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6 healing breath


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Mar 10, 2024

I wanted to keep on articles on taoism. So these following are other tips. Help to know which feast we are or which month can be done with the chinese calendar application or bazi ones.

We are right now in DRAGON period time and soon will be in snake where the feast spring begins starts on may 5th. The 18 days before the beginning of a season is the time of earth which is therefore in this case april 17,

As said in 4 seasons we face the prime or if you prefer the cardinal direction which is the main and most powerful direction of a season . We visualise the color of the element in air coming inside us. In fact it looks like bardon invocation. And that is the way I appply it but with the source of energy of the color in front of me and the flow coming to me from it.

The teacher didn’t say to restrain us in dragon/boar/dog time to work with earth. But his emphasis was to use the peak time, and the strongest time of earth is lamb. So my guess is that both can be done , your choice, wood and/or earth training. But for food principles follow earth.

Still I wonder why the emphasis on the storage room (yin organ) of the elements to place the flow and not the yang one. My guess it depends the need , yang imply expelling good and bad, yin imply keeping what we receive.

Now remember the ideal is that all associations are combined ,the more the better, but in fact It is the intent that really matters. Not having a compass, I would use the bardon way (the force all around me with a space between body and it). But in this new age, you can dowload a compass on you cellular. Note that the precision will vary of a few degrees with the real magnetic one. Being fancy in this case will not change anything but for feng shui yes (void lines)

Before I forget, he uses also mudras : he places the thumb at the correspond terrestrial branches on the hand. We use le left hand in divination, we place a terrestrial branch at each joints fingers ans place them clockwise starting with rat is on the bottom annular one (wedding ring finger). So rabbit will be on 2nd line index, horse tip major, etc.. In this case, right tumb will be same place. chosen. He said we can change the place of the thumb with the 24 feast also but in general meditation he was using others types of mudras .…. You do understand here it is a prop and not mandatory.


  • Energy goes to liver
  • Color energy is green/blue, indigo
  • Sound to expell grey, dullnes of liver is cantonese HEUI , in french sound like heuil, closer is hhh u as but and il as YL or rtr
  • Face east, thumb on rabbit
  • green dragon
  • planet jupiter

  • spleen
  • yellow color
  • Cantonese sound hé ( hhhh ay of may)
  • SW,
  • thumb on lamb (or the other burials, dragon boar dog)
  • yellow dragon but mantak chia use yellow phoenix
  • saturn

  • heart
  • red
  • sound ha/hoh/ HOR, heard as haw use mouth not larynx mars
  • S,
  • thumb on horse
  • scarlet bird, mantak chia use red phaesant
  • mars

  • kidneys
  • Black
  • fou as blowing candle (f -oo as oose) but ia have an other version chu with french u sound
  • N,
  • thumb on rat
  • black turtle
  • mercury

  • lungs
  • white
  • si , snake sound (sei in cantonese)
  • W,
  • thumb on roster
  • white tiger
  • venus

Breath more is considered death (foetus breath is said to be the real one, not the one when a baby is born ) so inhale more and exhale less

training :

To clean use the sound. Mantak chia, tien tao chi kung, si fu and others have movement that goes with the sound with a few variants. The concept is that the motion work on meridians and it will help to expell dull dirty corresponding color or the grey inside the yin organ which imply teh opposite, an increase in brightness / shining color. But expelling something may by nature expell a little good energies with it.

So after we do teh cleaning we charge and replenish. In your liver is a virgin little girl (mantak chia said could be a boy also) clothed in green , you face east, there is away in front of you an infinite wall of green energy and in front a huge green dragon facing it, he then turn to face you and start sending by his nouth the green air of the wall that you inhale by your nose, the virgin in your liver open its mouth and take it . He/she Close his mouth to keep the energy, then as you hold the brigthens in the color shine in your organ (kid is the source as a lamb ). you exhale but all brigthness stay there. No intention in the exhale.

Unsaid by my teacher, I like to vary the type of breathing : skin breathing, aura breathing, . When you think about it we coulf use bardon way with the organ. Just remember it doesn't means necessarily the organ itself but the chakras in it that is filled with energy, in one word you put water inside the vase not ins the vase itself.


Is it necessary to use theses images ? Nope. But remember that theses practises has kept going since mote than 2000 years It implies logicly that thoughtforms have been created willingly or not, of theses coresponding shapes with a specific intent. You prefer using thoughforms for help or having direct contact is your choice and depends of your skill.

Since the 5 chinese elements are also the 5 visible planets (moon and sun not included), may be there is a tie to their corresponding chakras, even if chakras is more hindu stuff. And like the flow in us of chi in meridian, they will be a best possible timing for nadis and chakras training based on elements . If you understand what I am saying, you will conclude correclty that in the microcosmic orbit training at different hour imply a different point or to be more precise zone of attention that it is best to use (north, rat is perineum).

OF course for us, we use constantly western astrology with the planets corresponding to chakras. We use it to determine the best chance of training (the hour, day, solar month,etc…) to gain something (goal, empowerment and use chakras, etc…). And there is in vedic astrology timing for the elements . The difference with western is spirit is called akasha. will following the element horary increase the results in element magic ? I haven’t try it yet. You can dowload application astrologic vedic to trace it. The golden dawn one (2 variants), seems to be an invention or interpretation of hindu text and do not correspond to that horary.

By the way I didn’t last time comment on last commentaries.. Magic definition can be resume at using knowledge and training to obtain a specific goal. There is not much details for the use of elements in western magic (we have a little on our site). But lets say you are in winter and it is cold, invoking fire will warm you up. It is so hot outside in summer, invoke/evoke water to cool yourself. You want to manifest something ? Use earth (contraction), quite useful when you punch a punching bag. You wanna move away something, use air (motion,separation).

Teacher used also fire to burn illness at their start. I did years ago it all night the first day when covid was confirmed. Everyone was ill like hell and vacinated except me. The next day I was correct, no fever, fully functional and teleworking, no consequences. Coincidence or training, no idea ?

Asiatic people DO use their version of elemental magic too. But mainly to heal, and empower themselves in chi kung. You will find a lot of resistance when you wanna talk about using it for martial arts. But hung gar, choy gar do use elements in striking (sounds and images). But the asiatic way of teaching is special. Outsiders got ideas which means 1% knowledge, outer circle (majority students) got 20%, inner circle got 40% and the chosen one got only 80%. By the way that chinese concept to wait the chosen one is the worst case scenario for humanity. Imagine you are wainting the chosen one all your life to teach him in the little time left of your life 80%. Si kung, the chosen one learned had 2 years before his tai chi master died.

From the original knowledge 100% has become 80%, if the chosen one fail to cath up to 100% then the next chosen one will have 80% of 80 etc… At final , all knowledge is lost forever. Think about a school teaching just 1+1 = 2, and saying to the whole class nothing else, to the inner circle of the calss you say , you say also 1+2 =3 and to the chosen one you teach 80% of the table of adding numbers up to 8. Will he figure out the rest ? Yes The reason repeated is wrong knowledge in bad man is too dangerous. But do they understand even if you have a recipe for cooking , even if yousucceed to have the right ingredients, you may fail to do some eatable meal. Blowing a candle all your life with a fist will it really make your fist so powerful to damage internal organs even if you learn the missing key behind it ? I doubt that a lot. And even if you succeed after 20 years of hard constant training, will you be able to use it in real fight when necessary ? Was it useful fo the community or your family the time spend in it ?

To finish, Elemental magic is used also in association in chinese astrology (best time to act) , find the best direction (what forces is there to use) , find the best location (feng shui,/ fong seuil for a fixe local) and divination. But as much as I have seen there is no group doing or sharing talismanic magic (taoist, buddhist…), or even training like ours.. But they do as westerners use a type of invocation (eg. indirect or misundertstood activating a direction) using their own system and knowledge to change things at their advantage . It seems more intellectual because of the corruption and destruction of our past., the killing of masters, the burning/ hiding of forbidden books/knowledge, and their way of transmission of knowledge.


≡ Chinese Five Elements Theory 101 in Easy Tables & Lists (adducation.info)
qi gonq empowerement of liang and wu
Fusion of 5 elements of mantak chia
Tien tao chi kung (chinese national chi kung institute program if still existing)
I read before,

Root - earth -Saturn
Sacral - wood - Jupiter (because wood is passion, that instigates the fire)
Solar - Mars - fire
Heart - venus - metal (intuition and logic of the heart)
Throat - Mercury - water (empathy)
Third eye - moon
Crown - sun

There are these two on DAOIST talisman, I haven’t read either, and both of the authors are influenced by Christianity. Especially the first author, the last one is a more open to black magic, and less conditioned by christianity and buddhism.


Thanks for sharing these links.

I already knew that the new age made more internet sites on technics that I have learned. But after searching to understand your references I was surprised to find practices that I have learned, the gong sun day (yang metal on monkey) training..

The book is quite interessant, using general magic known to us (on the site) with specific chinese associations.

Although we do not use officially the circle since it is a prop of a 3D sphere/egg/aura, using the ba gua to protect the magicial in a circle (or other form i.e container of) is quite interessant, same with 64 hexagrams for protection , the 21 stars,etc… the trigram facing out or facing is depending of the goal (invoke/ evoke, push back take in) as when we put symbols/entities names of a planet to specialise the energy in the circle or repeal negativies corresponding. . Magicians of west in the past only use 4 cardinal direction, new ones added with time top below making 6 based on the idea that a tower must be protected from the sky and below. Since new ge stuff, they tried to find an entity of hell/earth and sky/heaven to place in that direction. For us we do not have any. Hindu and taoist use 10 directions (8 direction compass + top below).

There is even a similar way to create a thougform that our own site (ligth, naming…) : difference is they add the date of its birthday but they forget the time and condition of its death . Tying the toughform by precising our name and lineage can have its use and danger (reserved to us only is good but attack on it may affect us so be precise, think concept invoke evoke to make it according to the goal)

Althought our description for charging object/talismans is not detailled, we see the same idea ligth enter body ( here ligth goes inside us to yellow court, dan tian) then to object used to draw in our hand. Westerners may have use the atame or wand to project in the object. Naturally this describe an invocation and has to be adjusted for evocation depending the goal. The drawing character or forms are also seen as light whwn you draw talisman in air as ayanist in hinduism or in the ink used as drawn for real . Similar as westerners using light to draw the circle of energy in or over the physical circle drawn.

Some incantation/prayer are more like vedic long mantras; in fact a description of what to do, what to visualise with a specific final goal in mind. Some part could be also symbols. EG purifying mountains can be seen as purifying chakras, to follow dao use your heart may imply the head or heart chakra , saying to connect heart circulate incense may in fact mean motion (visible air going up) to do in the heart. Remember animes whith the representation of activating powers .

Walking to specific part of the circle to activate a gate than face depending the entity/goal a direction, doing the tai chi symbol to go to the gate is interessant , it makes me remember of a necronomicon variant where there were a specific walk (figure on ground) to pass to be able to open a gate. Other types stepping in taoism seems to follow the big deeper. (funny 7 stars big deeper = 7 chakras, one extra on each side they used as direct opposite yin/yang may mean one specific knot or head knot opposite to hips, big dipper may well be be an emphasis on particlar chakras on body since one practice said is to draw it inside us , in one word chosing the points middle, back and front line chakras accordingly)

Mainly all the book can be resume as an emphasis on using light by ourself or help of an entity for a specific goal.
  • protect place training (not let interference)
  • remove filth and impurity (place, altar, tools, sitting place of meditation, talisman) using in one case the light of phoenix, in one section they use also black poisoneous snake or dragon of 6 head (kundalini ? ) vomiting fire on target like dragons
  • activate and empower the tools by calling entities . Call a god/daemon name may mean mantras not just a simple talking, the hic is it the right one and do you have the right prononciation ? It is know in history of pagan vibating the god(s) name to manifest its power. An hindu god may have different names, each represent a specific attribute (translation name) to use. You wil remark same ideas in some greek gods (talked on forum), and what is funny is that kids (greek god and norse) have a specific ablity tied to the parents EG : one son of thor magni is from memory pure strength, he shows the force of thor but even greater without need of tools (belt and gloves). Like hindu names variants of the same god, the kids and lineage may be the key for a specialized ability.

Note that the book is partly corrupted since there is judaic magic concept, the idea of using blackmail to make obey , and one of binding an entiy. It is not an ideal of fair exchange or respect. Hierarchy is important but an employee knows his duties, no need when we ask something to put a gun on his temple, blackmail him of being fired or penalised to do his job. Blood ritual are also judaic but can be a corruption of notion. Blood is the base, the energy moving and nourishing all of our body . No blood no life. When one say use blood of an animal to charge a mirror/object it probably mean the energy corresponding to the virtues represented by the animal.

People have a bad tendency to inerpret according to their knowledge and evel of consciousness. Catholic repeat you must give your heart to god, surrender your heart to god, put god in your heart and he wil respond. THE understanding of a cannibal is I am gonna take the heart of my ennemy or tear off mine and give it to god (the real fact written in history is since we eat the body of christ they choose to put christ in a real person to eat It after, remember sacrifices of mayan and aztecs prisoners after corruption). A catholic will understand just pray focusing on his physical heart , a magician will say it means put akasha/god in your heart chakra (more probable that the head since it is a connector, there is 2 heart as said on our site) than use that connection and empowerement to gain something.

Taoist Thunder Magic Secrets Unleashed | Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

Occult Grab Bag 9 (archive.org)

The Yellow Court Illumination Teachings - Sanctuary of Tao

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