Astrology of Psychopathology

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Astrology of Psychopathology

Postby curio » Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:02 pm

Has anyone here ever studied the astrological influences & causes of mental disorders & disabilities? Can anyone point me to good places to learn about such?

I've heard of a couple books on the subject, that being Dark of the Soul and Mitchell Gibson's book, but the former is either not available anywhere or very expensive when it is and the latter I'm not sure of the reliability of, and alot of posts online about the subject don't feel quite right to me.

More broadly, I'm also curious as to how to find the signs in a chart that show the way out of these, out of the darkness. One writer mentioned Bruce Lee's chart having showing a strong inclination toward violence that could have been expressed destructively and consumed him but was sublimated through theater. When I looked at his chart and read into his story after this, the signs jumped out at me. But it's just 1 example and it may not always be so obvious.

I also wonder what in a chart makes some people more resilient to life's hardships, and able to make the lemons into lemonade. If anyone has any input on this I'd love to hear it.

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