Ruler Energies are More Successful

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Ruler Energies are More Successful

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I noticed that long time ago. Let's say your ascendant is Aries. Mars planetary energies, squares, and related mantras to Mars will be more successful. Probably many people know this, but just wanted to say if in case there are new people who didn't notice yet.
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Re: Ruler Energies are More Successful

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This logic can apply to each house in the chart, actually. Meaning, look to the planetary ruler of a house (area of life) you struggle with, and so on. But of course, the Ascendant is our core mode of self-expression, represents the body as a whole, as well as the Self/Ego in relation to blessings and issues as a whole picture. Hence why the chart ruler is the Ascendant's ruling planet. I am stating the obvious here, but just further elaborating how important the Ascendant is.

Our chart ruling planet: its sign, aspects, and house position indicates how we selectively externalize our true self while amongst other people. The Descendant (7th House Cusp) and its ruling planet, these are how we reactively interact with others and just how well other people respond to our externalized self.

So it makes sense that the main reason why people succeed more by working with their chart ruler: That planet ultimately "runs the show." So you must be true to your own astrological nature. As in, you have to learn how to co-operate and master it. Even people with afflicted chart rulers can overcome the troubles that go with it. I also find people who resist what their chart ruler planet represents, are often at a loss, because they have compromised who they are for too long (to settle for less than they deserve, to obey toxic or brainwashed family, etc.).
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