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Question #4016: Planet earth chakra


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hi i want to understand something

All main chakra correspond to a planet. Is there one main chakra missing for our own planet earth ?

New age says under feet and our site never talk about a planet earth chakra

Sure we may suppose because of hindu 1st chakra = element earth = planet earth since prithvi is goddess planet earth and also goddess of element earth
But for us is saturn

Other option
If planets we know sun speed is in fact earth speed around sun so if new age says hearth chakra is sun in fact it is planet earth.

But for us mercury.

Often hindu text gives 8 gods name for planet either i s 7 and 1knot or 7 and ascendant or 7 usual with earth.

Other nee age optikn is our aura is a chakra and planet earth

Any ideas or tips.?
The root chakra governs our perspective on the world and our lives. At the same time, Saturn coincides with the root chakra. As a human being, the state of all our chakras actually affects our life on earth. This is our nature and the world suits our nature. Even if we consider the root chakra, all chakras are the chakras of the world and the human being.

The sacral chakra also acts as a transition. It is the creator, unlike the root chakra, it shows that we are a creator other than being rooted in the world.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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