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Question #1486: Becoming a Social Media Influencer and Astrology questions


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello I was wondering what the 9th house rulerships are about in our lives. The jos astrology section says that the 9th house rules publishing and I was wondering if this means publishing things like books, advertisements or other things like this to the public and publishing content on social media. Is this correct? I'm becoming an influencer on social media and I know that many people hate influencers these days but I wanted to know what planet I should work with in order to be successful with different social media platforms. Is it Mercury or Venus? or should I focus on the specific planets in my own natal chart that rule over my 9th house or 3rd house? I would really love if someone could help me out here. theres a lot of money that can be made from social media and im asking for some guidance if anyone could help out.
You ideally want to empower Mercury but also Venus and the Sun. Do this in a way that targets what you want.

Cusp planets of the 3rd and 11th (ruling over social media) can be worked on, but the 9th doesn't really deal much with social media in itself other than the fact it unites the entire world (bouncing off of the 3rd making this possible). If your account in itself is about spirituality, college level advice or teaching, publishing, foreigners, foreign languages, travel or different races, then what you want to do would be more impacted by the 9th.
Jupiter has a potential usage as well as it rules expansion. Look for your chart on how Jupiter energy would impact your goals.

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