The Saviour God Not Jesus

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The Saviour God Not Jesus

Postby HP Mageson666 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:31 am

The Saviour God Not Jesus

The ancient saviour God was always shown as the sun God. This is the symbol of the Solar chakra personified. The ancient Omphalos the capstone or Benben stone of the pyramid of the Egyptians was shown on ancient Roman coins printed by the Emperor Elagabal who was the high priest of the Omphalos. On the coin the Omphalos is shown with the Phoenix on it being drawn by horses on a chariot. In the ancient world stone or gems where symbolic of the planets and the chakra's and their energies. The capstone of Omphalos is the symbol of the solar chakra and its energy.

OM is AUM is the mantra of spiritual energy and Phalos means "breath of life" this is the name for the solar chakra. The reason is the solar chakra is the chakra that is responsible for transforming prana into vital energy, life force. Hence its the breath of life. Breath relates to air which relates to prana. Its ruled by the fire element which transforms the soul and the solar chakra is shown as well in the east and west as a wheel that connects to all the chakra's of which the hub is the solar chakra. Its the chakra that circulates the prana thought the entire being.

Sometimes the Omphalos was personified such in the case of Apollo note the chariot.


The chariot in the ancient world is the symbol of the soul and the horses the vital winds and energies of the nadis and chakra's. Part of the chariot symbolism is condensing the energy of the solar chakra into a ball and rotating it thought the chakra's to transform the soul.

Wolfram was a Templar knight who stated the Grail came from the Persian Sufi's. The Sufi's were Satanists their God was Shaitan who was worshipped by them as the ancient God Mithra. Shaitan is also called "The Cup Bearer" by the Yezidhi's. The God of the Grail. This story is about the transformation of the soul. Note the Grail is shown as the Omphalos as well, note the Phoenix:

"Many a valiant knight resides by the Grail at Munsalvasche...they live by a stone whose nature is pure. If you know nothing of it, it shall be named for you here: it is called Lapsit Exillis. By that stone's power the Phoenix burns away turning to ashes, yet those aches bring it back to life...that stone is also called the Grail." [Parzival,ch.9]

In the Templar Grail images that came from the East the Grail King is shown with a Peacock crown sitting in the middle of a eight sided castle. The eight pointed star is the how all the chakra's connect and the center of the castle is the solar chakra where the Grail King holds the Grail. This is also the image of Shambala in the Far East.

Note the Grail...... Is Ga Ra the G is for the pineal gland and the Ra for the solar chakra. The IL means "light".

This is due to the fact the solar chakra is empowered in the ancient texts from the dew of the pineal gland hence shown as a cup full of the water of the dew. Or the dew cup.

The enemy stole this and hid this in their Kabala. In the Kabala there is the "Cup of Benediction" which is a cup held up by five fingers, the five elements. The cup is the key to transforming the five elements. In the Kabala world tree the realm of the sun is called Yesod and its the realm of the Phallic God. The Omphalos, Phalos is also Phallus the male power the sun. In kabala Malkuth is also the realm of the moon these two are sexually united in Kabala. Here in the context Malkuth is the moon or pineal gland of which the energy is united with Yesod the Solar chakra. Making the Solomon the Sol and Moon.

The other place this is stolen and corrupted is the enemy program of Christianity in the book of Revelations, Jesus is called the "Chief Cornerstone" which is the another ancient name of the Omphalos and its stated the messiah's name is wrote on a "White Stone" that is the ancient term for the Omphalos which was literally a White Stone. This was corrupted into just feeding your energy into a Jewish thought form called Jesus so the Jews can manifested their One World Dictatorship of the Jewish King. While the criminal Jews kept the actual knowledge for themselves in their Kabala. Damning humanity to suffering. Christians know nothing about the soul and they are all spiritual damned Golems of the Jews.

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