Archive of Fake WN like Anglin, Weev, Enoch, etc.

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Re: Archive of Fake WN like Anglin, Weev, Enoch, etc.

Postby Jack » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:19 am

Complete waste of time. Do the RTR and read spiritual sermons alternatively.
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Re: Archive of Fake WN like Anglin, Weev, Enoch, etc.

Postby TimberWolf » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:29 am

This is already a WIP here.

At least one notable book has been written about the topic, Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper.

But as for us, time would be better spent by promoting JoS and everything the original Nazis did & said.

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Re: Archive of Fake WN like Anglin, Weev, Enoch, etc.

Postby Poweredbythesun » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:23 am

14Alex88 wrote:I searched around on here and found some info but nothing like a complete archive... but what I’m interested in is a list with links if possible to all the evidence that these people are fake. I’ve seen pol threads exposing these people but I’m always thirsty for more truth about these people.

Specifically, I’m interested in a video or sound byte that has Anglin saying he is a communist - before he made the daily Stormer. I’ve heard audio bits of him saying stuff that’s anti-white but it’s hard to see where it came from.

So if anyone here has some good links to stuff on him or any of these other phonies like NoWhiteGuilt, David Duke, Azzmador, Weev, Enoch, Striker, etc. please shoot them my way.

I might end up writing a book about all these bastards and what utter subversives they are. I remember hearing a while back that a lot of these guys like Richard Spencer, Augustus invictus, etc. we’re funded by a democrat named Tom Steyer. Gonna have to do some more research soon but I think there’s enough out there now to put the final nail in the coffin to the entire Jewish alt right and expose the puppet masters behind them.

We are here for direct action against the Jews, NOT archiving White Nationalists.

Do the Final RTR. There are other sites where you can find the people you're looking for, Red Ice is a major hub for the White Nationalist community (though most of the people they talk to are in the UK and abroad). As well there are communities on YouTube, and various other sites.
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