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Blending aspects?

Big Dipper

Nov 24, 2017
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When it comes to having a house ruler, lets say someone's 2nd house ruler, and that planet is in a hard aspect to a planet does that make the second planet add a twist to the house of the 1st planets ruler?
For example, lets say someone's 2nd house is ruled by the moon, if they have a saturn/moon hard aspect does that mean you blend in the meaning of having saturn in the 2nd house as it hard aspects said persons 2nd house ruler?
Also, when it comes to 2nd house ruler, if it is placed in another house does that mean whatever that house represents will have a focus on the type of work one will gain money? - we'll go with moon again - Let's say 2nd house ruler Moon is in 9th house of publishing, would that mean that person may be more inclined to gain money through publishing?
Generally speaking, yes, consider this as well as everything else.
Then what would be the difference between someone's mercury being in the 8th house vs their mercury NOT being in the 8th but hard aspecting their 8th ruler?
Having Mercury in the eighth house is not the same as having the ruler of the eighth house in opposition to Mercury.

The interpretation is different. Taking them individually, Mercury in the eighth house is a “predisposition,” the aspect to the houses governor is a “nuance,” which must be fused. Taking the whole birth chart into consideration.

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