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    The philosopher warrior had finished another great day battling his greatest enemy, himself.

    Tired and full of doubts "will I be able to beat the me of yesterday?" "could i tomorrow obtain the victory over inferior men?" a path seems uncertain.

    However, he knew in his heart that his destiny was written by the hand of a god, the most powerful of all: Satan Lucifer. That is why the philosopher warrior worked day and night, to make his inner god proud.

    His heart always longed for a soul mate, someone with whom to share that passion that burns softly like a full moon, like a slight ember that endure forever, someone who could teach him what truth and justice were, but also what love was.

    Betrayal and falsehood were not unknown to him, that is why he distanced himself from those who disturbed his path, only him and the gods.

    He didn't care who he left behind, since he could never help but feel that there was someone waiting for him at the end, someone who was there from the beginning.

    And one night Byleth spoke to him through a song. And she left a slight ember in his heart. Forever.

    Dedicated to my beloved Byleth. Happy valentine.
    The first time i talked to my GD:

    I was 4 years old playing on my Gameboy, my favorite gameboy cartridge was kirby, but one day i lost it, in those days as a normal kid you grow believing what your parents believe and mine are catholics, so i ask to who i believed was my guardian angel:

    "Guardian angel, where is my kirby cartridge? i lost it and i tried to find it but i fail, do you know where it is?" (i dont remember the exact words, of course was decades ago, but it was basically that)

    As my dear guardian angel replied: "it is in the furniture under the left pillow"

    I was so innocent that i didnt realize the magnitude of actually hearing a voice replying to my request, i just run straight to the place i got told where it was and effectively was there, i pick up my kirby cartridge and thank this kind being with my heart.

    Now decades later dedicated to satan, the memory came back to me, knowing that Bathin was my GD i asked her if she was the one who helped me that time as she confirmed that to me.

    That game was something really special for me and till this day im grateful for it. Thank you bathin, for all you have done for me.


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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan