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  • The Spirit of Truth will rise again and leave no stone unturned.

    What is needed for a better world?

    1. Truth

    2. Human Progress/Upliftment based on Truth

    3. Warriors of Truth
    A commentary on any and all controlled opposition:

    I wish the worst that the universe has to offer,
    to any controlled opposition that takes orders from and works for the enemy collective.
    There are no words to describe such entities, they are the lowest of the low.

    It's like a cell is willingly working for an alien virus that wants to destroy all the cells, including the host.
    Instead of fighting against the alien virus or warning the other cells, as a normal healthy cell would do,
    it deceives other cells and tries to make them work for the alien virus as well.
    By presenting itself as good and supportive of the host and other healthy cells,
    it is simultaneously promoting the alien virus as some sort of antibiotic for the problems that this same alien virus is causing.

    Is this the worst manifestation of cowardice in a being? Egotism? Greed?
    How can such abominations be created?
    What unimaginable things must have happened in order for such creatures to be born and formed in this way?

    There are indeed no limits in the universe if such beings can exist.
    A comment about the West and Russia in 2024:

    The enemy in the West wants to sacrifice as many native Europeans as possible to the Russian meat grinder.

    That's another reason why they want to keep this war going artificially
    and try to expand it so that more native Europeans get caught up in it.

    But not only native Europeans, white people from all over the world, including Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc.
    They are all to be sacrificed in the Russian meat grinder of drones and bombs.

    Meanwhile, more and more non-Europeans and illegals and criminals are pouring into Europe/the West
    through non-existent borders and enjoy their benefits,
    while European men are supposed to go and die in a war that revolves around Russian borders.

    Borders in the West in 2024 only matter when it suits the current political narrative.

    The enemy in the West:
    Make Westerners poor blaming the climate, vaccinate them blaming the air, burn their forests blaming the sun,
    open their borders blaming their ancestors,
    replace them blaming racism, teach and praise weak ideologies blaming strength,
    spreading Islam peacefully while the churches chase after minors
    and send what is left to be sacrificed as cannon fodder against Russia.
    A short message and information for the Greek Diaspora: !!!

    I have seen that the current government and state of Greece
    will try to separate the Greeks of the Diaspora from their homeland forever.
    We are talking about millions of people if this happens.

    They have already changed the law so that they cannot vote anymore (because migrants tend to vote more patriotically).
    Now they are talking and planning to "not recognize" Greek children born in the diaspora.
    Later they will try to "not recognize" any Greek living in the Diaspora.

    Instead of trying to create better conditions or programs for people to return to their homeland,
    they are trying to cut them off forever.
    They will try to make conditions harder and harder for the natives, wherever they may be.

    If this happens, Greek migrants will also lose their belongings they have in Greece
    and then might be given to the newcomers for free.
    At the same time, the enemy is planning to funnel even more non-natives/non-Europeans into Greece,
    preferably those who are completely the opposite and incompatible, culturally/historically and DNA' wise or all of those combined.

    If you are a Greek in the diaspora, or know one, tell them what the enemy is planning and try to counter-plan ahead and act against it, sooner rather than later.
    You could append the translation. Every day you write a basic stuff. I recognize the letters but it's not easy to learn Greek because of declinations.
    Hail Poseidon !
    I agree, and I will try to add the translation when I write something other than English.

    As you said, it means: Hail Poseidon.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan