My experience with Azazel’s Astrology

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My experience with Azazel’s Astrology

Post by Ayleth »

Hello everyone!

Let’s begin with a short introduction. I am mostly a “lurker” here because I don’t want to say wrong things to our dear family. I’ve been dedicated for 5 years, so I’m still a fresher :lol:

I made this post to thank HP. Hoodedcobra666 for his amazing hard work regarding astrology readings. I am in my youth days but I feel like I have a tremendous upper hand in my future because of them. I have around 4 works done in which all of his insight was more than wonderful! Even if he was overworked for so long he made sure to deliver the best possible readings, everything was spot on, and on top of that he is kind enough to answer the follow-up questions as well, even if I wasn’t expected it.
I need to mention one important thing. Have lots and lots of patience! I mean it (it can take a bunch of months). He is alone, and besides that there are also other stuff that clergy needs to do. I know it’s hard to wait, sometimes expect the emails to not go through, but be understanding.
The excitement and the wonder of discovering oneself, literally needs time. In the end, it pays of 10x time or more. After receiving the reading you’ll have a clearer picture about yourself and what you need to work on, so you have no excuses in not improving.

I am so so thankful for all of the work that you people do and remember that we are never alone in our struggles. Be consistent with your meditations and stay safe!

Hail Satan! :D
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Re: My experience with Azazel’s Astrology

Post by 94n »

He works extremely hard. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)
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Re: My experience with Azazel’s Astrology

Post by HP. Hoodedcobra666 »

Thank you for the kind words, I saw this now. I want only the best. I am working to give every answer needed with the best accuracy and quality.

Thanks for also understanding that potential delays are because of the time, effort, and genuine care put in anything done for everyone.
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