RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

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RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby SATchives » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:31 pm

It's Friday, I'll be posting some more material for all of us to look over and re read. Here is the first one .

Article 1
Jewish Slaves Since Birth
Post Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:58 am
By High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

There are so many lies around that people are losing the point. However the rough facts of reality can never lie. Infact the jewish lying has only the purpose of misdirecting attention, but the crimes happen anyway.

One instance of this is the jewish bible. The bible puts emphasis on how all Gentiles who are kings and rulers are to be turned into slaves, humanity must become a cattle, and worship Rabbi Jewsus.

Somehow, the story of one fantasy Rabbi made it to actually become for a short while "God" of this world. God became nothing else but the notion of some jew by birth, hovering above the clouds.

As thus all his physical offspring even in a subconscious way is to be kept in a high and holy esteem of being Gods. That's the scat eating, organ selling, usury masterful jews.

Wisdom in many ways is simple thinking. People have been terraformed into soulles, cows, that just consume, live and let be, run the wheels of society of the jews until they die without a soul.

They move for distraction to distraction, towards destruction to destruction. We have people who actually long, cherish and want the planet to be destroyed, because this is what some jews wrote on some book.

The enemy follows the method deflect, deny the accusation, blame elsewhere. They blame each and everyone else, one the other, and they have made a lie they call "All Powerful jewish God" on which they justify their agenda for enslaving, humiliating and destroying humanity.

Why do jews slaughter the Middle East? Because "Gawd" said so in his self authored book. People are so retarded that the literally think an all cosmic and all powerful entity has the need to write a book that even a sociopath would write better.

In orthodox christianity (this is pure Judaism in nothing but the different name) when an infant is baptised to the jewish excrement thoughtform, the line goes like this in the liturgy: "Baptized is the slave, named ___insert Goy name here___".

They literally call the people SLAVES in front of their faces. The other line goes "Warded off is Satan from this person", because according to them, all humans are born inherently with Satan in them, but "God" has to be put there by force. The retards who watch thus laugh and appauld.

What a happy moment. You brought one new cattle for the jews to waste, milk and overwork. Your child just turned into a jewish slave. Amazing day.

Then, they go at Sunday's mass to drink from a cup of blood, and mimic a Rabbinical ritual of tribalist blood drinking, like the jews do on yom Kippur on murdered and sacrificed Gentile Children.

Another one, has anyone ever noticed that (((world history))) begins exactly where the supposed Torah is saying the "world" was created? Obviously, humans existed for thousands upon thousands years more.

The jews have even changed the calendar of the planet and replaced it with jewish crap. The same has went for historical evidence which if course, if it does not comply to the Torah, the jews make sure never makes it into (((mainstream history))).

Most people go out and eat to a jewish food chain, vote for jewish politicians, listen to jewish music, and read jewish magazines on their waiting line to the jewish doctor.

Then they leave, buy pills from a jewish corp, and go watch series made up by some jew. Their dreams are to get the clothes jews wear, and their idols is to become like some jew. They are well studied for they have studied all the jewish theorists and skeptics.

Their soul also belongs to a jew too, as they believe in what jews tell them is thr "good thing". How they act in their existence is totally dominated by jews. Their arguements, observations, even what makes them happy or sad, is based on some jewish idea or context.

They have no spirituality to practice anymore, as technically the jews removed it by death and iron from their ancestors. Who gives a fuck about Ancestors anyway? Jews said we are citizens of the world. If you feel the world is wrong, you will take some pill according to Dr Shekelbergs advice, and be just fine again. Easy peasy.

They are slaves of the jews and as such free. After all as the jews said you are free in Demokrazy, Pisslam, and generally everywhere away from the evil guys like Satan, Hitler etc.

Your freedom lies not in being an individual entity with a meaning, heroic deeds, life, aims, pursuits or pleasures, and spiritual ascention or bravery. Your freedom is to be a slave to the jews. As you can see words like freedom, free thought, free speech, god, etc, mean a lot to the jews.

They have let us know in their own thousand years old culture. God is watching you when you masturbate and he will kill you.
This is what the all powerful supposed creator of the universe is supposed to do anyway. Count the hair on your ass, kill you for masturbating, destroy the planet, make criminal jews rulers etc. We are talking about a deeply nice and exalted being right here. But it requires slaves. That's what the slaves do.

They infact survive for one reason only, to feed the jewtrix. The list goes endless, to the final point where the slave who is completely distanced from Satyan (Eternal Truth) leaves their soul to go straight into feeding the astral jew in the astral.

Once upon a time people had their civilizations and their fates on their hands. Now, they are hanging from the bloodied hands of the jews. This is changing, we are fighting to change this, and in the end we will win. The enemy must be obliterated completely from everywhere and annihilated spiritually.

And for all of the above, the jewish computer algorithm just throws one "its not me" and they literally believe they solved the problem. Screw everything you see and pluck your eye out if it causes you to sin (intelligence is a sin).

I know the majority of you are very angry and disgusted at the people who cannot open their eyes. They are becoming less by the day. In the end of the day however, not all people are born to be masters, and most are born and cultivated to be slaves. As for them, we are caring about humanity, not about slaves and human judeo inflicted-viruses in a human shell.

Those who are to master, should not be concerned or afraid about those who are enslaved. The loyalty or fighting of the slave is by definition weak, and we do not need their help or assistance. What we need is people to realize Satan's intentions, plans and transformative powers.

As such one may be born a slave, but one will become a self-master. One regains what one is born with: The Spirit of Satan.
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RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby SATchives » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:40 pm

Article 2
Recreational Drugs...
Post Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:10 am
By High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Quote from Swami Rama Bharati:

"Want to expand your consciousness? Try meditation--not drugs. Yogis say that drugs weaken the will, damage the subtle body, and stupefy consciousness. One yogi stated he'd seen heavy-duty drug users so internally damaged, they would need lifetimes to detoxify their subtle body."

"Hallucinogens like LSD can do irreparable harm to the impressionable energies of the subtle body. Aspirants are advised to avoid mental crutches like drugs. Instead, they need to develop mental clarity and strength-- something drugs can't give."

I want to add here that Satanism has its roots in ANCIENT Hinduism, going back to the beginning. Sadly, through the centuries, Hinduism has, like other religions, been seriously corrupted. Slavish worship of so-called "Gods," rejection of anything material, promoting poverty as a virtue, physical mutilation, rejection of desire (of course, this excludes the fanatical desire in slavish worship), and other crap.

A REAL GOD does not need or require slavish worship in order to exist. Also, books on Hinduism, and other religions of the Far East, one can see through the lies in these areas, as the authors contradict themselves endlessly.

Myself and HP Hooded Cobra worked together empowering important souls for Satan and Lilith. Lilith worked directly with us. I will tell you, a spirit without a physical body cannot progress or advance in power. We had to empower them, as we are in the physical world. This is why most souls reincarnate. Being dead is intensely boring. The dead cannot make any sounds themselves, as they have no physical voice to change their vibration.

Your home is where your material possessions are. Often, when one leaves one's seat and wishes to come back to that seat, one will leave a sweater, jacket, etc, as this shows one still is using the seat.

Where would we be without books for example? Without the material, life is empty and meaningless. The Jew has relentlessly attacked the material by promoting that poverty is a virtue on the one hand and on the other, pushed materialism ad nauseum, just like they do with sex, to create a backlash, where as with communism, one owns nothing and the Jews own everything.

Material possessions should be respected and appreciated. There should be a healthy balance between the spiritual and the material.

In closing, some Christian idiot was blabbing on his stupid website how in spite of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, India is extremely poor. He only revealed that he is a deluded ignorant fool.

This is the result of corrupted Hinduism. Most just slavishly worship their "Gods" and have no knowledge how to apply the spiritual, such as workings, stating affirmations, directing energies, properly using the energies they've raised and so forth.

Only through Satan can we really advance. Lilith told me more than once, that "Books are sacred."

In a nutshell, rejection of the material, slavish worship, "moral" control, dietary control, poverty is a virtue, and turn the other cheek mentality, and related, are all of the enemy and lead to nowhere. Just like in the movie "The Ninth Gate," at the end of the maze, the doorway is bricked up.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
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RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby SATchives » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:49 pm

Article 3
St. Peter
Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:56 pm
By Thomasss

As it’s been mentioned with many occasions, the Judeo-Christian characters/archetypes mentioned in the Bible and worshipped by Xians and Jews, are neither historical figures nor originally Judeo-Christian. In the present article the archetype of “St. Peter,” who in the Bible appears as one of “Jewsus’ apostles,” will be analysed.

The similarity between St. Peter and Hermes/Mercury/Thoth, Mithra and Janus is very blatant. For instance, Peter is called “the rock” and has been claimed to be the “cornerstone” of the Xian Church. Mithra was thought to have been "rock-born." The Greek God Hermes (the Romans called him Mercury and he was known by the Egyptians as Thoth), was the one holding the keys to the underworld, making him the “keyholder” and the “gatekeeper.” This aspect is similarly shared by Janus, who is the “keyholder” of heaven. The Jews did not miss this aspect either when inventing the archetype of Peter – known as the gatekeeper of heaven in the Bible

Matthew 16:18-19
18) And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.
19) I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 16:23
23) Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me…”

Luke 22:34
34) Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

John 18:27
27) Again Peter denied it, and at that moment a rooster began to crow.

“Jesus is made to give the keys of the kingdom to Peter, yet he then turns around and calls Peter ‘Satan,’ ironically implying that his church is to be built upon the ‘rock of Satan.’ Peter was thus the ‘gatekeeper’ of heaven, likewise a role within the mythos. As Robertson relates: ‘…there is to be noted the remarkable coincidence that in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Petra is the name of the divine doorkeeper of heaven…’

‘Peter’ is not only ‘the rock’ but also ‘the cock,’ or penis, as the word is used as slang to this day. As Walker says, ‘The cock was also a symbol of Saint Peter, whose name also meant a phallus or male principle (pater) and a phallic pillar (petra). Therefore, the cock’s image was placed atop church towers.’” [1, p. 168]

“The cock was another totemic ‘peter’ sometimes viewed as the god’s alter ego. Vatican authorities preserved a bronze image of a cock with an oversize penis on a man’s body, the pedestal inscribed ‘The Savior of the World.’ The cock was also a solar symbol.” [2, p. 79]


“On this stone, which was the emblem of the male generative principle, the Linga, Jesus founded his church. This sacred stone is found throughout all the world. In India at every temple. The Jews had it in the stone of Jacob, which he anointed with oil. The Greeks, at Delphi, like Jacob, anointed it with oil. The black stone was in the Caaba, at Mecca, long before the time of Mohammed… Mr. Bryant says, ‘When the worship of the sun was almost universal, this was one name of that deity, even among the Greeks. They called him Petor, and Petros, and his temple was styled Petra.’ Where the temples had this name… there was generally a sacred stone which was supposed to have descended from heaven. Mr. Bryant observes, ‘Pator or Petor, was an Egyptian word; and Moses, speaking of Joseph and the dreams of Pharaoh, more than once makes use of it…’” [3, p. 645]

For those who don’t know what a Lingam is, here’s a short explanation. It’s a divine symbol formed from two parts: a bottom part, which is also called “the receptacle” and has the shape of a Yoni, representing the female sexual organ; and a top part which is shaped like a phallus/penis, representing the male sexual organ. This is the “stone” mentioned in ancient religions; this is the reason why “the stone” had both the meaning of “cornerstone” (female principle, Yoni) and of “rooster” or “penis” (male principle). Below there are a few images of Lingam’s:


“While discussing his betrayal, Christ claims that Peter, his ‘rock,’ will deny him three times before the cock crows. This element is found in other myths and earlier traditions… ‘St. Peter,’ despite his denial, is considered the gatekeeper of heaven. This story is not historical but astronomical in origin, with Peter and the cock being one and representing the announcement of the morning sun, whom Peter ‘the gatekeeper/cock’ finally allows to pass after denying him… As the cock who announces the risen savior, Peter is associated with the sign of Aries, when the sun overcomes the night and starts its journey to fullness.” [1, pp. 201-202] (Fullness achieved at the Summer Solstice when sun’s power is at its peak.)

“It is said in the Zohar that a cock crowing three times is an omen of death… The Gospel story of Peter’s denial of Christ, three times before cockcrow, was related to older legends associating the cockcrow with the death and resurrection of the solar Savior… The resurrected god couldn't enter into his kingdom until dawn. The angel of annunciation appeared as a cock, ‘to announce the coming of the Sun,’ as Pausanias said. At cockcrow, the Savior arose as Light of the World to disperse the demons of night. But if he tried to enter into his kingdom earlier, disrupting the cycles of night and day, the Gatekeeper would deny him. The ritualistic denial took place also in the fertility cults of Canaan, where the dying god Mot was denied by a priest representing the Heavenly Father. [2, pp. 79, 397]

The snapshot where the heavenly father abandons the dying god appears similarly in the bible where the protagonist is Jesus at the time of his death:
Matthew 27:46
46) About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” (Which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”).

Similarities between Mithra and St. Peter

Mithra is a very popular Persian God, not only in Persia and the Middle East, but also in the Roman Empire; during the Roman occupation he was adorned in Dacia as well:

“…during the Roman Era, one of the gods most worshipped in the Dacian province, Mithra, was also called petrogenitus (rock-born).” [4, p. 676]

Below there are two images of Mithra, being born from the rock:


Pay attention to what the Catholic Encyclopaedia says about Mithraism; it’s interesting to note also how the followers of Mithra called each other brothers (long before the Xian era): “The fathers conducted the worship. The chief of the fathers, a sort of pope, who always lived at Rome, was called ‘Pater Patrum’ or ‘Pater Patratus.’ The members below the degree of pater called one another ‘brother,’ and social distinctions were forgotten in Mithraic unity.” [5, p. WORSHIP]

“The ‘apostle’ Peter (‘rock’) is associated with Jesus (‘salvation’) long before the Christian era, in Old Testament scriptures that address either the divine ‘Rock of Salvation’ or God as both ‘my rock’ and ‘my salvation,’ such as at Deut. 32: 15; 2 Sam. 22:3, 22:7; Psa. 18:22, 18:46, 62:2, 62:6, 62:7, 89:26, 95: 1; and Isaiah 17:10. Hence, the apostle Peter… is the old ‘rock’ (petra)… especially prevalent in Mithraism. Petra is also the ‘doorkeeper’ to heaven and to the mysteries in the Egyptian mythos.

According to Pausanias, the inhabitants of Orchomenos in Greece worshipped ‘Petras,’ or rocks, ‘which were supposed to have fallen from heaven.’ Regarding this scenario, Christian scholar Bryant comments that ‘every oracular temple’ possessed ‘some legend about a stone… some reference to the word Petra.' He further remarks that ‘when the worship of the Sun was almost universal,’ Petor or Petros was ‘one name of that Deity even among the Greeks.’” [6, p. 470]

“Mithra was sometimes termed the god out of the rock, and services were conducted in caves. Jesus' origin in a cave is a clear instance of the taking over of a Mithraic idea. Paul says, ‘They drank from that spiritual rock and that rock was Christ’ (I Cor. 10:4). These are identical words to those found in the Mithraic scriptures, except that the name Mithra is used instead of Christ. The Vatican hill in Rome that is regarded as sacred to Peter, the Christian rock, was already sacred to Mithra. Many Mithraic remains have been found there.” [7, p. 203]

The title “the good shepherd” is likewise not Xian. Originally this was a title of Mithra:
“Further correlations between Mithraism and Christianity can be found in the Christian catacombs, where there are numerous images of Christ as the ‘Good Shepherd,’ also a title of Apollo, who in his solar aspect, and as the ‘patron of the rocks,’ is identified with Mithra. Indeed, ‘Petra, the sacred rock of Mithraism, became Peter, the foundation of the Christian Church.’ Another remnant of militant Mithraism within Christianity can be found in the phrases ‘soldiers of Christ’ and ‘putting on the armor of Christ.’” [6, p. 131]

Ephesians 6:11
11) Put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Ephesians 6:13
13) Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground…

The double headed god Janus and Peter

“The double-faced Roman god Janus, the genius of the month of January, was likewise the sun, identified with Apollo, the sun god, and Diana, the moon goddess… Placed above doorways and depicted holding a key, Janus was the ‘doorkeeper of heaven and hell’… As has been evinced by a number of scholars, Janus Pater, the keyholder and gatekeeper, is the prototype of St. Peter. [6, p. 139]


Matthew 16:18-19
19) I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The second part of the verse above can be summarized to “as above so below” – a concept fully expressed by Janus’ two heads. And there’s no coincidence this concept was attributed to no other apostle but Peter, since it was inherent to Janus, one of the prototypes of Peter:

“The opening month of the year (January, from janua, "gate") was sacred to him, as was the first day of each month… As warden of gates, which he opened and closed, he was depicted with a doorkeeper’s keys and staff. His two faces meant that he watched entrances as well as exits, and saw into the internal as well as the external world, left and right, above and below, before and after, for and against. His shrines were archways, such as gateways or arcades at crossing places.

On Roman monuments, Janus is shown crowned as in the cartouche of Luchon, with the sceptre in the right hand, because he is king; he holds in the other hand a key which opens and closes the epochs; this is why, by extension of this idea, the Romans consecrated to him the doorways of houses and the gates to cities.

Turning to their initiatory symbolism, Janus as the god of initiation has two keys, gold and silver, that represent the greater mysteries and the lesser mysteries, and the celestial and terrestrial paradises, respectively.” [8]

“It is clear from his characteristics that Peter is styled after the Roman god Janus, as has been noted and demonstrated elsewhere. Petra was thus a popular god epithet at Rome, which is why Peter is a Roman representative; in other words, Peter was invented to incorporate that major faction of the brotherhood.” [6, p. 470]

And… surprise, surprise: the cock/rooster is found amongst Janus' sacred animals. You can see this in the image above as well.

“One of the most striking epithets of the god Janus was Matutinus – that is, of or pertaining to the morning, as he was believed to preside over all beginnings, entrances, gates, and commencements; not merely over the beginning of the year, but over the beginning or dawn of every day: and hence, the cock, whose crowing announces the first appearance of the day, was peculiarly accompanying emblem of the god Janus; and bears precisely the same part in the gospel allegory, in crowing Peter into repentance, as he bears in the analogy of nature, when his shrill voice proclaims the breaking-in of evangelical light upon the dark conscience of the sun-abjuring apostle; and the evidence of his repentance descends upon the world, in the dewy tears of the morning.” [9, p. 153]

Hermes/Mercury and Peter

From the next quote it is clear that Mercury was associated with the Sun, just like Mithra was associated with Apollo (the Sun), and just like St. Peter was later associated with Jesus:

“The son of Zeus and Maia, the daughter of the Titan Atlas, Hermes was also the brother of Apollo. Hermes is equivalent in the Egyptian pantheon to Thoth, who, as we have seen, is identified with Apollo… Hermes is also the planet Mercury, which was considered by its proximity to the sun, its small size and its short year to be the closest and speediest companion of the sun; in fact, Hermes was equated with the sun, as ‘his’ proxy. Like the old Egyptian god Shu, Thoth/Hermes/ Mercury, the ‘messenger of the gods,’ is the Divine Word by which the universe is created.” [6, p. 114]

In the introduction, the connection between the cock and Sf. Peter was discussed. However, the cock was also one of Hermes’ symbols, which dates far longer than the advent of Xianity. In the following images of Hermes both the cock (on the left) and the goat can be observed:


The following quote is from Wikipedia: “Symbols of Hermes were the palm tree, turtle, rooster, goat, the number four, several kinds of fish, incense.” [10, Temples]

The next image is also suggestive. In the Bible it is written that the rooster crowed twice immediately following Peter’s thrice denial. The carriage of Hermes is pulled by… two cocks.
Mark 14:30
30) And Jesus saith unto him, Verily I say unto thee, that thou to-day, even this night, before the cock crow twice, shalt deny me thrice.

“The etymology of the word Peter is common with that of Hermes, both originating from the word rock. Both are acting as accompany in the salvation of souls. About Hermes, Diogene Laerios mentioned that: 'he is the steward of souls, and for that reason is called Hermes the Escorter, Hermes the Keeper of the Gate, and Hermes of the Underworld, since it is he who brings in the souls from their bodies both by land and sea.'” [4, p. 674]

Also, the link between the rock, Peter, the cock and Lingam has already been discussed. Here we have another quote about Hermes and the connection between his name, rocks and the phallus. The herma discussed in the quote (see the image below) is nothing else than a Lingam (the base is a yoni, and the column above it is the phallus): “In Ancient Greece, Hermes was a phallic god of boundaries. His name, in the form herma, was applied to a wayside marker pile of stones; each traveller added a stone to the pile. In the 6th century BC, Hipparchos, the son of Pisistratus, replaced the cairns that marked the midway point between each village deme at the central agora of Athens with a square or rectangular pillar of stone or bronze topped by a bust of Hermes with a beard. An erect phallus rose from the base. In the more primitive Mount Kyllini or Cyllenian herms, the standing stone or wooden pillar was simply a carved phallus. In Athens, herms were placed outside houses for good luck.” [10, Hermai/Herms]


[1] Acharya S., THE CHRIST CONSPIRACY - The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999.
[2] B. Walker, The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, Harper Collins Publishers, 1988.
[3] G. Higgins, Anacalypsis, A&B Books, 1992.
[4] D. Oltean, RELIGIA DACILOR, Bistra, 2014.
[5] C. Encyclopedia, "Mithraism," [Online]: http:// www .catholic .org/encyclopedia/view .php?id=8042
[6] Acharya S., SUNS of GOD. Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2004.
[7] S. Golding, The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read, Truth Seeker Company, Inc., 2003.
[8] PLOTINUS, "Exploring the mystery of Janus, The God of Gateways," [Online]: http:// www .plotinus .com/janus_copy2 .htm
[9] R. Taylor, The Devil’s Pulpit, The Book Tree, 2005.
[10] Wikipedia, "Hermes," [Online]: https:// en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Hermes
[11] PERSEUS DIGITAL LIBRARY, "Chapter 1. PYTHAGORAS," [Online]: http:// www .perseus .tufts .edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0258%3Abook%3D8%3Achapter%3D1
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RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby SATchives » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:09 pm

Please download the videos in this article if you can store them safely.
* comments by me
Article 4
Himmler's Fake Pozen Speech
Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:37 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

This is my reply to some member down the groups who mentioned the "Pozen Speech" of Himmler. This lie has been long debunked, but the jews keep it afloat, in the context of 6 trillion lampshades.


(((Censorship))) complaints.

Seriously, unless you are a troll, you could answer this question yourself. Even google nowadays supplies all the lazy, with a gateway to knowledge.

This so called 'speech' was created by voice generation technology. This has existed for roughly 50 years now. All you need is a few samples, and with the correct software and some engineers, you can create full fake speeches and full fake 'claims' to support anything. This is known to the secret agencies, and obviously to jews.

Especially for people who are public speakers, like Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler, ths is especially easy. However, the voice will always sound flattened/dead and the list goes, as the speech is generated by a computer and according to algorithm.

The SS meetings were always secret. There were no pocket recorders or anything at this time. How would they have recorded Himmler? With a giant, recording device, or a cable microphone hidden in some pocket? Supposedly this thing was, according to mainstream (((History))), a total secret operation, only known to Himmler and Hitler, as claimed by mainstream jewish historians. Again, endless lies and jewish contradictions to catch all fish in the sea, just in case.

This is no different than the 'gas chamber' hoax. The doors and even walls were leaking air, even the amount of time in conjunction to how much it takes to 'kill someone' by 'Zykon B', would need to be triple in order to kill the 6 gorillion the jews claim. It would take a century given all the factors. But of course, where there is heavy magick, facts go out of the window. Even today, killing people by alleged gassing, in the developed facilities we have is gladly impossible.

But it 1943 with the technology then, it would be extremely possible wouldn't it. Sounds as impossible as the pocket microphone that some secret Nazi SS used to record the secret speech of Himmler. Its an OY GEVALT situation from wherever one sees it, simply because these lies are too huge and only prey on emotion. If evidence comes in, off they go out of the window. This is why investigation in such has been criminalized.

The holohoax lies collapse onto their own self. You can also look around for your information. Satanism is about self inquiry. If we go to answer every demand with all the supposed evidence that can be googled, we might as well write a bible and pass it around to people, and form xianity 2.0.

A thing to watch is also this, Ursula Haverbeck's interview. This elderly woman is in jail because she dared 'question' the biggest lie in history, only second to xianity: The Shoah Bussiness.
*(YT deleted but I believe this to be the interview ... mOfOurTime )

Do we honestly think that the jews can't make up a speech? Also, the allies raved the archives of the Nazi and such as speech would be found, would be used in Nuremberg. Is it so hard that in a decent speech, we get someone for instance with a similar voice, pretending the record is a bit broken, to say anything whatsover?

Another post of that is also here, by FourthReich666.

post24992.html *(cannot find it on wayback or, if someone has it please comment below with the entire article. possibly in my mega files which are not yet sorted)

The Gods will answer to all of your questions and lead you to your answers. These answers are for you. We, we know the Truth so its not our concern to 'make believe' with anyone randomly. The institute of historical review is a good place to start. You need to criss-cross all the sources to get into an understanding.

Heinrich Himmler: The Fake Posen Jewish-Extermination Speech:
*(YT deleted but I found it here. > ... tionSpeech < )

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Work in Progress will be adding more files and reorganizing soon. also regarding the pictures within, there is a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of garbage, it's taken me a long time to get around to this sorting, finally working on it.

RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby SATchives » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:23 pm

Article 5
Half Jews, Quarter Jews etc.
Post Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:42 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

Now I write this shortly to explain some purposeful (or due to mistakes) misconceptions that happen amongst people in regards to the jews.

The art of infiltration consists of APPEARING as your enemy, and being behind their ranks and ruining them from within. This is exactly what the enemy has done and what they did.

In their Torah, they have full guides in regards to this very thing. This is the proficiency of the jew. You can't take over billions or millions of Goyim, when you are sick frailing lifeform that comes based on warfare, moreso the Ancient races of old. But you can pretend and get in and ruin them from within with occult means, now that's more possible.

Now many people try to misinterpret the jewish writings in order to make reasons as to why half jews are less jewish and the list goes on. This is entirely untrue. Some even state the Nuremberg laws. Many people do not understand...

Some of these 'jews' were just jews in religion, and additionally, these people were strictly monitored, controlled, and forbidden from marrying with others. They were put in cages, so to say. The crackdown did happen on 99% of jews. The 1% remaining would be weeded of exactly after that time. As procreation was disallowed.

Unfortunately, when jews get too far in civilization (This is advice from the Torah) they gain positions between a state that the state cannot survive without. Surgical incision is needed, brute force will not always work.

The jews know internal mechanics of the soul. They know that the inner soul is inherited by the line of the mother, and outward dealing of life and other factors are generated much by the father. They don't seem to know all the details, but they know what they need to know for their job. However, make no mistake: the soul and the genetics alike are one and there is no 'separation' in such things.

The "Cohen" gene, as I have heard some crap, CANNOT be removed either. It's in every cell, on every strand, every molecule of their hair, and so forth. They are jews. You cannot change what you are. You can change your appeareance, alter the DNA code, chop your face into pieces until you can't recognize yourself, become a cyborg even- but this fundamental thing that is 'you' and makes you recognize yourself, this 'damned sense of self' is actually jewish for the jew.

You cannot get this out with meditation or anything like that. The only thing that meditation made to the jew is basically make them all the more dangerous and the first thing they did with spiritual knowledge is weaponize it against the Goyim. Because this is who they are. Their mission is coded in their very soul. There are no stupid or good samaritan reasons to ever accept the jews either. No reason whatsoever. Let's stop acting like good goyim retards here.

I am well aware many people will skip these lessons and go and assosciate anyway. Like the person in the groups two weeks before that said they had this jew they were doing weed with, so they didn't do the RTR's because they were afraid it would hurt their smoking habit could be met with problems. I mean seriously guys, who should do RTR's to save the planet from extinction while you can smoke a plant and form a culture around it? I mean that's obviously superior than saving the planet from morbid futuristic plans of a jewish oligarchy and shit like that.

"I just want my 10 minutes of kush induced mechanical relaxation and frying braincells and my front cortex which gave me the curse to be able to judge and have self control, not to defeat any jews."

Now please let's just be serious...

Then they wrote later in the message how the jew brought them some strange 'kush' if I recall right, which knocked them senseless and they felt like they were going insane. The jews love you Goyim. This person knew firsthand. Who knows maybe the jew next time will bring some cyanide or rape them while they are stoned. It may take a while until they get it. But this is the friendship of marijuana in the 21st century. If you don't fight them, they STILL WILL fight you and want to exterminate you. It's really that simple...You will not have peace because you're stupid or in conscious denial...

After all (((self-thinking))) comes with a price in these cases. Most people self-think only when it is, you know, to do retarded shit such as smoke drugs. They want to exercise 'individuality' when it comes to all the suicidal crap in the world, to prove they are an 'individual'.

Everyone knows better than this "Hooded Nut Cobra" and of course all these other people in the world who tell them things like drugs are going to kill you or ruin you. Therefore to my little individual thinking scientists who are always in for 'checking everything'.

I have a challenge for these people [Obviously this is...humor]: You might want to got to a Hasidic neighborhood, and ask the jews there some questions, but why don't you go there? Ask them to read some Torah and other things? And be a bit pressing on your questions because this is where you're going to see them a bit agitated...Keep pressing with it...If you can come around alive, then you can tell us your individual, self-thinking opinion. Because you have a feeling they may gun you down or kill you? Why? We have to be 'individual thinkers' don't we?

Some others also argue: "Oh the non-Zionists do not do crimes". Well, they CAN'T. They are powerless, and then again, how do YOU KNOW? I know their writings and their culture inside and out for a while now, and I see they use occult warfare, lying, and many other things extensively. How do you know what these people do at night so to say? Because they don't stab a knife in your stomach, that doesn't make them good, and it doesn't imply they do not want it.

Needless to say, to accept reality, have spiritual sight, and enough cultural of the jews, shows you things that can be disturbing. I never saw something more evil and deprived before.

The fact that the Rabbis reject these half or part jewish people, is because they are corrupted in accordance to how jews need their people. In other words, this is nothing 'personal'. It's just what they are commanded to do. They know the weaker people to inbreed, and the jews have did whatever they could to maintain their jewishness.

If you look at Rabbis, there aren't many brown rabbis, or asiatic looking rabbis in Israel or close at the top. They simply aren't going to allow lesser than sustained reptilians to run the show. So instead they send these hybrids to infiltrate and do whatever they want really, OUTSIDE of their 'motherland'. They confer them benefits and great lives, so long they wipe out their enemies such as many jews at hollywood do. They simply don't care further however. Why should they? Is it like they have a compassion even for their own?

The jews in Israel, they don't want, especially for the Rabbinical class or spiritualists, jews from the father, simply because, the inner part of the soul is better and closer from the jewish mother. This makes a jew, completely jewish in all levels. Now, when this is from the father, the job of these beings is NOT to be in Israel and pollute it, but become infiltrators to other races of people and so forth. This is just their job. Their external part is concealed for this exact purpose.

Many people do get confused on the jews. The purpose of hybridizing is this. The benefit of the doubt, the 'confusion' and the 'tolerance' that may be given rise to the victims. It's through these hybrids and through infiltration their greatest goals are accomplished. Indeed for jews, this need to 'intergrate' and this need to procreate with their enemies is the fundamental savior of the jewish race. They are programmed to think that way, while most other Gentiles needed propaganda to ever consider this fact.

A jew is always a jew. They can dress European, or African or anything else, even adhere to the 'cultures' of their host, and in extreme cases, look and act like them, especially now with plastic surgeries. But as Rabbi Laitman mentioned, at some point, they know for a fact that they are jews. They can never disassociate this from their blood, behavior, and their soul. Mask it? Sure...For a while.

Especially if the circumstances help, or if people are blind, they can't be seen. Indeed even the jew can neglect his own jewisheness. However when the time comes, they become exactly what they were all along, like a latent parasitic organism. They just can't help it anymore than every race acts in accordance to their behavior, which paints anything people do. Intergration of jews in another lands or places has always ended up with Pogroms and expulsions over this very reason.

Jewish hybrids from the mother are completely jewish in all levels, same are from their father. As I told you, it's only the behavior that may be different and how this is externalized. While the hybrid from the mother is basically in the soul (inner feminine) and therefore is extremely obvious in their behavior, the hybrid from the father is more internalized and as thus maybe less obvious at first glance. This can lead people into confusion and the jews know it. This is their job. They are however the same thing in their entirety. It's the method of operation that is different.

Lastly, when you understand the patterns of the jews and study the jewish soul, as in culture, religion, behavior and anything else, you can thoroughly see that they are an alien species. Many people don't know about them, and that is the problem. The way they perceive the world, their beliefs and everything else are far from 'cultural'.

A jew can be raised in Mars and he will still materialize the same jewish culture and the same jewish way of looking at the world. This is reflected in most jewish artists who may have even had a "Christian" upbringing. Christianity is essentially judaism so it brings out the very same product even with zero exposure.

Culture is nothing but the expression of the biology of the jewish race upon itself. Nobody forced the jews to believe what they do, but on the other hand, they forced the whole planet to adhere to their lies, so to say.

Let's let this giant pill (pun intended for the post) be swallowed, if humanity is to be saved. It can cause you six trillion gasses, which will kill a lot of parasites inside you, but that's all about it. If you however take the jew pill, a non adventuresome death is guaranteed.
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Work in Progress will be adding more files and reorganizing soon. also regarding the pictures within, there is a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of garbage, it's taken me a long time to get around to this sorting, finally working on it.

RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby unnamed satanist » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:51 am

These are highly appreciated, thank you!

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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby Shael » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:40 am

SATchives wrote: Image
I cant believe this is a real thing :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [Week 2]

Postby Gear88 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:19 am

SATchives wrote:Article 3
St. Peter
Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:56 pm
By Thomasss

Mind if I ask a historical question on this?

Wasn't this sermon originally created by Thomas Schweitzer? Or is Thomasss = Thomas Schweitzer?

I swear I recall in Satan's Library a St. Peter/Janus/Thoth sermon from Schweitzer?

Am I wrong? Did I misinterpret my memory?
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