Immortal body rune working

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Immortal body rune working

Post by Fuchs »

Not for new people Hagl and Thurisas rune have strong energys .

The idear behind it was to increase ones lifetime and strengthen the body in every way, on the same time.

Color visualisation runes, aura: main Light-Green , gold and red can also be mixed in in smaler amounts.

Urus + Thurisas + Jera + Hagl x 111 reps (sun power number see sun quare)
Norwegian pronunciation: (Ur) (Thurs) (Ar) (Hagl)

"Now, continuosly and forever my body is fully, permanent, increasing in health and regeneration-/ strength-/ endurance-/ resistance-power, perfecting , immortalize my body, in a healthy, positive and beneficial way for me." x18 reps.

18 = 10 [material world , creation] + 8 [eternity lasting results] quersum = 1+8 = 9
["9 is a universal power number, and is one of the most powerful of all numbers. 9 is a peak for power."
HP. Hoodedcobra666 viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18220&p=70229&hilit=9+power#p70229]

How long : ∞

Why did I choose these runes? (See Runic Kabalah pdf)

Resurrection/ beginnings: Urus
Transformation: Thurisas
Assist Energys of other runes: Urus
Healing attributes: Urus, Thurisas
Regeneration attributes: Thurisas, Jera
Strength attributes: Thurisas, Hagl, Urus
Rune of completion, perfection: Hagl (represent the number 9 the 9 main chakras)

Stones used with this ritual: Hermatite (Thurisas rune helps against electro-magnetic energies / deflecting curses)

For Jera the stone used is moss agate (on the runic kabalah isn´t noted what the stone does)
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Runes/workings combinded with colors. Improvement suggestions welcome

Deletion of unwanted memories.

Immortal body rune working

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Re: Immortal body rune working

Post by phaade99 »

Hey Fuchs, did you expirement with this working and how did the effects manifest? I'm very curious to start this
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Re: Immortal body rune working

Post by SShiva_fr »

I wanted to use the rune Thurisas from the Moon in Virgo (Halloween) for a physical healing work (serious neurological auto immune disease).
I am not really a beginner anymore (I have already done several works with runes - Ansuz and Wunjo) but not advanced either, is Thurisas adapted in my case? Thank you for your answers.
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