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Are White Folks Human?


May 17, 2023
Look at America.
In the past four or so years, the number of drug overdose deaths is equal to the number of U.S. combat deaths in WW2. White response, "Yeah, but whaddar ya gonna do?"
The U.S. border has vanished. The number of illegals per year is easily in excess of a million. (The entire population of, say, Seattle is under a million.) White response, "Yeah, but whaddyar gonna do?"
A few thousand blacks shut down major cities over a druggie shoplifter's death and the White response is (you know the refrain.)
0.8 percent of the population---the trans crowd---dictates social policy and (yup, same-same response)
I suppose one could dignify this (and worse) with some catchy phrase like 文化自杀---wen hua zi sha---"cultural suicide." But since when in never had the Yanks a culture to begin with? The only verdict I see is that we whites are not human. Just inert protoplasm. A rationalizing animal, if you will.
Speak for yourself little man. You've given up being white, by betraying your race like a cuck, now you have lost your racial soul and connection as well.

What you see here, might apply to yourself. It doesn't apply to the white population.

Guess what, out of all people in America, the majority who want to act to put a stop to these jewish invented problems are whites.

Stronger border patrols, more policing against drugs, better support facilities to help addicts get clean, a harsher response to antifa or blm rioters, whites are the most vocal in calling for that and attempting to solve these issues.

Are you really daft in your kikish critique and denigration of whites, in that you do not know why despite a lot of calls for action, no major action is able to come to fruition?

America is not in the hands of whites, we don't control shit anymore there, neither in the majority of our governments, because the jews pretty much control all major positions of power around the world.

When a white man tries to get into a relevant position and obtain the power to make a change, they are met with endless resistance, thus nothing much has been able to happen.

It comes down to the same issue, little man. When the jews are put down a few notches and whites have re-obtained the rights to rule our own nations, all of these calls to action can come to fruition, right now the response appears lukewarm, because there isn't much that can be done.

Only if whites all together decide to act in uniform manner could this lead to a change, but it is also a fact that a significant portion of whites are infected with weakness, lack of justice, nwo npc mentalities, however you want to call it, so this does make it very difficult for the reasonable and strong willed righteous souls among our people to create the major nation wide and global changes we want to see.

This can only come in steps as power is taken back step by step.

You seem to ignore the reality and just want to use any possible chance to criticize my race or the JoS.

Are you sure you aren't projecting?
Enjoy living in a community of people who will always look down on you no matter what. I will stick with my high-trust White community, where people still care about each other and make the community a nice place to live; we don't need a nightmare police state to keep us from constantly stealing and cheating.

I know the worth of my kin anytime I cross racial lines and go into a stranger's neighborhood. I can tell I'm in a hostile place with less conscientious. And if you're White and have even a shred of self-awareness, you should be darn grateful we are as nice as we are. Do you think non-Whites give a solitary fuck what happens to you? If I fell down on my street and scraped my knee my neighbors would be making sure I was OK. If I got my skull crushed in the ghetto, people would laugh and post it on liveleak. I know damn well who's side I'm on.
In my opinion, we White people are the most human on earth.
(Please name other planets)

Why do you think our species is named "Human"?

It's named after our race because we came first and foremost species-wise.

This is based on various observations and this is in spite of our faults.

Not saying that non-whites don't have any humanity, they just don't possess as much of it as we do.

On another note, it's great to be back on JoS with my own account rather than as a guest! :D
Correct, open human civilization has high dangers, including undesirable things. But being a slave literally where you think that you avoid these problems, including all problems of thinking for yourself and having a self, means you are an existential failure. Because humanity is not supposed to be like ants.

Whites are human, that’s why these large scale mistakes occur. On the other hand, when you live like ants without a soul, then there is not many mistakes you can do, you are born and die a robotic ant from start to finish.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan