hairdressing salons for ladies and gentlemen, 4 bathrooms, 20 showers, 2 waiting rooms, staff room, technical department, 2 laundry rooms, 4 toilets.
    Upper floor: rooms for smokers and non-smokers (120 seats), a kitchen for cooking to order, a pastry shop, a pantry, 2 staff rooms, 3 toilets.

    1. 2.

    1. Dining car and vestibules of sleeping cars of ultra-wide-gauge railway trains.
    2. Сinema car with 192 seats and an observation hall of the last carriage of ultra-wide-gauge railway trains.

    Technical documentation:

    I have to admit, aristocratic brother, your profile is truly impressive!!🤔🤩😍
    It's okay, don't worry.
    There is no photo on the profile, but Digital Art, which I will update soon, I will update another girl, or dragon.

    I really love girls and admire female beauty, female nature, the femininity of girls and their sexuality, the beauty of the female body and soul, I really want to receive from to all bright women everything that I desire and want to gain true power over, that's why girl in the profile.
    If we talk about power in this world from the point of view of the family, then it is necessary to heal society so that people raise families properly and still countries must really do everything necessary so that people want to create strong and loving families.

    I also see that the state and the media should conduct proper propaganda in order to support families and the upbringing of children, in my opinion, the state and educational institutions should play a certain role in this, but only from the point of view of common sense.

    Parents should also have everything in order in their heads, since they are mainly engaged in raising children.

    I mean that the Elite and the state (which should be governed by the Elite) should make a serious contribution to the education of society in order to educate Elite generations of healthy and strong families, which will form the basis of civilization in the Golden Age.
    You have my respect for what you said about girls brother. Women are equally important in society as men are, apart from being beautiful creatures😁😄.
    The Most Advanced Technology of Nazi Germany and the Vril Society is Combat flying saucers (Belluzzo Disk, Vril, Haunebu). Part III.

    Maria Orsic - the head of the Vril Society along with all members of the Vril Society, were evacuated of the world to Orion in 1945.


    They could be evacuated both on the Nazi German developments of Belluzzo Disk, Vril, Haunebu and others (which were in the hangars of Nazi Germany in single copies), and on the ships of the Gods who flew for Maria Orsic and other members of the Vril Society.


    Haunebu-I has a diameter of 25 meters, capable of carrying a crew of eight people, and reached a maximum speed of 17,000 km/h.


    In 1942, the Haunebu II was ready for testing with a diameter increased to 26 meters, operated by a crew of nine people.
    The speed of the Haunebu II reached 6000-21000 km/h.


    Seven second-generation flying saucers were designed and tested in 1943-1944.
    In total, these devices have made 106 experimental flights.

    The improved Haunebu II Do-Stra (Dornier Stratosphaaren Flugzeug) was tested in 1944.
    Two prototypes were made.
    The massive multi-tiered machines were controlled by a team of 20 people.
    The maximum speed of the Do-Stra was also 21,000 km/h.


    The Legendary Haunebu III was designed as the main escort ship for larger Nazi German flying saucers.
    The Haunebu III had a diameter of 72 meters and could carry 32 people.
    It could reach a maximum speed of 40,000 km/h.


    UFO eyewitnesses (local residents of European countries) during the Second World War claimed that some flying saucers were marked with an iron cross used in the armed forces of Nazi Germany.
    According to legends/rumors, in February 1947, in Antarctica, the Americans were attacked not by UFOs, but by two Nazi German Haunebu III, which were successfully used against the American fleet.


    The Andromeda Flying Saucer carrier is a huge cigar-shaped vehicle capable of carrying up to two Haunebu II or six Vril 7.
    According to one version, Andromeda was used to evacuate members of the Vril Society.

    Maria Orsic disappeared as a group of the Vril Society in 1945.
    On March 11, 1945, a letter was sent to all members of the Tula Society, which was written by Maria Orsic and ended with the words "niemand bleibt hier" ("no one stayed here").
    Maria and other members of the Vril Society completed the Magnum Opus and were evacuated!


    Photo of the letter dated March 11, 1945.
    The Most Advanced Technology of Nazi Germany and the Vril Society is Combat flying saucers (Belluzzo Disk, Vril, Haunebu). Part II.

    Legendary German technologies: Belluzzo Disk, Vril, Haunebu had the fact that they did not need fuel, since they worked on an engine developed by German scientists (including Viktor Schauberger), which did not require certain resources (specific fuel) that Nazi Germany lacked by the end of the war.

    During the war, Nazi Germany actively conducted research on advanced propulsion technologies, including rocket technology, including research on the Viktor Schauberger engine described in his writings (books).

    Maria Orsich and other members of the Vril Society actively worked together with scientists from Nazi Germany on the development of the Vril and Haunebu flying saucers.


    During the 1930-1945, Vril technologies were developed.


    One of the early test flying saucers developed by the Vril Society in collaboration with Nazi German scientists.


    Vril 1 "Jäger". The speed of Vril 1 ranged from 2,900 kilometers per hour to 12,000 kilometers per hour.


    Vril-7 flying saucer was tested in April 1944, an illustration from an article in the Italian newspaper Tempo dated September 6, 1952.
    The Vril-7 was built in 1943.


    Photo of the Vril 7 taken by American military aircraft.

    On January 22, 1944, at a meeting between Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Schumann (Dr. W. Schumann is a scientist and professor at the Technical University in Munich) and Kunkel, a member of the Thule Society. It was decided that the Vril 7 spacecraft could be sent through a timeless channel at superluminal speed to Aldebaran.

    The first test flight in a timeless dimension occurred at the end of 1944.
    This test flight almost ended tragically, because after the flight, Vril 7 looked "as if it had been flying for hundreds of years.”
    Its interior cladding looked very old, worn out and had severe damage in several places.


    According to one version, the creation of Vril-Odin began in 1944, and in 1945 the ship was used to evacuate members of the Vril Society.


    Drawing of the Vril spacecraft.
    The Most Advanced Technology of Nazi Germany and the Vril Society is Combat flying saucers (Belluzzo Disk, Vril, Haunebu). Part I.

    The irrefutable facts of the existence of flying saucers in World War II remain the evidence of British and American pilots who flew on combat missions, who periodically could not identify the observed objects.

    In November 1944, pilots from the American 415th Night Fighter Squadron reported that during raids over Western Europe they saw fast-moving glowing objects of bright red, orange and even white colors.
    Eyewitnesses compared them to Christmas tree lights, which, however, easily changed the speed and direction of flight.

    The Americans and the British could not shoot down flying saucers, because these objects were the Technology of the Gods or legendary developments of Nazi Germany and moved very quickly.

    On December 13, 1944, the US General Command in Paris issued a press release about UFOs, which was published in the New York Times the next day: in it, high-speed luminous balls were officially recognized as "the new German weapon."

    After the war, the Americans and the Soviets did not find secret German technologies, in addition to the above, this is due to the fact that in the pre-war period and the period of World War II, many new aircraft appeared, which were created in Germany, Italy and Japan to fight the armies of the United States, the USSR and Great Britain, many of these developments remained in the drawings and the existing copies, along with the drawings, were destroyed by a cleaning group and German scientists during the Soviet offensive in 1945, so that the secret workings would not go to the enemies (Jews). The same thing was done in Japan and Italy.

    Meanwhile, in 1945 Maria Orsic - the head of the Vril Society along with all members of the Vril Society, were evacuated of world to Orion.


    Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist and a former Italian Minister of National Economy under the Mussolini goverment, it claimed that "types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942".


    Editorial of the Roman newspaper Il Giornale d'Italia with an article about the flying saucers of Italy and Germany; March 23, 1950.

    March 30 1950, german aviation engineer Rudolf Schriver told the weekly Der Spiegel that since January 1942 he had been developing a project for a flying "top" (Flugkreisel) and even built a prototype at a factory in Prague.
    In April 1945, he completed the work and was going to send a set of drawings to Hermann Goering, but by that time the front had collapsed and all the materials were lost.

    A careful study of the description of Schriver's "top" and the picture published in Der Spiegel leads to the conclusion that it was about an aircraft of the helicopter scheme.
    It was a disk with three vertical takeoff jet engines, after which the device appeared in the air.


    A page from the German weekly Der Spiegel with an illustration for an article about Rudolf Schriver's flying saucer, March 30, 1950.


    Various reproductions and diagrams of Rudolf Schriever’s (top right) and Otto Habermohl’s Flugkreisel. The Living Moon & Disc Aircraft.

    On April 26, 1953, the German weekly Welt am Sonntag published an article "The first "flying disc" took off in 1945 in Prague" (Erste "Flugscheibe" flog 1945 in Prag), in which Georg Klein - a former german engineer at Albert Speer's Ministry of Armaments and Ammunition, stated that on February 14, 1945 for a year, he himself observed the tests of the Shriver manned spacecraft near Prague:

    "It sounds fantastic, but thanks to its aerodynamics, such devices can reach speeds of up to 4000 km/h. Incredible speeds required special alloys, as conventional aviation materials could not withstand heating and melted. Such an alloy was created. The launch in Prague turned out to be the result of research and engineering work that began in 1941 and required millions of marks. By the end of 1944, three different designs were ready".
    As far as I can see from these photos, its jet engine spinning a disk, which function as a helicopters blade, creating an uplifting force.
    It's basically a helicopter. The outer circle would need to withstand a tremendous g force if it wants to go fast. This going fast seems unrealistic.
    Maybe if it would use a technology that we don't know yet, but the model on the picture is simple aerodynamics.
    Exactly, I think that a technology was used that we don't know yet, but that Nazi German scientists were familiar with.

    Modern engineers have a lot of questions about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the form of cigar-shaped, rectangular and other shapes, they also cannot explain how it works.

    I admit that a synthesis of technologies could well have been used, i.e., on the one hand, aerodynamics for vertical takeoff and landing (like a helicopter), then technologies were used (directly for movement in the atmosphere and beyond) that we do not know.

    In any case, all the photographs and drawings, as well as the testimony of witnesses and eyewitnesses, prove that Nazi Germany had grandiose plans that do not go into any comparison with the squalid Jewish projects to launch rich Jews into space like Space X (Elon Musk) and others.

    I am sure that if scientists from Nazi Germany lived now and had at their disposal the resources of the US Government and/or private space corporations with a full carte blanche for development, as well as members from the Vril Society, then humanity would now live on a completely different level.

    Jews do not benefit from people having high technology, the enemy wants to immerse the Gentiles in the Middle Ages. The active promotion by Jews of the false theory that the Earth is Flat is proof of this.
    Every SS is a Creator 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️

    There is a real Creator in every SS, an Artist of his destiny, a blacksmith of his happiness, so take a brush, soak it into your inner world and draw in the outer world! 🌞

    There is a lot of dirt in the existing world and it is important in this world to remove dirt as carefully as you clean your shoes! 👠👞

    If you do something, do it beautifully, do it with your soul! 🦅

    What is the true Aristocracy, the true Greatness? What does it mean to be an Aristocrat? 👑
    In short, when you eat, you should enjoy eating, you should feel the taste and enjoy it, and so do it in everything! 🎪🍊🍇🫐🍓🍍

    Effectiveness, Result - this is exactly what determines your success! 🏆

    What do you want most from the material world? I want to receive everything that I really love and that is really dear to me! ❤️‍🔥

    Why do the lower forms of life (Jews and Gypsies) despise Übermensch, Zarathustra wondered, and he realized that dirt cannot become purity, dirt can only be cleaned until it disappears! 🦠🪠

    Am I a punisher? Am I a bad person? Am I angry? No, I know that I want to see the beauty of this world (without dirt!!!), I know that I am a good person, I know that I am not evil, although sometimes I am annoyed by external circumstances, I know that I am firm and coping when necessary, but at the same time I know that I am very affectionate and gentle (when with my girlfriend), I love plants and animals!



    Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃 Hail Satan! 🎃
    I love it!🙂🔥
    Wonderfully written 😍
    I love this! Thanks for liking my comment btw! ^_^

    I clicked your profile by mistake and I was amazed at the fantastic art, WW2 info and this captivating post. To do everything beautifully and with your soul. You're an emoji expert! I had a few good chuckles there. 😆

    Animals and nature are some of the most beautiful things on our earth. I love your theme of aristocracy. I've always liked this idea too. Random thing, I've been an Ouran Highschool Host Club fan and for a long while I've liked for a long time the idea of being fancy. Being well spoken, well kempt, articulate, detailed and passionate. Contrary to popular belief these qualities do get us places in life.

    It's a very positive message you shared here.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan