Torah Is Kabala, Christianity Is A Kabbalistic Spell

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Torah Is Kabala, Christianity Is A Kabbalistic Spell

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:54 pm

Torah Is Kabala, Christianity Is A Kabbalistic Spell

Some Christian's try and state the Kabala is separate from the Torah. They are wrong and deluded.

The Torah is Kabala as the Jewish Rabbi's openly state. This is why the Torah starts in Genesis with stating that God is the WORD and the WORD is god. This is the 22 Hebrew letters that the Jewish god uses to create all of existence. The 22 letters are called the 22 names of god in Judaism. The Torah is the word of god because its wrote from these 22 letters of creation. And thus anything spoken in Hebrew will bring it to pass into existence in the material world. Kabala is the science of the 22 Hebrew letters that form the Word.

The ten statements of creation in Genesis are the ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic world tree. Which shows how existence comes into being from spirit to matter. Each one of the worlds is also assigned a specific Hebrew letter to show its role in creation by Kabala. Rabbi's openly state the creation epic that starts the Torah is pure Kabala. The Kabbalistic book the Zohar is largely based on this fact.

Understanding the 22 Hebrew letters are the names of the Jewish god and the entire Torah is made of the 22 Hebrew letters. Hence the Jewish god is 22 Hebrew letters and is the word and the word is god. And the Torah is thus god as god is the word the 22 Hebrew letters. The entire Torah is Kabala. Kabala deals with the 22 letters. Now what is in the Torah is designed to bring things to be when read in Hebrew its one long incantation to manifest itself into the world as its how god creates in Genesis. The goal of the Torah is to manifest the Jewish Messianic Age. As promised in the Book of Daniel in which all the Gentile nations will be destroyed in a Messianic war and the Jews shall emerge the owners of the earth and all upon the earth.

As stated before the symbol of the Jewish god in the Torah is the serpent of Moses, which in Kabala is called the Leviathan. The Leviathan is related to the number 10 which is the Yod letter which is the letter all the names of their god, all the 22 letters emerge from. Hence the symbol of their Leviathan is the underlying power of the word of god. The 22 letters and the Torah. This is why the 613 laws of the Torah add to 10. However in Kabala the Leviathan is also given 7 the letter Zayin which is crowned to show the Leviathan as the King of the Jews. The Messianic age fulfilled. In Judaism the Jews state the current six thousand year cycle will end. This is the time of the Vav the sixth letter which is creation hence the six days of creation. This period is to manifest the seventh age represented by Zayin which is a called the Vav crowned. The Messanic Age is the seven. The 1000 years to come after the end of the six thousand years of the age of creation. In which the seventh millennium will be the one in which the Jews will come to power over the earth and rule. The six thousand years is the time in which the Jews work to bring their god form to power which will usher in the new heaven and earth as promised in Isaiah. The world of the Jews, without the Gentiles.

The Ark of the covenant in which the ten commandments were placed represents the Torah in Judaism. They place the Torah in the Ark in a ceremony in the Synagogue to this day. The Torah is the 10 for 613 laws of it add to ten which is the Yod letter which is the power of the 22 letters that form the word and the god form that emanates from it. Which is the Leviathan. Hence the Jewish Priest's were called the Levities and today the Cohen's which means serpents. The Ark is also shown as the Kabala cube in Judaism. Which represents the body of the Leviathan. All the aspects of the 22 letters in the larger macrocosm.

Now Rabbi Yeshua, Yeshua is the name of the Jewish Messiah in the Torah. Who conquerors the Gentiles of Canaan and destroys them in the Olah. The Holocaust in which the Jews stack up the bodies of the murdered Gentiles and burn them as blood offerings to Yahweh. In the Jewish Mishnah, the Rabbi's call the process of creating the Jewish Messianic Global Kingdom, Tikkun Olam. The A in Olah is also the vowel Ah. Its Tiklum Olahm. Meaning one thing. Offering up the entire Gentile Peoples of the world as sacrifice to Yahweh as a holocaust. The Torah states their is five types of animals to be blood sacrifices to Yahweh, Cattle or Goyim in Hebrew is one of them. The Jews call us the non-Jews, Goyim.

It goes from Olah to Olam.... Because M is the letter of Messiah in Kabala. This is what Messiah must accomplish for the Jews. It was Yeshua who did this to the Gentles of Canaan. This is the blueprint for the Messianic war.

Yeshua is latter changed to Jesus in Greek. Now in Revelations Jesus appears as the personification of the Kabala cube of space to John. And Jesus is called the word in the gospel of John and he does declare himself to be the word. In the gospel of John, Jesus calls himself the Leviathan. In the same gospel Jesus states he is the serpent of Moses and relates this to the Torah.

This is why the last book of the Bible. Revelations is openly linked to the Torah book of Daniel. And Revelations is given 22 chapters the 22 letters of the word of god that form the Torah which is the Jewish god form and thus god. Symbolized by the Jewish Leviathan. Which Jesus is the personification of. Jesus is the Jewish Leviathan which is symbolized as the world serpent in Kabala circling the Gentile nations and destroying them. The same serpent that Moses uses to destroy the enemies of Israel such as the Egyptians with the ten plagues. Symbolizing the underlying number of the Torah. Within the Torah and also the symbol of the Ark which is used as a weapon of destruction against the Gentiles. This is how the Jewish god form is shown in Torah. The Torah is nothing more then a weapon of mass destruction against the Gentiles. Which is why the Greek Kings and Roman leaders banned the Torah from being read and burned the Torah scrolls. They were adepts in the Greek Mysteries and knew what this was about. Which is why Christianity was created to remove this knowledge from the Goyim. Leaving them helpless to the weaponization of it by Jews against them.

Jesus is called the chief cornerstone which symbolizes in Kabala the Leviathan. And the letter Zayin the Messianic Age. This is why the Bible ends with the Jewish Leviathan, Jesus arriving and destroying the Gentile nations in the Jewish Messianic war. And then ruling the new world from Zion with 144,000 thousand Jews. Who represent the 12 tribes of the Jewish race. This is also the symbolism of the Jewish Leviathan in Kabala.

Jesus is simply a spiritual conduit for the Gentiles to pour their emotional, spiritual energies into the Jewish god form they created with the Torah. Which the Gentiles then connect into and become physical conduits to bring the Jewish god form into the material world from the astral. This is why Jesus states he is the fulfillment of the Torah, the word and is the word. The full manifestation of the Jewish Messianic Age.

Christianity is a Kabbalistic spell to bring about the Jewish Messianic Age into existence.

I mentioned before the Jews openly show in their own writings about the Golem how to erase a Jewish spell. By reversing the Hebrew letters.

In Kabala there is something important. The symbol of the Aleph letter. Its the letter which adds to 26 the number of their god YHVH. Its symbol is two Yod's between a Vav. This is the symbol of the Jewish god form being connected to the Jewish soul though the Torah, the Vav. That which connects them. And 26 adds to the Chet letter. Which is the letter of life and the soul in Kabala. The Baal Shem Tov, a Rabbincial Saddok, a high ranking leader of the Jewish people. Called the Aleph letter the most important of all the letters. Aleph in Kabala is showing the relation of the Torah.

The Jews call the Torah....The Water Of Life.

The Aleph letter shows the Jewish soul and the Jewish god form is one. Erase the god form of the Jews from the astral with the Reverse Torah Rituals and what will happen to the Jews in the material world.....

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