Solar returns and timetables

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Solar returns and timetables

Postby no1username2 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:32 pm

Hello, it was coming to my mind a question regarding the correct planetary influences and the time of the area where the planets in a solar return function. What are the correct plantary influences with the change of time? I mean, the influences that one have in function are the influences that are in the birthchart when the sun made its return to the original sun for the entire year or they change in case one is born when the hour is going to change with the winter time/daylight saving time?

example: if one is born the 31 of march at 00:00 but in this year daylight saving time fall the 31 of march at 02:00 of night, the planets that one have activated and influences the fate are the one that of the moment of Birth or they are gonna change once the daylight saving time is passed? Is the chart going to change?

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