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  • Has anybody watched Blood of Zeus? The second season came out. I watched it and honestly, It is actually a lot better compared to the usual slanderous shit I see about the Gods *cough*Castlevania: Nocturne*cough*.....LOL.

    Personally, I really enjoyed it a lot more. The problem with Castlevania series is, first of all, its heavy xian themes, slandering of Demons, and a very annoying woke perspective in the animated series. In quite a few episodes, characters praise muhammed and yeshua christ....for fucks sake.

    Also, what is the deal with all the white characters becoming black in films and series nowadays? Annette was a white character in Castlevania, but they just went ahead and turned her into this:


    She was this, originally:


    ... And when you ask them about it they get all uncomfortable and say :"What do you mean by that??", like bitch, you know what I mean stop acting like you're some kind of saint.

    I personally recommend you watch Blood of Zeus. It is all about the ancient Greek myths, and has little slander in it.
    Poem- Seventh Sense

    The clock, sitting amicably on the wall
    The flock, sheltering their own from rainfall
    The frog, calling to the skies, calling to all
    The drop, descending from heaven without stall

    The breeze, passing like waves in motion
    The fire, kindled with hope, love and passion
    The stones, humming with slight vibration
    The rain, daggers on the fragile complexion

    The clouds, belly swollen with newborn dew
    The grass, blades dancing with no clue
    The man, with tired bones carrying through
    The woman, in the waiting, for something new

    The sweat, salt bleak and sour bile
    The sweet, reminiscent of the good goddess Nile
    The bread, soft and baked on the furnace tile
    The wine, wretch for the pure, gift for the vile

    The earth, ground soaked with early rain
    The ashes, remembrance of time and of pain
    The field, with colorful blooms of every strain
    The meal, prepared for us, but with no gain

    The message, received by one eye, intuitive
    The rot, gathered and cleansed, inquisitive
    The spirit, to and fro running wild, fugitive
    The wisdom, gifted only to few, contemplative

    And the god, with his heavy light, a lake in my soul.
    Here is my YouTube music playlist. I gather different kinds of songs and playlists that I enjoy. You can use the audio therein for your meditations, rituals, when you're working out or just making art. ( side note: I LOVE Amanti and highly recommend listening to their music)

    Theres also another youtube video I linked in my previous profile post, you can use it for Anubis' ritual. I use it before the ritual to get into the mood because I dont think I can focus with too much noise yet. But definitely get into the mood before any magick or ritual.

    Youtube music playlist - Magick, meditations, art, working out
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan