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  • Hello. I know that the daily updates have fallen behind, and I haven't posted anything new. I sincerely apologize and promise to make it up to you.🤍✨

    Now is the time for war days. We must aim for our progress even in the moment and time of war with the enemy.

    Greetings to Lord Baalzebul who instills fear in the dark hearts of enemies.
    Greetings to Lord Satan who has shown us the path of progress, happiness, and blessings.🤍✨
    Hello and greetings to all my brothers and sisters.

    I'm approaching the tenth day. Please note that you should not miss any day. Even if you miss a day, you may feel like you need to start the 40-day meditation program from scratch. So, this point is crucial.

    Well, my dear friends:

    I'm writing this on April 7th. And I apologize for the delay.

    Meditation days 6-8:
    Morning Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;
    - Breathing Exercise “Complete Yogic Breath” for 10 rounds;
    - Chakra Spinning;

    Night Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;

    This is a mini program and will only take around 11 to 12 minutes when you get the hang of it. It will take less time as you get the hang of it fully. One who is proficient can do these meditations in like 6 minutes. IF YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED, YOU CAN TAKE 2 ADDITIONAL DAYS OR AS LONG AS YOU NEED TO ADJUST.

    I have said many times that this meditation program is very comprehensive, extraordinary, and unique. The combination and addition of new meditations together can work miracles. We are close to April 10th. How many of you have joined this regular program so far? And how many of you are just starting? Tell me.

    Also, I will share the results, post-meditation feelings, and anything I experience and discover with you. And I want you to do the same so that you can be a guiding light for our fellow Satanist brothers and sisters.

    Oh, it is worth mentioning. I replaced the Meditation: Moon and Sun with the Complete Yogic Breath Meditation because I completed it and mastered it in my previous personal program. But sometimes, it's better to go back. I want to add it back to my program as well.

    Hail Satan.

    "To me truth and falsehood are known. When temptation comes, I give my covenant to him that trusts in me."

    – Satan, Al-Jilwah
    Hello hello.

    For a few days now, I've been wanting to make a Satanic rosary for myself. Today, I searched for it on the homepage of the website to see the construction instructions and learn.
    [Rest assured, I will inform you of the result of its construction and show it to you.]
    I saw some effective things on this webpage that I want to quote for you. And these quotes are excellent for continuing the 40-day meditation journey and have some extraordinary recommendations:

    "Given the results of your working, if you still have not obtained your goal after completing the 40 days, you can begin another 40 days. Skipping a day will set you back at day one. No days can be skipped. There is this thing called "karma" as most of you know. This shit is ruled by the planet Saturn and the only way to defeat it is to know it and work to overcome it. Karma will give you a beat down and keep you beat down unless you are aware of it and are strong and persistent enough to fight against it and overcome it. This is not for the weak. Persistence, patience and hard work are required here. When past life karma kicks in, things will come up like a crisis in your life to try to break the 40 day cycle and to stop you from your meditations. What this indicates is that your meditations are working. Keep doing your daily meditation with the rosary regardless of what happens. These sorts of things usually crop up during the last 30-40 days of the meditation cycle, to try to set you at square one again and/or stop the meditation. Be prepared and aware. One must keep fighting. Only the strong survive here and attain their goals."
    Greetings to all my brothers and sisters.

    Today is 5th Apr. and it's Days 4-5 of the 40 Days of Meditation.

    The meditation for today is as follows:

    Days 4-5 Meditations
    Morning Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;
    - Breathing Exercise “Complete Yogic Breath” for 5 rounds;
    Night Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;
    - Breathing Exercise “Complete Yogic Breath” for 5 rounds;
    Adding this breath will increase your power and your bioelectricity
    and this is the foundation of Pranic Breathing. The above totals
    around 5 minutes, depending on how much you choose to hold. No
    more than 5 minutes, still. This is only 10 minutes from your day,

    [I replaced the Moon and Sun meditation with Complete Yogic Breath, as I completed the Yogic breath in the previous meditation program.]

    I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need.
    There is no place in the universe that knows not my presence.

    – Satan, Al-Jilwah

    My experience of today's meditation:

    While inhaling and exhaling, there's a slight pain above my head, exactly where the Crown Chakra is. It feels like there's pressure on it. I feel like I need to strengthen my Crown Chakra.

    the Moon and Sun meditation was a beautiful experience. I felt the balance, harmony, and stability of my soul.

    Hail Satan for giving us this kindness, love, and gift so that we can discover, experience, and develop all the pleasures of the world within ourselves.

    Hail Satan🤍✨️. Hail Satan🤍✨️. Hail Satan🤍✨️.
    Oh my Lord! I've discovered something new!

    Hello to all my brothers and sisters.

    In my last two posts, I mentioned that with daily meditation, my mind and body increasingly crave meditation and find peace in it.

    As I'm writing this, it's 10:30 in the morning.

    When I woke up, I felt heaviness in my body, especially in my shoulders to my fingertips (and still do a bit). And I feel like my aura needs to be strengthened and cleansed again.

    It's fascinating how your aura can give you signs of exactly what it needs or what you need. These feelings might be a bit unsettling, but it's good news. It means your aura has become smarter and stronger. And you can feel negative forces around your aura, telling you to eliminate them and strengthen us.

    Isn't that interesting?

    I also discovered something new today.

    In addition to feeling the need for meditation, I felt the need for exercise.

    I asked my guardian devil why this is happening, and suddenly something inspired me. "Yoga".

    I've had experience with yoga in the previous 40 Days of Meditation program. Yoga greatly helps in advancing energy in the body. And it's necessary for every devil worshipper.

    Alright alright. Today is the fourth day of April.
    And the fourth day of meditation. We'll talk more about this in the next post. Love you all.
    Well well, hello to everyone reading this.

    I have some new things for you.

    I've noticed that when you meditate regularly, it might affect your mood. I say "might" because everyone has different results.

    It changes my mood like this: maybe you've had different results and experiences.

    I'm becoming much more thirsty for meditation. I want to dedicate all my time during the day to meditation. And with the unique feeling I get from meditation, I want to fall into a deep sleep.

    And because of the relatively difficult daily routines I have, not being able to dedicate my whole day to meditation makes me very nervous and creates tension within me.

    Let me give you a simple example to better understand: my soul is addicted to meditation XD LOL.

    But despite all these feelings, you must continue with regular and daily meditation.✨

    3 April
    The third day of the 40 Days of Power Meditation.

    Hello to all brothers and sisters.✨
    Today is the second of April and the beginning of the second day of the 40 Days of Power Meditation.

    Today, I did the morning meditations and I also do the Night meditations before bedtime.
    The sun is very bright and warm today, and I feel it's better to meditate under the sunlight.
    Greetings to all of you.🤍
    very well. Where I live, it is now night and the end of the day. Today was the first day of 40 days. Cleansing aura and protective aura really work wonders. Today was successfully completed. I hope you will continue your spiritual development in the best way. I will be very happy even if I guide one person with my writings, results and My daily updates.

    Hail SATAN🤍
    Hello to all our fellow brothers and sisters in Satanism.

    Today is April 1st, and as I posted in yesterday's topic, today marks the first day of the 40-Day Meditation journey with you.

    Our program for the first to the third day is as follows:

    I was, am now, and shall have no end. I exercise dominion over all creatures
    and over the affairs of all who are under the protection of my image.
    – Satan, Al -Jilwah.

    Days 1-3 Meditations:

    Morning Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;

    Night Meditations for today:
    - Aura Cleaning;
    - Aura of Protection;
    - Void Meditation with your eyes open for 2 minutes;

    The same meditations need be done for 3 days in a row.
    As you get the hang of these, the exercises will be very easy for you
    to do, and may total 4 minutes of your day in the morning and in the
    evening. The void meditation can also be done anytime in your day,
    just by focusing on some object. So in the morning you just have to
    put the aura of protection and clean your aura and chakras. Which
    totals only around 2 minutes. Have focus and make sure you fully
    clean your aura and chakras.
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