Amazon Fire Subliminals

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The Alchemist7
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Amazon Fire Subliminals

Postby The Alchemist7 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:46 pm

I assume most people here are aware about how the energies of the colective mind of the populace can be used to materialize things in the physical world. The most blatant example is how billions of xians, muslims, jews etc. are pouring endless energy into the jewish toughtform used by the jewish occult elites to materialize their ancient goal of the global government. Another example is how for half of a century the jews filled the media everywhere in the world about "6 millions" jews in suffering, victims and all the crap. All this time the gentile nations uncounsciously poured energy into this subliminal occult lie which allowed the jews to materialize it and by the means of extreme control of information and propaganda, in a way that "it was real" in the mind of the millions and millions of people who believed it, making it "historically undeniable" even if there is no logical or historical proof for it.

Now what has Amazon fires to do with this? I guess you all know about the popular "Amazon Fire" Stick from the company Amazon. Recent data claim that the Amazon Fire Stick has around 34 million users in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and Austria and most probably billions of people heard about this "Amazon Fire" device which provides video streaming in the above countries.


Now imagine "Amazon Fire" being embedded in the mind of hundreds of millions or maybe billions of people worldwide for years (since 2014) together with all the massive global propaganda of the jewish media which spread it all over the world. All these people unconsciously poured huge amounts of energy into the "Amazon Fire" which allowed the jews to materialize it into the physical world by channeling this energy with their occult knowledge. Nothing different to what they used to do before with other global atrocities. These are the same tactics of subliminal manipulation that they use for race-mixing, xianity, global government and all the abominations that they want to manifest into physical.

I think we can safely say now that this is just another occult blast of the jews against us and against this poor planet.
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Re: Amazon Fire Subliminals

Postby Soaring Eagle 666 » Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:49 pm

Wow. How did I miss that! :roll:

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