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  • Do it all 3 times
    Read the text especially
    1 time mechanically thoughtlessly a kind of hereditary skill is given what is given by nature pleasure earth Venus, Saturn, read like a newspaper.
    2 times already thoughtfully, neighbor, read like another person
    Debate, ego, rivalry, Mars
    3 times comprehending the truth
    Read to understand the essence
    Deep, Jupiter: Mercury, Venus, Mars union.
    Sensory experience, conscious experience.
    The reality is MMORPG, cat = scouts of admins and tech. time, chronos = balls of thread, beginning, middle and end, but not the one who sews, the one (or rather those) who sews is always in the golden mean and therefore sees everything clearly, the past is sent to the warehouse of balls of thread
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan