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Reflections on the Age of Aquarius


Sep 29, 2018
In this topic, I would like to put together several of my ideas and interpretations of the era of Aquarius and the difference in the order of the era of Pisces that we had until 2024. It is clear that we cannot look into the future with absolute clarity and predict things, but astrology controls the preconditions of things, and knowing its laws we can predict how the situation will develop. We also have fairly comprehensive information about the Age of Pisces, mainly because we have seen it with our own eyes and through history. In order to look into the future, you need to understand the past well.

First, let's look at the era of Pisces, from the position of the planets that are the rulers of this sign. Before the discovery of Neptune, the main ruler of Pisces was Jupiter. Afterwards, Neptune became it, and Jupiter began to be considered the co-ruler of the sign. Thus, we can assume that it was these planets and the areas they rule that were considered the main and most significant in the era of Pisces.

Jupiter represented the layer of worldly power of Law, royal-bureaucratic power, parliamentarism, and the judicial system. The Masonic organization also belongs to the regions of Jupiter, and as you know, the enemy often correlates his thought form with Jupiter. As the enemy was exposed, people increasingly distrusted legitimate representatives of power, the laws of different countries were compromised, and all this came to the direct usurpation of all rights through the law, like the Covid-Fake Pandemic, or the 2020 elections in the USA - these are examples of stagnation of the principle Jupiter in the Age of Pisces.

The Jovian elite are mainly people with status and power, protected by the laws of the country, judges, prosecutors, members of parliament, senators and ministers. For many people, getting into the elite (in the era of Pisces) would mean getting into these groups, joining the official and legitimate power in their own countries. As the era of Pisces came to an end we saw more and more cases of extreme unscrupulousness, greed and lies of people from these classes. The Jupiterian “elite” of the Pisces era has stagnated and degraded to the level of people like Biden or Francois Hollande. Almost all famous politicians of the 20th and 21st centuries were negative examples. Although of course they had some degree of power.

However, Jupiter is only a co-ruler of the sign of Pisces, which means that these people were not the real masters of the situation, but only helped the carriers of the Neptunian type. Who are the Neptunians? These are the official religious authorities, cultural figures, artists, and also in many ways the spiritual class of the enemy, the rabbis. The Neptunians' task was to create a myth for us. It used to be a religion, which is known to have served the function of ideology and control in earlier times. In the modern era, cinema appeared - and Hollywood became a new ideology. It was the actors and people of art who were in many ways the elite structure (remember the film “Eyes Wide Shut” where this is shown, they say that Kubrick was killed for highlighting the topic raised).

Without having any power as such (because they are not from Satan), they create an imitation. Closed societies, symbols, signs. They make “movies for their own people,” imitate our pagan rituals on stage (look at Eurovision 2024), and other things. For the crowd, they are the “occult elite”, and they themselves want to believe it. But these are just actors, a cheap trick to create dust in the eyes and lull the vigilance of the pagans. Which in the era of Pisces were deprived of the clear light of the Gods to solve this trick. In this regard, the era of Pisces was the “water” under which we were and could not unravel the dual essence of the connection between seemingly such different types of people. Some, Jupiterians, are careerists and lawyers, others are Neptunians, mystifiers, deceivers and masters of forgery. Their tandem and management has created that deplorable state of the world, when the majority of people on earth are extremely disoriented and deceived. Throughout their entire lives, all they did was feed them various simulations and deceptions. This also includes their “symbolism” that they feed to the crowd.


It is important to understand that I do not mean that all representatives of the Neptunian or Jupiterian type are necessarily bad, or that they are part of the “elite” that rules the world in the era of Pisces. Of course this is not true, and I know a lot of good people who represent these types. Here we are mainly talking about how the energy of the sign of the era of Pisces shaped our society and how this manifested itself at the level of social trends and order that existed before 2024.

* * *​

Next, we are now in the Age of Aquarius. As you know, Aquarius is the sign of Satan. We have been waiting for this time for a very long time, and in the next 20 years there will be a huge number of changes and transformations of our world caused both by transits of transcendental planets (Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Aries), and by the fact that the Gods are returning our world under their control . This is known information said by the Priests earlier.

By analogy with Pisces, Aquarius also has two rulers. Previously, before the discovery of Uranus, Aquarius was ruled by Saturn. This is the co-ruler of the sign. The main ruler is Uranus. Which, according to the line of thought in the article earlier, results in the fact that the Age of Aquarius will form two new types of elite that will replace the old-style elite. The previous types will no longer be needed. The Saturn elite will replace the Jupiterian bureaucratic-parliamentary government. The Neptunian plutocrats and hoaxers will be replaced by the Uranians.

Of course, we cannot know exactly what kind of people these will be. But we can make assumptions based on what happened earlier in history, and the nature of these planets. I consider the best example of the Saturnian elite that existed in the past to be the SS within the Third Reich. Judge for yourself: Order, discipline, clear beliefs, hierarchy, willingness to act and create far-reaching plans. Lack of laxity and initiative, up to the expulsion from the ranks of the SS of those who did not meet its standards. These people were able to form a caste in a short time that would lead Germany, Europe and the whole world to a new and better future. There was also eugenics - the science of improving the human race. Eugenics seems to me to be an analogue of selection in working with plants, and as you know, Saturn was the God who rules the crops (hence his sickle). The Saturnians wanted to raise a new species of the human race, Übermensch.


There were also occult societies within the SS, groups that practiced magic at a very high level. And also contactees with our Gods. Vril Society and much more. These things, the Cosmic vector of development of our civilization, represent the Uranian Elite according to my vision. Scientists, space explorers, as well as human capabilities. Whatever we lost as a species during the Age of Pisces under the influence of the enemy, we will need to make up for. Once the blinders are removed from people's eyes, exponential growth in science and research will be possible in the Age of Aquarius. This will concern both research of our past and future. Both Earth and Space exploration.


The kind of “space exploration” we have now is extremely pathetic. They are trying with all their might to imitate the fact that we are alone in the universe, they do not notice UFO activity under their noses, and much more. Showing off and props. The true Uranian vector will be different. This is pure freedom of spirit and of the human race. Perhaps by the middle of the Age of Aquarius, and perhaps earlier, colonization of other worlds will become possible. The Uranian elite are space explorers, pioneers of our civilization. Of course, the era of Aquarius will bring us its own challenges and problems. We cannot picture for ourselves a purely bright future devoid of all the difficulties of human existence, this would be a deception towards ourselves. But the fact that the energies of Aquarius will bring greater clarity and endless prospects for freedom into our lives gives me a lot of optimism.

May the Gods illuminate our Path in the Age of Aquarius!


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I like these terms “Saturnian” and “Uranian elite” that you have coined. I will be using them in my communications from now on. In the general intellectual sphere, the terms “technocrats” and “technocracy” are being used to refer to the same concept as the Uranian elite—there is a lot of speculation about how technocracy will replace the existing framework of planetary governance entirely. I am a technocrat; my goal is the manifestation of a new Satanic technological nobility in this world to replace the Jewish techno-cabal. I highly recommend reading “Archeofuturism: European Visions of a Post-Catastrophic Age” and “Technocracy At Work" (B. Burris).

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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