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Saturn and Uranus, Authority and rebellion


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Sep 20, 2017
The Equator
Recently I was shown a natal chart, while in a trance, that was going through mutual Saturn to Uranus negative aspects. Just going off of gut instinct alone I feel as this person is an SS and could use some help.

This is one of the most difficult transits someone can have throughout their life, and it is something pretty much anyone has to go through. They are slow moving planets and around your mid 40's most people go through a midlife crisis which is very often a Saturn opposite Saturn, a and Uranus opposite Uranus transit. It can absolutely ruin someone and cause problems with group interactions, excessive authority which results in rebellion, or being part of a group that is rebelling against an authority.

In 1933, Hitler took over Germany while his Saturn was in opposition to itself, and Uranus also in opposition(to less than 0 degrees) to itself which is not exactly the same as the mutual Uranus to Saturn aspects, but it can be. Himmler on the other hand encountered his death at the hands of the allies with a mutual Saturn to Uranus opposition. The karma associated with this can be beyond your control and difficult to manage regardless of how grounded, balanced, or centered you feel. This is because Saturn over rules governmental structures and you as one person can never go against the whole group and expect to win. Uranus as a source of rebellion, eccentricity, strangeness, and group connections can cause a conspiracy against you.

Because Saturn rules hierarchy, and not just of one sort either, since there are many different hierarchies superimposed on each other, these need to be understood within their scope. Cruelty can command respect, but only within a military ranks since you are dealing with a seriously grave matter, that of life and death, and any sort of weakness shown by an individual can result in the death of a comrade. Kindness within civilized society can cause respect in the same way. Even the individual with no home, money, and decent clothing can give value through laughter. I've met homeless people who have a great sense of humor even though their life circumstances were unfavorable to them.

This aspect can make someone feel like a pressure cooker, and is most often described as an immovable object meeting an irresistible force. Because it is one of the most stressful aspects someone can feel it can make or break someone, as shown above with Hitler and Himmler as an example. It can also cause a breakthrough in some way in a positive sense with much effort and radical change. Just remember to do your daily yoga, mantra, workout, and breathing exercises if you are going through this transit. It is serious and demands attention and time to overcome.
I like your post and I think you are generally correct regarding the interpretation of Saturn and Uranus aspects. In my understanding, these planets interact very tightly. Saturn-Jupiter represent the dual pair of constraint-expansion, or control and rights. In this sense, a pair of social planets shapes social foundations and relationships in our world. Jupiter (this is also where Justice comes from) represents our possibilities for achievement in the world, Saturn too, but associated more with limitations. Jupiter shows where we can come, Saturn shows where we should not go.

As for Uranus, its connection with revolution and rebellion is very strong. This is the spirit of Prometheus within us. It is not for nothing that Uranus rules the sign of Satan, Aquarius, these are manifestations of human nature in its highest form. Organizations that correlate with Uranus are focused primarily on passionate people who will not wait for coercion/rights to act. In this sense, Uranus overcomes the orders set by the two social planets below itself in the range.

Where it is not related to anything personal, Uranus creates new trends (revolutions) in its fields. Let’s say the transit of Uranus through Taurus created a huge industry of cryptocurrency and new money. In this sense, its transit through Gemini should give us new ways of communication and possession/processing of information. I hope it will be a general use quantum computer, but who knows how that will manifest itself.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan