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13th sign?


New member
Apr 4, 2024
I recall reading a sermon by someone on JOS stating there is Ophiucus as a legit sign? What are people's thoughts and would this require a new zodiac and natal chart analysis eg.? Making People who are eg. Capricorns Saggitarians,etc.? I appreciate any insight people might have.
Maybe you recall my post.

Ophiuchus from what I theorized, is not a sign given to you by birth, but a concept which you acquire when you reach perfection - godhead. Astrology has a higher meaning and every sign and house represents both lower and higher meanings of life and fate. Ophiuchus in this sense, when you live your life according to the highest meanings and reach to the godhead, a concept that shows now you are beyond this reincarnation and death cycle and you have acquired a new fate or ID or whatever you may call, a divine mode of life in your existence. Both perfect and special to your own being.

Although, this is what I theorized and what I understood in my own perception. You can have your own answers or this might utterly represent something else.
would you do readings of people's charts? A progressed chart is needed for me at this time as I need to make decisions and astrology is very complicated, beyond my ability as of this time...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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