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Just SS things


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Apr 22, 2018
Penguin North, Antarctica, Earth
Hey guys I got something funny to share that only an SS would understand.[funny for me at least :p]

Yesterday I visited a very crowded place, naturally I closed all my Chakras before going out. And by the time I came back home it was midnight and I was very tired, but I still had to do my nightly routine, so when I started cleaning my chakras, guess what happened? I was unable to feel my chakras properly, felt like there was some kind of barrier, this alarmed me and I started to overthink about what went wrong with my morning routine... I even asked myself what if I by any chance damaged a chakra or something.

I had lost all my sleep, but after a few minutes I realized I had not opened my Chakras 😅:ROFLMAO:
I opened my Chakras immediately and boom it was all blissful and pleasurable again, the energy I felt in my spine was something.
I possibly lost a good sleep to this silly mistake :cry::ROFLMAO:, but had a good laugh :ROFLMAO:

Do you have something funny to share?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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