Lenin Statue In America Were Is The Media Outrage

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Lenin Statue In America Were Is The Media Outrage

Postby HP Mageson666 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:47 pm

Lenin Statue In America Were Is The Media Outrage


Note the Masonic banner in the background....... Any surprise. The command lodge of Free Masonry is the Jewish b'nai brith lodge. The Communist revolution came out of the Free Mason lodges across Europe which is why they were banned in Germany in the Third Empire. Which was nearly taken over by Jewish led Communist terrorism. Something to consider historians have noted that eight percent of the German population was killed in the second war. Thirty percent of the German population would have been killed if the Communists had of been successful in taking Germany over in the previous decades with their armed assaults like the Spartarcist revolution, led by Jews.

With all the crying over statues of the American Civil war [fought over secessionism not slavery, Lincoln even stated such at the start of the war and promised slave owners they could keep their slaves] not a surprise within the realm of the Jewish run toilet of the lame stream media no one is talking about the statue of their fellow Hebrew tribe master Lenin in Seattle. Which was brought over from the USSR after its collapse and placed in the city.

Lenin was a Jew who's first order after violently overthrowing the elected Russian government and its parties with murder and political terrorism. Was the Anti-Semitism act which involved the death penalty for anyone even suspected of anti-Semitism. This was to protect the Communism leaders from being exposed as crypto Jews. And to silence any uprising against the Jews when the people find out the truth its a Jewish criminal movement against them. Which happened in Hungary, Poland and Germany. Ten million Russian's were brutally murdered by Lenin and his actions. His violent actions also includes unprovoked military invasions of other nations under his orders. Lenin order his Red Army to attack and murder its way thought Poland to create the "Red Bridge" to invade Germany though. After that Europe would have fallen.

Also no surprise how the Hebrews who pimp the fake news are not mentioning the entire slave trade was run by Jews. And that Jews used their money power to create political lobbies to pass laws in the governments to ensure that Jews would maintain a total monopoly on the slave trade. And that Rabbi Marx even wrote letters supporting the slave trade of his fellow Hebrews. So much for his claims to want to liberate anything. The core principal of Communist ideology is owning property is the cause of all the social problems and oppression. So no one should own anything.....So to end this you need to hand all your property, rights, media and political control..... Over to a small band of (((individuals))) who just happened to be fellow Hebrews of Marx, so they can OWN EVERYTHING and that includes you in a totalitarian government. Which cancels out the entire premise of Marxism. This some how is freedom. Rabbi Marx tries to explain this hypocrisy away by claiming that after enshrining a political class with the power of god over you. They will somehow just magically fade away and the government ownership will end..... Of course he could never explain how.... BECAUSE he was lying Jew, duh. Ani't no shame in the Hebrew game.

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Re: Lenin Statue In America Were Is The Media Outrage

Postby ZmajEriksson » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:12 am

The statue is right next to a Masonic Lodge. Of course there's no media outrage

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Re: Lenin Statue In America Were Is The Media Outrage

Postby Jack The GOOD guy » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:37 pm

There will never be communism in India
((( Uwu what have these people done )))

Power is not will, it is the phenomenon of physically making
things happen.

Hail Zepar!!!
Hail Horus!!!
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