Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

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Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:23 pm

Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

If your busy looking for no-biru where are you not looking? Not at the facts our Gods live in the Orion region. And something else which I will state here.

If you think it was about Gold mining your looking in the wrong direction which ties into the first point.

Nibiru is a star conjunction. And the other major lie of Sitchin is the gold mining. This is not mentioned either in the Sumerian texts. He made these two lies up out of thin air.

Between Mars and Jupiter its been scientifically shown there was a planet there once. That has been destroyed and no don't waste my time with colliding theories that are insane as the big bang. This planet from the evidence was destroyed after earth was already here and fully formed on its own, the destroyed planet from evidence laded out is was was mostly likely by technological intelligence. Not by planets smashing into each other.

The situation is there was no ice age on earth either. Alain and Delair Are Cambridge and Oxford professors who have stated and wrote a book on the ice age scam. Which is taught as dogma. They are shocked this is pushed as unquestionable. Its full of major flaws.

We have not had the polar caps on this planet for that long. The south pole did not fully freeze over till a couple of thousand years ago. . And we only have four seasons due to the tilt in the axis. And the facts show this planet had a uniformed sub topic climate on it at one point. And the sea levels where around 400ft lower.

No ice age, it means the seas didn't rise by melting, pola ice sheets over time slowly, like we have been taught. And the planet was not titled at one point so no climate to create a deep freeze. As its found many long time frozen over areas where flash frozen from a sub topic climate around ten thousand years ago. In an instant. The animals found still had their last meal in them.

So a planet in our solar system gets destroyed and some records claim it had a lot of water on it. And a huge shock wave, hunks of asteroids and continental sized ice are hitting the planet. And the massive ice waves are melting as they come down into the atmosphere. Which is what the ancient records state the sea rose 400ft in a night and a day not slowly but at once. This is obvious, the Andes mountain ranges, the largest in the world, where created by the hundreds of millions of tons of pressure from the water coming in on the earth plates. The city up in the Andes, Tiahuanacu is known to have been on the sea level once and is over 17,000 years old. And with this the shock of the impact created the tilt in the planets axis. The geological records show earth has been hit by outer planetary events of large magnitude in general.

Now the race of the Gods came to this planet.... We have developed basic technology that can create materials from the atomic level in labs, they can make diamonds in labs as well. Why would they need to mine gold and create humans for this? Why not automation instead.

The reason they went to the trouble of creating humans and the massive infrastructure to support humans, cities, farms, hospitals, schools, social organizations. Is because from the Sumerian records, the real ones. Humans where created to help the Gods build the earth and to be the stewards of earth. The wise care takers of the planet. The Gods didn't come here to mine gold and then leave. They moved here with the intent of building a permanent civilization. We where created to be part of this civilization as stewards of earth. It could be there civilization was destroyed previously at some point with the lost planet or part of it was upon that world. Or perhaps not.

The planet itself was most likely destroyed as part of a larger cosmic war that ended the Golden Age on earth as well and set the stage of the events we are now within.

The second part of Humans creation lay within the texts. Humanity was created with a spiritual mission to ascend to divine from human by EA [Satan]. His intent was to elevate His children to supreme truth and divinity in the long run. To have equality with the Gods. The greatest gift of creation in the universe.

It seems in my opinion from looking at ancient structures of society and tradition, each race was created with a special function in mind. And to work together as larger group within their regions with their skills together as a whole body. That formed this once global or near global civilization of the Gods. Having a superconscious family of humanity to be part of this civilization in the long run makes more sense as well. In my opinion it reflects Satan to create something elite and beautiful, something that is to be perfected and have eternal bliss and joy. Which is the human races. It has been hinted many of the different animal species on the earth might have origins being created by the Gods.

Annunaki in meaning is the Heavenly Serpents. Not those who came down from the sky. This is relating to their Perfected status as divine or fully ascended beings.

Think about that, humanity is a brilliant, powerful and elite creation with the destiny to become fully divine and be guardians and stewards for earth as part of our divine mission. And our creation by the Gods. No paradise in the clouds, but a real eternal paradise right here below our feet. On earth, our home.

Now the above truth vs the Sitchin lies, of humans being just worthless material slave labour who suck [Goyium]. And don't forget Shitjewing claim the Gods handed down this knowledge and this tradition to Abraham [ who is well known to have never existed] only, about 5,000 years ago in the Near East. Back to Jewish supremacy and biblical reinforcement, back to unconscious Judeo-Christianity. And the demoralization of Gentiles. Sitchin is just pushing Jewish, Gentile hating bullshit. The Jews have a big lie for every level of truth a Gentile finds.



Alain and Delair

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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby sip » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:30 am

Amazing. I keep thinking about Phaeton.

As always, thank you for the knowledge HP #FreeEddie
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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby Specter » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:45 pm

Good read, that explains a lot.

Europe Gladio
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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby Europe Gladio » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:59 pm

I apologize if it's a little bit off topic, but since the polar caps weren't as old as most scientists say, and that the animals that were frozen were as old as 2000 years old, what does that say about all the fossils that exist on Earth? Are they truly as old as many people say they are? I don't want to get into creationist bullshit but I am not certain.
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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby Ibbar » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:52 pm

The Moon must've been placed on the Earth's orbit after Phaeton's destruction, because the debris collisions would've disrupted its (very!)careful positioning.

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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby Ol argedco luciftias » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:41 am

Ibbar wrote:The Moon must've been placed on the Earth's orbit after Phaeton's destruction, because the debris collisions would've disrupted its (very!)careful positioning.

The moon was made as a replacement for Phaeton. Phaeton was the most important, beneficial, and powerful of all of the planets. With it missing, one of the most important parts of the soul would be missing, since all the chakras relate to planets. So for the survival of our souls and the structure of our chakras, the moon was created and placed in orbit by the gods to rule the "moon chakra," used to be the "Phaeton chakra." Not just our souls, but obviously most of the natural cycles on Earth are ruled by the moon too, if there was nothing there it would be disastrous. Then some time later the enemy bugs landed on the moon and started using it as a base, but the creation and purpose of the moon has nothing to do with the enemy and they have no affect on what the moon does.!vsVhBQbK!4_NoFzwxnmi5Q2ZW3JE86A
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Thx dude


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Re: Sitchin's Lies And The Actual Truth

Postby blacksun666 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:12 am

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was confused about that for a very long time.

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