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Question #5026: Very urgent question. My life may be on the line.


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Dec 16, 2022
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Even on June 20 everything was fine. But already on the 21st, in the morning, I began to urinate a little... VERY little... And I didn’t really want to... Now, on the 22nd, when I am writing this question, I still have the same situation... Pain - no (which is very bad, since, for example, glomerulonephritis may NOT manifest itself as special pain, other than “the lower back hurts a little.” But this is probably not about me, since my lower back only hurts when changing position (from sitting in the letter “ C", for example, in a straightened position)). Female gender. Teenager 12, soon to be 13 years old.
What is it? And what should I do? Answer, please... I don't want to die... I'm still too young to die...
Thank you.
You need to see a doctor as soon as possible.
You're not going to die, tell your parents ASAP. If for whatever reason you are unable to urinate, your bladder could burst. It's a simple fix, before medical professionals figure out what's going on, they'll put a catheter in you and that will solve it. This is not worth hiding from your parents, trust me. Tell someone close to you ASAP or call 911 (or your country's equivalent) and explain to the operator what's going on.
As said, seek medical help as soon as possible as you need that, or go the the nearest hospital to claim immediate assistance as not urinating may be damaging.

Later on, if you have back problems and back pains, you may want to see a chiropractor to help fixing spinal or related problems (if any).

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