On "Yoni" Health ~ For Women~

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On "Yoni" Health ~ For Women~

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I've decided to transfer some of my health articles to this Health forum just to have them up for personal reference. Some will be updated as new information comes along!

This topic may seem awkward and or embarrassing for a lot of women but it is important for many to understand and get familiar with this and whats going on down there. When you begin to better understand the system and ecology of your Vagina you can take many steps to keep it healthy, balanced and resilient. It is like a garden and has many beneficial bacteria that keep unfriendly bacteria and yeasts at bay!

A healthy normal Vagina is generally supposed to be slightly moist with a mild aroma that is musky, earthy and pleasant. This has to do with pheromones and it is an attractor. A healthy Vagina should have no strong foul odor and its natural fluids should be clear to a white. I already mentioned before that depending on a women's cycle, she will have more cervical fluids and discharge near ovulation and this is completely normal. Its moisture varies with each woman.

It is very apparent that the amount of vaginal fluid one has depends on age, your cycle, whether you are taking contraceptives, arousal and your hydration. Take the time to know your body and figure out what is normal. If there are any differences in smell, taste, consistency, appearance and then irritations such as itching or burning follow..then you know there in an imbalance.

The Vagina is a self regulating and self cleansing system.. Unfortunately because of the stressors of modern living, it can get out of balance despite our best efforts. These stressors include modern diet, imbalanced hormones, mental stress, lack of sleep and artificial products that have no business being up there...

Here's a list of things that can disrupt the balance:

*Douching or using so called Feminine Hygiene Products
Since the Vagina is self cleansing, there is no need for this. There are many ways to maintain the aroma of it. If one has a bad aroma then that is a sign of an imbalance that needs correcting. These products can lead to Vaginitis due to upsetting the natural flora of the Vagina.

*Strong perfume or antibacterial soaps
These too disrupt the natural balance of the Vagina and irritates it.

*Eating too much Sugar
Eating too much processed foods is not good but Sugar is especially the culprit in causing Yeast infections. Many women have noticed that lowering or eliminating sugar intake has healed this. The Vagina has small amounts of yeast in it but eating too much breads and sugars can increase it.

*Poor Hygiene practices
This goes without saying for both partners

*Spermicide products
All contain a chemical, Nonoxynol 9, which causes inflammation or some kind of irritation to the vagina. This also goes for cheap or poor quality lubes.

We all know that Antibiotics are very important when it comes to serious life threatening diseases but antibiotics are overused these days. I never use them unless I really need to. I have healed many ailments using natural remedies and just boosting my immune system. Antibiotics kill all microbes in the body, good and bad, and this causes the overgrowth of yeast. Any woman who does take antibiotics for more than a couple of days can attest to this.

Blood and Semen can be a factor in throwing the Vagina out of whack but this is usually in combo with one or more of the above factors. This explains why a women's vagina can be a little imbalanced after the Moon/Menstrual cycle. Semen can also do this. Blood and Semen are alkaline. The Vagina is more acidic ranging in between 3.5 and 4.5.


If there are any women here who frequently get Vaginal upsets then there are ways to heal that.

*For Yeast infections- Try to avoid taking antibiotics unless necessary, they lower the immune system and kill a significant amount of your gut and vaginal flora.

Limit your sugar intake and add probiotic rich food to your diets such as Water kefir, Yogurt and Kefir (grassfed and sugarless is best), fermented foods and if one cannot handle dairy, a good ole' probiotic supplement does wonders. I speak from experience. Start taking probiotics immediately after heavy antibiotic use. A healthy gut flora is a strong preventative for Vaginal imbalances.

*Vitamin C- Helps heal yeast infections and supports Vaginal infection healing. Also a good immune booster.

*Colloidal silver and Various herbs for all fighting bacterial infections of the Vaginal. Coconut oil included.
I wrote an article on natural antibiotics.
https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SSH ... ssages/197

*Get adequate sleep and practice living a stress free life as much as possible. It can be difficult in this crazy world but do the best you can. Meditations are a must!

*Cod liver oil has pure vitamin A and D which is great at strengthening the immune system, general health and fighting infections. I think it goes without saying that a healthy body really makes a real difference.

One last thing I want to mention is with the use of lubrication for sex, if one wants to opt for a beneficial and natural lube, Coconut oil is by far the best. It absorbs into the mucus membranes, tastes very nice and is an antimicrobial so it is of course protective. It is beneficial all around. You cant go wrong with it.

If you use latex condoms, do not use coconut oil. It is not compatible with the latex and so an alternative is a good quality lubricant like those that are organic or natural and water soluble.

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Re: On "Yoni" Health ~ For Women~

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woah thanks for the info :D that was really helpfull to know, thanks 8-)
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Re: On "Yoni" Health ~ For Women~

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Academic Scholar wrote:HP Shannon, what do you think of Yoni Eggs?
I do not know much about it but from what I have read, it can be worth a try. Experiment. I do know there are other different ways to achieve the effects of using one.
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