Just a few thoughts and feelings

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Just a few thoughts and feelings

Postby Ananda » Sat May 23, 2020 2:15 am

I came to this group years ago, like 8 years ago. I've seen us in the midst of the great war against the jews. Now we are at such a climax in the war that we are doing one RTR and basically just watching the jew dissipate. I am so proud and so excited of us and our futures. I remember when I was a kiddo and I wanted so desperately to really tap my magick and I never thought that I would truely find it and that Satan would ignite it and help me make it grow. I always knew there was a God but it certainly wasn't the kosher shit jewsus that I had to slavishly recite prayers to and even cry as I sang songs of 'worship' to him. Even the very Bible that worships that filthy thoughtform makes it obvious from the get go that Satan is badass and wants to best for us. I've had a few drinks and I just feel very passionate, there's something I want to give everybody. We've come a long way. Each mantra has been vibrated in harmony with each of you, my brothers and sisters. We danced life and destruction with Lord Shiva and we learned to cherish and respect our spiritual potential. I hope one day we won't have to hide like this.. that we will have a temple where we can visit and relish in our spiritual potential and power. I hope that when this is all over that we can fly on Satan's wings and say yes I knew the truth all along and I fought for it.

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Re: Just a few thoughts and feelings

Postby Ghost in the Machine » Sat May 23, 2020 11:18 pm

Ananda wrote:----

Well said brother, however drink induced it may be. Though I of course hope you can feel this way completely sober, hah.

Our time will come when everything we do in private won't have to be private anymore and we will become the gods of the future generations and through Satan's will we can help guide them in safety and in freedom. There's going to be a lot of things to fix and repair, but I'm willing to put in thousands of years of work if that is what will be required of it.

This is our home, we are not going to lose it to lowly parasites. Look to the future, look to the truth and the light of the sun. Together, bonded, connected and strong in each other, our golden era will come.

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Re: Just a few thoughts and feelings

Postby Hps.mlimlal666 » Mon May 25, 2020 1:52 am

:) Nice and Thank you for sharing your post.
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