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Re-Read-It Series: About the Old Priest Hood | Functions Of The Mind: Basic Functions and Obstacles In Meditation

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About the Old Priesthood
by HoodedCobra666 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:15 pm

Guess what... this is the time we answer one of the all time favourite troll questions...Sure also
others also wonder about this though...

There is a thing in the universe and it's called free will.

Many people do not understand how the priesthood works. Or how life works. They have the meme
of Christianity in their mind of the 'all powerful', and there are always one sided choices. So they
transfer this to "Super Satan makes the Choices, how can people fail". But there are no such claims
being made here.

There have been questions in regards to people from the clergy. This is a very difficult task. There
are attacks, there is extensive tiredness, extensive sacrifices of time and effort, and this is one of the
hardest tasks to follow. We are not more 'privileged', just 'because we are clergy' than others, either,
by the Gods. We are only as privileged as our work goes, so in that case, the same rules apply to us
as every other Satanist. There is only one fundamental difference, those who really do their job as
Clergy (this varies, as again, people are individuals), it's like doing any other job, only danger wise
it can be very tough.

When the Gods pick someone to become Clergy, they pick them through us and with us. There is a
waiting period for such as well. And guess what, people always have free will. Satan doesn't
constrain the free will of anyone. With that being stated, one is always open to success or to failure.
There are also many people do haven't taken the role of Clergy seriously, and as such, they have

The Gods help, advance and guide us, but one's position towards themselves is something the
patience, caring, and help of no other entity can fill in. In other words, if you decide to fall on your
own, or do stupid things, you will fall, and nobody will be able to save you. This is literally the
same as jumping from a skyscraper. I won't be excused from gravity because I am "Clergy", nor
will a spaceship come to my rescue as I'm falling. Simply because this deals with the rules of life.

The favourite topic of trolls, are about some priests who have failed and/or left their post. They try
to instil mystery around the matter, but in most cases, this was a choice for them to leave.

A few individuals were also overtaken by the force of the enemy, because they were foolish enough
to confuse reality with their internal feelings of being able to take on the enemy 'on their own' and
other crap. If there is a war happening, and a general is high on acid for some reason, takes a gun,
and jumps on the front-line, without kevlar, without a tank, with nothing, nobody can tell them to
'not do this', and nobody will keep them. They have 'authority' and they should have logic to
constrain themselves. If for some reason such is missing, they can literally go and die. In simple
words one is acting on a very inferior level than where they have been put to do. Therefore there
can be consequences such as massive failure. Or even destruction and death.

Many people also don't feel well to have a responsibility and not being able to follow through.

Others decide they can't keep up with the demands of it. Others may even cower. Some have done
well, others very good, the list goes. Some people just quit. Others for personal reasons, others can't
take the heat, others just give up, others come up to not care.

What is for certain, and this is upon which the Gods make the choices, is that everyone of these
people have had the skills and the capacity to become good clergy. The Gods judge not based on the
future, because people also decide their own future, but they decide based on possibility of being

The Gods can clear-cut see the future, this is for certain, but this doesn't matter either, as the future
is possibilities.

What matters is that WE figure out how to steer our boats in the proper direction, to reach the place
we need to. It's up to people to actualize this so called 'future'. There is karma, but there is also free
will and action. And it's truly difficult for many people - as guess what, one learns on the job.

The least favourite topic of trolls however, and the people they hate, is the successful priesthood,
who has served and done lots of things for the community, giving it life, guidance and purpose, for
too long. The trolls never ask how these people made it that far, with so much responsibility,
burden, threats, and other issues, simply because, this proves all their frail arguments about a few
cases very wrong. While these trolls obsess over those who have fell, quitted, or used their free will
to stay off the path, they focus the very least on people who have done their work properly. This is
because this proves them wrong in their entirety, and proves Satan's providence beyond a doubt.

In the ancient times, the same was the case. The priests were put in gradual initiation. One could
also fail and be replaced. There were high adepts who were literally 'up there' but were never part of
the priesthood, simply because, it follows specific rules, patters, and requires particular skills.

From my perspective, one can do massive and very decisive work WITHOUT being priesthood.

This is because the enemy and/or others do not even know you are somewhere. You are a blade in
the dark, so to say. One reason we exist is because of these 'lurkers' and people who stand by us at
heart but we may not know them, nor them us. We all do everything 'together' as a whole, and this is
what is of importance.

The Gods know the people they have in and out. The issue is, people don't know themselves, nor
life. So they can fail. One example is how a few priests have been intensive in bad habits, or how
others have fiddled with stupid things like drugs. Like the case of Salem who fell into the trap,
ultimately losing his sanity and self. If one fiddles with bullshit, there is little things other people
can do to save them, or any other entities. The fact one is can be put in such position is because they
can be helpful in some way.

This sets up a paradigm on what to avoid. Nobody says about their so called life, or standing with
Satan. This is up to Satan to judge. But one cannot serve responsibly a community in that way. One
will simply spread plague to it. So here is a paradigm to avoid...

The Gods, and I tell you from experience, will do many things to save these people, but one can of
course neglect all warnings. They have saved me from things I wouldn't even believe. But when one
works against themselves there is not much in the universe that can be done to 'save' them. In the
end our judge is our self. Overconfidence and turning into a brat is something some Satanists are
plagued from, and this has lead a few to downfall. This is because power increases and when one
starts to become really 'something', they can lose their footing. The humble survive here, but one
must be also strong.

We also had members who have completely lost their footing and went full retard against other
members. This leads them slowly in disaster.

To relate a personal experience, I was a fan of Vovim Baghie's writings, when I was out and about.
To my disappointment, he gave everyone up, which is unfortunately the truth of what happened.
Many people like to make fables about this, such as the superheroes who left, once upon a time etc.
Even if we were to assume this was done for any 'good reason' (which is not the case) this make it
double bad.

Cause if hypothetically one ascends to high levels of mass wisdom and they desert the community,
all the worse, it's twice dishonourable, than let's say someone who didn't do much just leaving. So in
any case, this is a dishonour. Just imagine for a second what would happen if the Gods decided they
no longer want to fiddle with humanity? We would probably get toasted the next day by the enemy
entities who do not give up. In the same way, our own must learn to never give up.

Obviously they are brave because they are advanced, but they stay to advance others. Those who
leave are of no importance. Their work, when it was there, it was helpful, and that's that. One is also
called to follow through, however. The same goes for the people who many people have elevated
into some diva-status because they, SUPPOSEDLY and BASED ON ASSUMPTION were "VERY
ADVANCED" but didn't give a fuck for the community and left it cold turkey. These are not
examples to admire, even if such people were 'advanced'.

Advancement brings, on the highest levels, compassion to other people. One does not desert what
one loves and has sworn their word to fight for.

Imagine how many times the Gods face-palm themselves over our little human things.

I think Aldrick wrote it once in his post, and he was right if you think about it. So for the Gods, is
their superiority a reason to let us to die and become ashes? No. They instead help us advance.

Think about it if one is advanced, it's no problem to them helping others advance. If one is not
advanced, they find excuses on why they are so greater than anyone else and therefore find reasons
to laze out by not helping others in some way. So those who can help, do help.

As for the divas who sit around and complain about a community in which they do nothing to
improve, one has nothing to complain about. The person who work for 2 minutes a day for this
community, spiritual Satanism, or enlightening people by anonymous activism, a person known or
never known, is better than all these worthless people combined, multiplied by 6 gorillion times.
The Gods stay by us. That's what showing them to be superior beings, teachers, leaders and helpers.
Those who pretend to be 'very advanced' and can't take it, they will never be equal to them in value.
This is what decides value in any community. "I could give" or "I think I am superior" is of zero
value. To desert is easy. To improve is hard.

So in closing, the focus should be on success, not a few failures, and our emulation should be what
is best. One mustn't spend time going after that which is worse and bad, but that which is best.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Re: About the Old Priesthood

by High Priestess Maxine Dietrich » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:19 pm

Thank you HP Hooded Cobra. Yes, the Gods look at the amount of work one does for our agenda.
The attrition rate for JoS has been very high. Few people are strong enough to last and those of us
who last and do the work get extra protection from the Gods. The weak ones are not prepared and
they quit.

In addition, many out there think the title of High Priest/ess is glamorous and are ill prepared for the
amount of work and personal sacrifice that comes with the job.
The Satanic Priesthood is here to deal with the heat. Yes, the brutal truth will always have copious
amounts of enemies.

We know the truth and learn more every day. We do in depth research and study in order to
summarize things and put them into layman's terms so everyone can understand. We share these
truths in hopes of a better life and world.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Re: About the Old Priesthood

by a Forum Member » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:17 am

I think the reason people have been tricked into putting Salem and Vovim onto a pedestal is because
both of them made the claim to be ascended with the Kundalini. When in reality, both of them
were and probably still into the kind of drugs that cause deep psychosis. Which they believed was
some higher-level, which was the drugs.

You witness the same in Hinduism, with the people who practice the Kundalini Yogas and those
who practice the same in the New Age - they get into drugs or just become deluded, they start
proclaiming themselves the same. In Salem's, case I think he failed to overcome the deep
emotional-issues he had from being raised in fundamental Christianity, that led him into drugs.
A lot of addicts believe they can handle their addiction but its handling them into the trash-can of
life. I liked Salem as a person, and it was sad what happened.

Drugs and spiritual practice, don't mix.

As for myself, I don't even drink alcohol. I could here and there but I made it a point not to, not
even a drop because I told you guys not to - so I live by example.

Anyway, for myself, unlike Vovim just because I might be standing of the roof of a twenty storey
building does not mean I am twenty storeys tall. I understand that. Beside as a forum posting Slothz
my duties iz to leads you guys in da wayz of making funz of bronzy, Sholomoz bagelstienz, clownz
like sprockets and das reading rainbow kabala clownz.
Re: About the Old Priesthood

by HoodedCobra666 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:13 am

Godmode wrote: “Did Kai Purr "leave" on good terms?”

All he did was exaggerate his experiences to the maximum. And claim 'god status' for absolutely no
reason, by saying backhanded BS on how he is so close to the Godhead and so forth, ad nauseum. It
was a type of memetics running in the forum back then, so many 'gods' were around. So many Gods
couldn't even do proper tasks or promote Satanism in any decent way other than writing slob
stories. And pretend to be Vovim 2.0 by 'leaving' due to being on such a high spiritual...level. Kai
specifically was on a high pedestal. Essentially his few posts were nothing but merely expectation
creations for his 'experiences'.

Compare Vovims' writings with the writings of the Kai Purr. And you have the same type of writing.
Same claims, same nonsense, same 'methods'. What about anything that really matters to anyone
that reads let's say? Nothing. Due to this crap getting a life of it's own, many people became
massively disappointed for not experiencing these fake and probably drug induced effects people
like Salem were spewing out.

Ultimately growing dissatisfied and wanting to go. There were some characters who did this back
then all in the spirit of abusing free speaking on the forum and having leftovers from thinking
Satanism is a shit-fest on who has the biggest claimed this and that.

So they write exaggerated stuff. Others also tried to join this race later, creating delusional
individuals. Many had to get the boot as a result, as this mislead severely many younger Satanists.
In the end contributing to absolute nothing but the creation of false expectations. Some people grew
extremely dissatisfied. Because much of these claims were plain lies or over exaggerations of
normal experiences.

Note also; these people were accepted in the groups, they were posting, and people left them to do
their part. But the issues arose when they started going to further crap. Many people mistook this
acceptance of what they wrote as some sort of indirect acceptance to their superiority or that they
were ineffable and correct.

Kai attempted to come back on the forums but he was booted like a couple years ago. Because he is
a pretender and he basically tries to fragment the JoS to feed his little personality cult. All these so
called "I say I am a God to you, but I don't really say it, I just let it be assumed by default, by
making big ass claims (cause I am a piece of shit actually)" guys, all follow the same memetic

Big claims, they let even bigger assumptions rise, they let them take a life of their own by their
silence/non-existence, then they leave, and by doing absolutely nothing, they come back with a
heroic return to take some Goyim from here and lead them to...nowhere, just to create a personality
cult for dickheads. Then when they are stomped they go on a chimp mode. Some people who they
have around get confused and quit Satanism when they discover fraud, others return to the JoS,
others remain silent, the list goes.

The pattern continues until these people have fed their worthless ego or eventually have destroyed
everyone in the process. These characters grow in stupidity as they become tolerated, because they
down the road buy the lies they sell to other innocent people. So they try to play based on these.
Then if they get booted they become pissed off and create a theory on why they got booted. Some
say they are superior as fuck, others say the clergy sucks, others say they are the 'real deal', and
rarely they self-evaluate and return.

Because indeed we don't have any reason to ban anyone and/or reduce other people. We need good
people who ARE advanced, for example, people who care. We don't need shitheads dictating
anything, this can turn real bad. There is no time for shit-headed-ry any more. If anyone wants to do
this they can do this on their own personal life.


Functions Of The Mind: Basic Functions and Obstacles In Meditation

by HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sep 08, 2020

In regards to the topic of spirituality, it is really sad how the majority of spiritual
texts today does contain lies, exaggerations, and in general, gives people wrong
hopes or deludes people in regards to spirituality.

A lot of authors write books without actual knowledge or without actual care,
giving too much exaggerated credibility on very simplistic methods or lies. Since
some people may not do this on purpose [while others do], there is of not much
necessity to focus on this matter, as it is a waste of lines that could be used for
better material.

For example, an author writing a book on self hypnosis says that "you can do
anything" with it, but the reality is, these methods [and especially so mental
methods] can go that far in solving one's life problems or making improvements.

Mental methods work on the mental level, and the mental level is important in
the life of normal people, but definitely not a defining factor that can catapult all
your problems out of existence. This also goes the other way - spiritual methods,
for example, meditation, also build upon an aspect of meditation which is a
mental aspect, such as programming and deprogramming the mind as one
requires to attain certain tasks.

Under the weight of this watering down and lying, spirituality has at this point
experienced a major confusion and collapse as to what it really "is". People no
longer understand what to expect. To become more exact, in order to cause deep
inner and outer changes, one has to meditate.

But meditation means to put the mind at work, and do "meditation". Meditation
has therefore to be a conscious process.

Self hypnosis, self suggestion, or doing some simple mental exercises by looking
yourself in the mirror and saying you are confident when there are issues at the
soul, is not going to solve any problem. To reach spiritual power and make it
dependable to the point you can use it in your life, one has to look further within,
and meditate seriously.

Another blatant marketing lie of meditation as it's promoted, is that meditation is
only for fun, well-being, and that if done with a "whatever" type of way, it is

This is enough for people that want to reap the most basic of it's benefits, such as
for example, self relaxation, or who just want to feel they are doing something
fancy inside a spa with some cucumbers in their eyeballs to feel better while they
are on Social Media.

This level however, remains where all starter meditators do remain, which is
mostly, the mind. In order to move further "into" the mind, in what we call "The
Soul" and reap benefit of the most sublime and higher functions, one has to take
the practice into deeper levels. The depth is reached by first swimming from the
surface down to it, progressively, and with the correct gear [experience and

Peace, serenity, empowerment, and all the rest of the benefits, arise more with
serious meditation. One should be inspired by these to continue, and know that
all of these are definitely possible. In the beginning, no matter what, one will
experience these coming on them, in many cases, fleeting and momentary tastes
of what they will experience in the future.

The end result of meditation is basically an inner serenity of ranging levels, and
while not "perfect", one will feel at ease with themselves. This state is defined in
many texts in many ways, and deals with the activated pineal gland, but also, the
purification of the soul and the program alignment of one's energies.

The levels of calmness, stillness, and self understanding one can reach, are
beyond what most people can even fathom when they are beginning. Humanity
would be better off understanding that certain states of peace and wellbeing that
are desired, can never be attained through this external physical rat-wheel people
keep going around.

To reach these levels one needs happy patience and consistent work on
themselves. This state arises only after someone has cleaned considerable clutter,
soul dross, and put their mind in at least some working order.

In the beginning, mediators who take the craft at least a bit seriously should be
prepared in facing "the unknown" and unusual circumstances, but in their
essence, no different than someone who has went to the gym for the first time
and they are sore. An event arising from the good side of this, is when one for the
first time tastes the calmness or mental agility that meditation gives them, or
experiences the heightened energy or their own bioelectricity.

The world is largely created in such a way so that human beings avoid self search
and are constantly kept in a loop, where spirituality is almost disallowed. It's
almost as if, even the "coincidental" spiritual experiences that can prowl on
people, are banished violently as if they pose a danger to society. And the reality
is, they do pose a danger to "society" as it's shaped nowadays.

It is, for example, more profitable to some people that you do weed, instead of
learning that you can put yourself in a good trance with meditation. If all people
knew this, weed may actually have went out of business.

From this self search can come fears, and other reactions of the mind, but also all
the good and glorious things one would never expect before. Self search is not
ugly as the majority of human beings think, it's actually very good. It only
becomes ugly when people ignore themselves too much and too much crap keeps
assembling itself in their own inner world.

Many people know this after they persist for a while, the peace and happiness
this brings, and all the newfound serenity and understanding that can grow in

An example that comes to mind here, is that the mind, in the beginning, if
programmed against meditation [some people are programmed with an extreme
fear to spirituality - watching thriller movies and what have you], can to some
extent be closed to meditation, and can cause to someone symptoms like feeling
sleepy, or literally batter someone with just about any other thought other than
wanting to meditate.

This world of today is also rife with people who are extremely afraid of facing
themselves in anyway. Even though material comfort is ever rising, people are not
using this comfort that exists today to reach higher spiritually, and on the
contrary, many are sinking into being an NPC that merely experiences stimuli
without thinking.

In cases of worse programming against meditation or self improvement, such as
self guilt, or feeling as if one is doing something very bad [or is doing "a sin"
against "god" for looking inside themselves, WTF Christ-Insanity], the mind can go
as far as to cause reactions to make someone stop meditating, thinking of
meditation as a threat. A hypothetical event here would be, everytime one sits
down to meditate, one gets extreme urges to go eat [even if they ate a moment
ago] or do just about anything else, and do only just what will interrupt their
meditation and make them lose their meditation.

Reprogramming the above can be helpful and accelerate people in meditation.
One example here would be to remind to one's self: "I am positively accepting the
new habit of meditation in my life, and I know it is positive for me". As this is
repeated as a thought, the mind will also become more open in accepting

The untrained and lazy average mind, also hates to be confronted with thought or
in some way elevated activity, and this is why many people keep watching
passively things all day long such as brainwashing from their TV. It is no wonder
most humans find recreational, things that do not at all stimulate the mind.
The more the mind is in lethargy, the more it adjusts and makes an environment
which goes deeper and deeper into that state. The end result of this is the NPC
manifested, humans that hardly use their mind at all. While this has a mental
range, this also has a physical manifestation.

The mind is in this case is at a very inactive state, and it works passively. When
this downwards movement is conquered and turned to the other side, the
opposite happens. The mind will actually work to your benefit, and all these
tendencies that were against your improvement, will start shaping to be in your

A manifestation here would be, instead of a feeling of not wanting to meditate, a
strong willpower will arise from within you with the need to meditate, or a
habituation where meditation becomes like second nature to you, and you no
longer experience that many obstacles most of the time. Instead of feeling like it's
the world's burden to do something good for yourself, you'll feel like doing
something good is actually something you get motivated over.

Eventually the above gives in and one starts experiencing clarity, better thought,
more energy, and starts to experience direct reaping of the benefits of
meditation. As with anything else, one has to make this a habit, and to kick out
the habit of not being meditative in one's life, one has to do this step by step and
with patience.

Habits, or repetitive actions, do cross over from the logical and conscious level to
the mind, registering little by little to the subconscious mind. This is how
meditation becomes normal to the mind over mind, and progressively it becomes
normal to it. This is also how certain hangups get into the mind, by repetition:
someone called a failure again and again.

Another way this programming can happen, is through shock [this is why the
enemy uses violent themes and practices to brainwash people], or when one is
really young [the mind in the young age is more open and impressionable]. In the
case of these, even with a little effort, certain beliefs can become entangled in the

When one is more grown, the mind is less liable to be programmed like this, and
the stronger the mind, it can pose resistance to programming. A 5 year old can be
told that Jesus exists and believe it, but when one does grow, the logic and the
conscious mind having grown more, resistence can be posed to this idea,
especially if it is fake.

For this reason, the enemy uses consistent and repetitive brainwashing in the
young age of people, before thinking capacity has seriously taken place.
Meditation helps to gain control and insight in regards to what one has been
programmed into and choose what one is going to do with themselves, "Free
Will" requires insight in this case.

For this reason, meditation is seen as a threat, because most of their hoaxes
revolve around people having no understanding of their own mind at all.
Methods like hypnosis, do work by putting the conscious mind into a state of
allowance, where we are allowed to get into the subconscious to reprogram it.
The less conscious one is here, the better. The hypnotic state is not however, a
meditative state, because a meditative state has to do with consciousness. Sleep
for example, is not "meditation", and one cannot effectively meditate in their

One can program the mind to work something out when they are asleep, but one
cannot meditate. To explain this in the simplest fashion, you can put a computer
while you are asleep to download something, but is when you are awake that you
can actually go, you look at the screen, and you look at whatever it is that you

A state of confusion is also very common in people nowadays, ranging from many
sources, almost as many to count as the people themselves - regardless of that,
an overflow of useless information is a major proponent to this. There is nothing
strange when the nature of the mind is concerned.

Frequent is the problem of confusion, and people are giving their attention to
things that cause them confusion and/or are garbage information. The mind can
constantly be distracted. The mind therefore becomes bloated with nonsensical
info, that does not help it in processing anything meaningful.

When the mind absorbs too much useless info, the mind becomes congested, and
the result is a feeling of confusion. We have come to a state where less and less
individuals have a power to focus anywhere at all for even as little as two or more
minutes. Without the ability to focus, it is easier for someone to be cluttered. This
is why, simply, void meditation is paramount to control and direct the mind.

The above consists of necessity to act as a reminder of the basic functions of the
mind and how this relates to meditation, because it is only through the
understanding and mastery of these simple mechanics one can go into better
heights in their understanding of the mind.

I hope the message was simple, because it had to be this way so that everything
would be clear and information would be relayed effortlessly, because other
topics will follow and build upon this very basic one.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 Blue Star Athenaeum / Memes ~ old groups/forums ~ Videos ~ article/meme sharing ~ free finance manager Windows10 minus the spyware plus added stability and security Secure android OS

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