A Reply On "Buddhism"

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A Reply On "Buddhism"

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:03 am

Hi.I am a buddhist for almost 7 yrs.theravada for about 6 of them.1 year or so vajrayana.I have finally come to the truth of Shiva Siddhanta and that God exists.I reject materialism,nihilism and annihilationism.having finally seen clearly what subversion all of buddhism is in all of its forms I have now rejected it.buddhism is evil as hpmageson said.it makes no sence.the self exists.individuality exists.advaita of any form makes no sence,wether thats vedanta,kashmiri or nath siddha.

As it should be clear to any person that still uses some logic, if we are to presuppose that there is an all powerful universal force, it couldn't care less whether we live or die, or have sex once in a while, or eat, or sleep, or any of this. Granted also the claim is that we are designed after the universe [and as thus we have qualities that are reflective to it] as species, then we also have a faculty called Logic and another one which is called Self Preservation.

We truly were designed to have the will to live, to advance, to improve, and to desire to keep existing. The same argument of the "All powerful" [bollocks] which in "All knowledge" created people with a penis and a vagina, but then wrote a book through some jews as to how the use of such is the ultimate "Sin" and will land one to "Hell", is very similar to Buddhism here, as it is observable that both Judaism and Buddhism were systems of spiritual manipulation meant merely to keep humanity broke, beaten etc.

The psychological dimension of Buddhism is that it was also created under a context of extreme human self hate and self suppression. People who only knew slavery, assembled and created a "Spiritual system" centred around how one can better destroy themselves, finally die, and absolve themselves from suffering. This is because these people suffered a lot, and they reached the ultimate state of nihilism, assuming their own existence was merely evil, and that the divine dictate was for them to stop existing.

I dont want nibbana.I dont want veganism.I dont want celibacy.I dont want to lose my desire and individuality.I dont want soul extinction.all of buddhist philosophy is just doublespeak and buddhist philosophers debate like rabbis of the talmudic school.

You clearly do not want this as we are living. In the ancient mystery schools, before Abrahamic corruption, it was clear that our life meant something, as it's a piece of the universe itself, and, as the universe moves forward in it's existence and improvement, so do we as instruments living inside the world.

Doublespeak for said systems is done too much as it's required to blind the logic of people and just make their mind utterly confused, because all of what is being promoted is against both life and spirituality, therefore, there is no plausible way, other than incessant confusion, that anyone would really accept this self death dogma.

I have left buddhism.but I have a dilemma.the sanghata sutra says that I will fall into hell for 8 long eons for abandoning dharma after death,I will gladly burn for shiva forever if I have to,I love him.

That is a good mentality to have. You're fed up and want to see the Truth now, a feeling that everyone here has felt at some point. We just had enough and decided to cross the other side. This is a form of bravery, which is rewarded in the True Path.

However, rest reassured, you are not going to burn nowhere for not following said system, nor you will be receiving any punishment for not following these particular teachings. These are more idle threats, same to the way of Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which repeat ad nauseum that people will suffer and be destroyed merely because they did not choose to stop their self preservation mechanisms and die one moment earlier.

There is no "Hell" that you are going to burn in. Lastly, Shiva is Satan, and Shiva is corresponding to the "Buddha", but in the actual form of the term, Buddha meaning the Ancient Greek Nous or "Mind", corresponding to Satan/Mercury, not merely as the idle mental process, but as the person with one's individual identity.

but I am only hesitant for one reason.NDEs!there are so many buddhist NDEs like thai ndes where the gods appear to support even theravada filth.then there are delog stories in tibet.dawa drolma when she ''died''didnt let anyone in her room during the entire time(tara told her to not let anyone in before she went to the buddha land) so she could have just lied IDK shugsep jetsun also was in a cave the whole time.so they could be lying .but my shaiva friends say that this is just shiva appearing to them in the form their comfortable with.that sounds implausible but it could be true.but I am scared because of that.

What happens to some people is that they see these either in their imaginative mind, ie, as an imagination [which in itself holds no substance, and as thus, this is why most of the time they just have to say the same plastering over and over again] or in some cases where advancement has happened, what is known as astral communication.

In the first case, most of the time, we just have an imaginary tentative mind, seeing images of it's own fears, worries and anxieties. This is no different than dreaming, and in cases of people with advanced imagination, this can take many forms. In the end of the out of these experiences nothing is gained. Not learning, nothing. Nothing of meaning, nothing that helps anyone advance. Only a continuing of more fears.

Discerning the quality of experiences comes when one has actual communication experience. This is different than the imaginative part, where one might imagine everything. Experiences then do have actual meaning. And said entites one may encounter may be positive or human hating. Due to laws of astral dynamics, and how what we believe shapes our lenses, enemy and hostile entities and ET's will make themselves known to said people, either for purposes of warmongering, or general mental abuse, or deception.

maybe these are enemy ETs..many buddhists report visions of their deities,I dont know how to really explain this.

any help would be appreciated!

The above in Buddhism should be an oxymoron as they claim they do not believe in any "Gods". Regardless this too is obviously yet another lie and Buddhism does slavishly worship some of these so called "deities". These entities make demands, appearances, and promote the general agenda with an iron fist and threats issued to the people that follow them, such as the claims of eternal damnation if this is not done. This only parallel to how many people affirm of seeing "Holy Mary", "Angels" and many other specific though-forms, all of which appear to have similar things in common:

1. Preparing people for their death
2. Making people celibate
3. Promoting a metaphysical agenda of communism where nobody and nothing matters
4. Promoting Nihilism
5. Espousing and supporting self destruction.

Actual Gods would not have many reasons to act like this. On the other hand, hostile aliens, or imaginations of people, or both these combined, seem to provide a sufficient understandable background as to why this is the case and why this is happening.

Nothing ever meaningful is given out of the above "appearances". It's just all a circus of keeping people tightly controlled. One could go on and on. As it should be obvious, this is the work of hostile enemies and ET aliens, that basically, seek to just maintain a level of control over humanity, and not the work of very powerful or benevolent species.

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Re: A Reply On "Buddhism"

Postby TimberWolf » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:20 am

It seems that all of the major "world religions" are abrahamic/demiurgic slave cults.

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Re: A Reply On "Buddhism"

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:48 pm

I have finally come to the truth of Shiva Siddhanta and that God exists.

God in the tradition is Shiva this is because Shiva symbolically represents the element of Akasha. This element is called spirit in the west and prana in the east. Akasha is the element that represents the causal body the Atman in the east that is why the Shiva linga of this body is shown as bright luminous ether and formless. This is the element of the universe that the astral and the material worlds form and are within to different levels. And why the Magnum Opus is possible. Its the divine force within the Isha Devata. We don't need to worship externally what we are already.

Interesting the serpent of Satan is mentioned to be this pure essence within us and the power to transform us into the state of pure energy. Satan created us to ascended to the state of Shiva.

Shiva was called Buddha originally this relates to Shiva as pure consciousness in the east the practices dealing with the Buddhaya chakra are for awakening the mind.

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Re: A Reply On "Buddhism"

Postby Aquarius » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:17 pm

TimberWolf wrote:It seems that all of the major "world religions" are abrahamic/demiurgic slave cults.

Because they are.

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