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Voice of Enki [JG]
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  • I will periodically be writing and sharing workings here on my profile, whenever I feel inspired to think of something.

    What I will write are specific workings which I would recommend for certain issues or problems, based on what I feel inspired to write about in the moment, or if perhaps I come across a question someone has that inspired me to think of a working for it, which I enjoy doing, but rather than write it as a reply to the question, I will post it here on my profile as a general post that anyone can easily see, or people can even be directed to my profile if they have certain questions for workings and I have already written something here.

    I will not be specifically answering individuals with tailor made workings anymore, neither in emails or in replies to the forum.

    I may separate certain workings into their own forum posts, however primarily I will post things and ideas on that here on my profile, so that there can be something interesting to read here also.

    Hopefully in the future I can have a lot of interesting things written here which will also inspire any members in their own creativity to come up with ideas for workings.
    The first working I will post, is for anyone who seeks a love relationship, but who does not have a specific person in mind whom they would wish to invoke attraction in.
    Love workings can be separated into two rough categories, either a targeted working, or a general working.

    A targeted working would be when you have a person you like or have a crush on, and you would like a relationship with them, and thus you can do a targeted working to try and invoke attraction in that person towards you, trying to make them interested and love you as well. Of course, for any such working, your own actions are equally, if not more important than the working itself, but this is for another time.

    Here is a general working, for any of you who do not have a partner yet, nor have anyone in mind whom you particularly like or have a crush on, yet you want to attract a love relationship to yourself, specifically, attract a long lasting love with a potential life partner:

    As for any working, always:
    Step 1. First raise your own energies, for example, empower yourself with Satanas to raise energy, or this: https://satanslibrary.org/Rtrs/Raising_Energies.html

    This will raise your Vrill/bioelectricity/energy, however you'd like to call it, and thus set you up for success with your working.

    Step 2. Vibrate the Runes to raise energy for the working;

    Ansuz 18 times minimum (55 times for better results)
    Kenaz 18 times minimum (55 times for better results)
    Wunjo 18 times minimum (55 times for better results)

    Step 3. Program the energy;

    Vibrate Aum once.

    Affirm 10 times with strong intent and clear image of your desire:

    I am spiritually, physically and mentally liberated from any and all obstacles, bindings and blockages in the way of finding my life partner.
    My life is now open to receive a positive, successful and lasting relationship with a most suitable wife/husband* for me.
    Let me now receive the best opportunities to start a positive, successful, lasting relationship with a most suitable woman/man*.

    After affirming 10 times,

    Vibrate Aum once.
    * depending on what partner you desire, you say Wife or husband, and woman or man, as you desire. So, if you are a man desiring a wife, affirm wife.

    Step 4. Direct the energy.

    After doing this, meditate on the feeling of being freed from obstacles, feel your soul lightening up, and meditate on the desire to have a loving partner with whom you can spend your life together, and even start a family with if that is your desire (you should desire this and aim towards this, if you desire a life relationship with the opposite gender).

    As a final step, or bonus step,

    You can also enhance this further by directing orgasm energy towards this goal. Either masturbate to orgasm before this, and right after orgasm begin this working with the energy while having that desire of a life partner forefront in your mind and heart, or masturbate to orgasm right after while having the affirmation strongly in your mind as you climax.

    Don't doubt its effectiveness. You can find yourself a very beautiful relationship very soon with this.

    Good luck with this, and may all of you find a perfect life partner to brighten your existence, full fill your heart and allow you to live a complete life.

    Hail Satan!
    Voice of Enki [JG]
    Voice of Enki [JG]
    Shorter affirmations can work fine, however in this case I strongly recommend using a longer one as I had written here.

    I write this here, because there is significant power in creating what can be considered a "verse", where each sentence opens up the next.
    Spoken while in a light trance, with deep visualization, it creates a much stronger effect than a generic short affirmation.

    The key here being that one needs time to fully immerse in the words, and that specific words are used which trigger visualizations in the mind.
    If you would rather suggest people use your shorter affirmation as an example, you do not understand the purpose of this post here.

    Next time I will delete such replies, because the purpose here is rather to provide something extra that ordinary SS do not really know or use, and anyone posting here with what they think is the norm is nothing more than detracting from the technique I intent to employ or teach.

    Whatever I will share here, will be to my best ability what I know to be powerful. Since I know about short affirmations also, if a short one is best, it will be posted, or if a short one is alternative, it will also be posted if it makes sense to use an alternative.
    I deleted it because I see why your affirmation is better. I personally would use a shorter one because it takes more than 5 minutes to receit that 10 times, but I like the structure of it.
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