On the edge of Advanced Astrology, Epochs, Rectification, The true house system

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On the edge of Advanced Astrology, Epochs, Rectification, The true house system

Postby Satanic Soul » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:45 pm

These are the most recent and most advanced astrological concepts, they are the most advanced and effective techniques out of everything in astrology.

They are all available for free to study from the book "Predictive Astrology by Juan Estadella" (just google first link)

The prenatal epoch or the "conception horoscope", which is a true second horoscope, the flip-side of the coin in comparison to the radix. We can sufficiently delve into the destiny of a person by reading both horoscopes. It can be obtained through rectification with topocentric primary directions (see the book above).

Topocentric primary directions is the most accurate and powerful technique out of ALL the predictive techniques. Its use allows a rectification within seconds of time. Past, present, and future events coincide with the directions produce by this system with astonishing accuracy.

Some Sidereal techniques are effective and powerful, like the progression of the sidereal solar return (PSSR), which is the best technique in rectifying a chart when the birth time in unknown within 24 hours. It can obviously be used as a predictive technique.

The prenatal factor, or regressions is as equally important as the "direct" directions in primary or secondary directions and to a lesser extent in other predictive techniques.

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