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Peace - A poem in honor of Lord Amon

Satan's Crow

Jan 9, 2024
Peace - A Poem in Honor of Lord Amon

A hot summer day,
In a green plain, under a green tree,
I found myself dreaming of you.
I don't know what came before, and I'm just learning what came after.

I found happiness in you,
I was born again as a person who knows how to dream,
You're the one who taught me how to rise,
I was born today to reach eternity tomorrow.

As the divine eagles fly above us, we greet the eternal sun.
As the black sun rises over the mountains, we raise the flags of our race.
As we fight once more, we sing songs of victory.

It doesn't matter what happened before you,
It doesn't matter about the previous offended man,
It doesn't matter what I fought before,
Because you are my peace.

-Satan's Crow

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan