Everyone Is Gassing Jews - The Numerology And Occult Explanation

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Everyone Is Gassing Jews - The Numerology And Occult Explanation

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:41 am

The jews constantly use the word "Gas", as seen lately, to promote numerous of their hoaxes. They also tie in some important numerology.

This will also explain why such things always happen in the same dates as the holocaust memorial day or a couple days here and there. Which is the HaShoah and the reason such events with Gasses from Assad cohencidentally fell over the dates of the Gassed jews in WW2. Which is all the same plot. The date creates a link to transfer and bond the two energies in one another for the same objective. Which is Israel's expansion. And which was the original objective the Jews and their Zionist Leadership has had for centuries now. But there is an occult reason to it all and in how this thing is supposed to operate.

We can say essentially Trump made a gift for the jews on HaShoah (It was April 12th this year, the day where the decision for a strike was obviously taken from the statements he put up on Twitter) to prove he is a true friend of Israel, that attacks him in any way possible but who cares, gotta appease the master and oblige to what they say. Aka fulfill the obligation of this verse over a hoax gassing that never really happened. The rest of the world beats the same drum to appease the abductors of the modern world:

Isaiah 17 1-3:

The oracle concerning Damascus. "Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; They will be for flocks to lie down in, And there will be no one to frighten them. "The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, And sovereignty from Damascus And the remnant of Aram; They will be like the glory of the sons of Israel," Declares the LORD of hosts.

We must also remember Damascus is being largely deserted same as Syria. Which is for the enemy to fulfill the above prophecy. This is called the "Migrant Crisis" in modern terms. Now back to the meaning of the "Gas".

Physically analyzed Gas is air, it relates to mist, and it has to do with breath and breathing, the cutting of breath, and such images are appealing to those who are very imaginative or who can put themselves in the positions of others. From a material perspective also, gassing doesn't really leave much evidence behind, so claiming someone was gassed is far easier than saying they were thrown off a cliff, or they were burned alive, or shot.

And such residue is actually 'gas'. However Gas is only a modern word for something which is emitted from fire, and since 'died from smoke' doesn't really fit into this day and era, we have Gas. This deals with the sacrifice of Abraham's Son, and the sacrifice of humans in general, who become 'gaseous bodies'.

In the internal Rabbinical understanding, the 6 million gassed (although a hoax) is treated as correct, as they have this belief that this lie was necessary to create a false astral event in which jews were 'punished' for their sins and rectified the rest of the jewish race. This has never happened, but like many other punishments of the bible, this is occult and allegorical, not a real event. As such we have the '6 million gassed'.

Gassing is generally a method used by the enemy "god" to kill people, smoking people in fire, which is known to us today as "Sacrifice". In the same way nothing happened in the bible of the claimed events, and in the same way it's a lie, this is another lie to appease and create the false conception that the jews have been punished while they never have. This puts the mass mind at ease from actually punishing them.

Genesis 19:28:

"He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace."

What Christians believe about the word Gas is as follows, and should be evident to those who have happened to study ancient philosophy. The bodies of some very specific astral entities were called "Gaseous Bodies" since ancient Greece, because such thoughtform bodies were believed to be composed of fire and air, lacking other elements, as such 'gasses', or emmissions.

"One of the reasons why so many of the ancient writers, including a good many among the Fathers, attributed subtle bodies to the Angels, even while admitting their spiritual nature, is the fact that for them the words "body" and "spirit" did not have that definite and perfect philosophical meaning which those words acquired especially during the Scholastic period of Christian philosophy. Such a cloudy philosophical notion, for example, appears manifest in the <Catecheses> of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem. For him, whatever has not a gross body can rightly be called a spirit; so that the air we breathe, any vapor or gaseous matter was called spirit or spiritual body. They attributed such kind of bodies to Angels."


Now you may notice something bizarre about the jews. They constantly use the word of 'gas' about their enemies doing this to them. This is because of the belief that everyone that dies for the jewish purposes happens to be a sacrifice to the jewish objective, not just a simple death.

One example is Hitler, they say he gassed 6 millions of them with Zyklon B. Below some simply numerological analysis I have done on such:

If we analyze numerologically the word Gas in English Gematria, we get 108 and then we get 9. Which is the numbers of doing 40 day workings in particular for removing obstacles. This means one can instill something yearly or in the form of a working around such said 'word'.

The word "Gaseous" also adds up to 15, which further adds up to 6.

While "Zyklon B" actually adds up to 15, and then adds to 6.

"Holocaust" also adds up to 15, which is again a final 6.

Jews claim they became "Soap" from such: "Soap" in the English Gematria system adds up to 6.

As it goes here, there are more examples one can find. We have 6,000,000. Which is the combined power of a few numbers. Mainly the 6, which is the perfect material work, the 7 which has to do with the material world and written law, and 10 which is the number for the "Malkuth" or the Kingdom for the jews. The 6 is another way of saying 42 in the jewish work, and 42 is related to the name of God an the power to 'grant blessings' to the jews, mainly those of a physical nature.

Now the above is even deeper understood when one knows what is the treatment of the jews of the number 10, the 6 and the 7. The 10 is the number of their perfect kingdom. While the 6 is also the material but also restraints. In jewish traditions and in the torah the jews who are enslaved for 6 years get free on the 7th year according to jewish law. So we have the 6, but we have 6,000,000 which is SEVEN numbers, signifying this desire to get FREE from such restraints and 'Oppression'. So one here understands they did the above spell to play the slave victims so the world gave them ultimate freedom to do as they please, which they have today. Which was the case after their hoax.

The above also relates to the material level and the 10, all of the above dealing with ultimate freedom for the jews. The spells have started long before WW2 and anything of the related. But the jews developed the hoax and adjusted this as time went:


The sheet below is from 1890, where they state Russians back then persecuted...6 million of them again:


Now however also the 15 appears up on the words. Which is the 6 in another form. Adding up to the 6 again to come full round. The 'saved' are 1,5 million, the 'dead' are 6 million. This forms a circle.


The list goes on...


So many 6 million jews everywhere...The numbers never add up. But who cares anyway this is a Kabbalistic spell anyway. If all these 6 millions existed, there would be 6 trillions of the jews on the planet right now. But yes I forgot, they have been gassed 60 trillion times so these numbers are correct.

Now moving forward in the more recent past. Iraqis were also accused of...Gassing jews. Yet again.


"WAR NEWS IRAQIS HAVE GAS CHAMBERS FOR ALL JEWS" adds up to 15 and then further adds up to 6.

Now we have something more revealing tying in Zyklon B as well. From 1991.


Now the jews in internal Kabbalah believe they are 600,000 Jewish Souls. This deals with the cleansing of the jewish soul and it's ascendence to what they believe is the "Messianic Level". For such a lot of 'sacrifice' is required, as the jews constantly believe themselves to be filthy, unworthy, and dirty, and they believe that no matter what, the aliens they believe in, are always thirsty for blood and vengeance upon them. So they have a doctrine where they state that the 600,000 'souls' of Israel have to be cleansed from all impurity, and that when such objective is done, they will manifest the Messianic Era.

The 600,000 is also a number associated with Moses, the famous jew that lead the jews away from "Pharaonic Captivity" in Egypt. He also led the jews into the "promised land". Everyone knows here who Adolf Hitler was as a Soul and that he was a leader that was also present in other times of historic continuum. So now it should start becoming clear as to why they pinned the 6,000,000 on such figure. Because of the above association of Pharaoh/Moses/Promised land. The jews started WW2 as a risky attempt to get closer to such land, and after the WW2 finished with many millions of sacrificed people that were given to their alien hive, enough energy was raised for them to finally get their little criminal state.

A particular soul, one part out of 600,000. It is permanently completed, but its flaw is with it. This means that its body cannot receive the whole of the soul, and feels itself as being distinct, which causes him much pains of love.

Subsequently, he approaches perfection, the common soul, since the body has been cleansed and it is entirely dedicated to HaVaYaH [my note JHVH] and does not pose any measures and screens and is completely included in the whole of Israel…

We learned that “if even one man came before his Master in complete repentance, the Messiah King would come at once.” It seems to mean, as they said (Song of Songs, 1), “Moses is equal to 600,000.” We need to understand it, since this would mean that there are twice 600,000 souls—the soul of Moses and the soul of Israel.

The content of the words is unanimously bewildering, that the same soul that was rewarded with purification immediately strives to increase the grace of the generation and asks for them, until it elevates its entire generation to its merit.

This is the meaning of “Moses is equal to 600,000.” Because he was their loyal shepherd, he had the same Kedusha (Holiness) that the whole generation had.

-Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag [Top Rabbi and avid Communist]

So now that we have understood that both the Gas, the 6 million, and all of the above is meant to be a spiritual kabbalistic spell on the populace, we can easily understand that all the events in Syria in Assad's "GASSES", how Iraq used to "Gas" people, the Zyklon B of the Gasseous Nazis and all the nine yards, is the same spell.

Such spells work through association. The jews start these rumors with sun in Aries, which is a sign of the so called "Sacrifice of the Ram". Many wars such as WW1 have begun in such date, and the USA discovered the False Flag on the anniversary of the US entering WW1. Many nations have been recruited in jewish will on this day to start fighting a global scale war. They do this every year, with the same claim, based on or around 'gasses'.

All in the struggle to fit the above criteria, make the 'massive sacrifice' or the 'goyim holocaust' and give enough energy to their alien hive to materialize Israel for them on earth. Which is the core of the messianic jewish agenda.

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Re: Everyone Is Gassing Jews - The Numerology And Occult Explanation

Postby HorusLucis » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:51 am

From the Jewish book of witchcraft,someone check out Psalms 18:8,Exodus 19:18(If i ain't mistaken,they talk about the same thing,not forgetting The Mt Carmel Challenge)
And knowin how crafty this jews can be,it's a so funny the alledged Hitler holocaust hasn't found it's way into their Filthy Bible which is full of lies and contractidictions by any chance.
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