Freeing your Soul from enemy influences - by HP Hooded Cobra

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Freeing your Soul from enemy influences - by HP Hooded Cobra

Postby Stormblood » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:54 am

An SS comrade showed me this a few days ago. I felt like it needed to be shared for those who haven't read the sermons of HP Hooded Cobra, volume 1, page 50:

Freeing your Soul from enemy influences / Psychic Vampires.
I wanted to write on about some notes. There are people who are posting about being terrorized by others, either at school or whatever. Or people getting abused in home. Except of the obvious, that you should do your aura of protection, I wanted to mention something that I personally found quite handy. Before and since we have came to Satanism, we had met with people etc, many had jewish 'friends' because they didn't even know about them back then. Or close ties to assholes and destructive persons, psychic vampires etc.

I found out that by sealing your chakras against these persons, not only this will increase your powers but all these psychic vampire bullies [like family persons] who leech on our souls and later come back with our soul power to attack us, or discourage us or whatever, will be easily dealt with this method. An infamous psychic tactic of bullies is simple. They drain the fuck out of their victim, then later they pretend to be rambo and the actually strong person, is nothing but a host to another parasitic soul. You should never allow it, neither you work your ass off meditating for fools to come and drain you and use your energy against you. This can be the case sometimes with family members. Who have really ingrained in your mind that you're weaker or something, or have worked overtime to make you their slave. This is a little meditation that nevertheless, will help your mental and spiritual part to the extremes. Because it will help your soul break free from all these influences of Satan's enemies. Influences from Satan's enemies are nothing but horrible. You don't need them in anyway.

****The meditation is quite simple:

Inhale blue Satanic energy into your chakras:

Vibrate Ansuz x9 or Ur x9 times in the chakra you feel is linked in someway to an enemy, or if you feel your chakras getting drained out of nowhere. Which is quite a disturbing feeling.

Affirmation: " The energy of the ___[rune you chose]___ is now freeing my ____ chakra from all connections and influences of the enemies of Satan, eternally and completely, NOW"

You can keep the "NOW" away, but personally I believe its a good word to specify to your mind that you want it now, in the present. I know you get the idea, if you feel that you need to specifically fix something, get down there and fix it.

Feel the chakra vibrating and engulf it in blue Satanic fire. Imagine all links on the chakra getting burned and your chakra becoming bright as a blue Sun, or whitegold. You can do this for all your chakras, so that would be 9x7. You can do far more than x9 vibrations, this is up to you and how much energy you feel is needed for this to work. This will help cut off from bad links from past lives, present incarnation, people you could have linked
'involuntarily' like when you was drunk or when you had sex with somebody and just this.

Another way to do this, is this: ... _Back.html

Though because sometimes we do not know who the offending asshole is, its cool to do the above, your ordinary Aura cleaning and Aura of protection. When your aura of protection grows extremely powerful, it will help you maintain your energies high and powerful, on its own. It will deny links with all these sick faint hearted vampires who seem to have loved most of us since a young age. This method described above is on the point and will destroy the bad links whatever they may be, to whomever they may be. Aura of protection, in the long run, will really, really help you in your spiritual freedom aside many other things. But some things are better to be done manually, like in the way described above.

My personal experience with this is that this meditation felt very freeing. I felt an instant relief from bad thoughts, self hate and some other crazy stuff that for years, I thought were my own. Probably these were from damned souls or other and I was sucking them up as in the past, I had a tendency to share the pain and be very empathic with others. I also noted a nice rise in how much I felt my energies. My energies for once felt not dilluted. There were times I would meditate and feel energy loss, from sources I didn't even know why or how. So if anyone tries that, please let me know. If more people find that helpful, we will post this on other groups to benefit others.

HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!

I personally think this my meditation is very useful.

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