Future is never set in stone

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Future is never set in stone

Postby slyscorpion » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:46 pm

If you are making predictions on your chart of if someone does it for you and you see something negative coming up just remember it doesn’t have to happen. We are meditating and cleansing our karma and also the future is more a projection of the path we are on now and where it will lead. Even detailed psychic predictions from the best psychic will not come true if we change our path in a way that prevents it from coming true.

So anyways I saw something coming in my chart this month it did happen exactly as I predicted and my intuition told me but I really used energy to fix the situation so it would not be an end to my friendship with someone. The person is back to normal now and I will be doing protection on them. Things can be stopped just remember that and the enemy may try to use the energies of our transits and solar and lunar returns and progressions etc against us. If a major event is going to happen though it should show up in at least two of these things the solar and lunar if not more and the two should tie toghether. Just be aware I had ascendant at 15 Aquarius on a lunar return and Saturn conjunct Pluto 22 degees in the 12th house and nothing at all happened. I was a lot more careful and aware that month though so who knows if I prevented something.

So things can be changed the thing is if I didn’t meditate or do or have protection that is when something bad might happen.

So try not to worry too much the future is never set in stone if we or others change path nothing bad will happen.

Just wanted to say that

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