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Postby Quietlysings » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:40 am

I want to do the rtr for destroying the Thoughtform of christ in my house. When I finish the scheduals for each day. I Feel better already. Its the one third ritual we did on the eclipse. Is this okay? I am 19 and still living at home. Situation critical. Crosses everywere, jews on my fucking walls. I highly doubt I would raise enough energy to mess with the schedual. please help[

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Re: Hello

Postby Zeffie of the Wind » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:59 pm

Hello and nice to meet you.

Please follow the RTR schedule posted as these have been strategically timed to do the most damage to the enemy. As for having xian items around your house, you should just ignore them. By paying attention to it you give it power. Simply release the thought from your mind and keep working on meditating and rtrs. I have plenty of Xian items around my own home simply because I live with family members that are xian.

Keep up a strong aura of protection and keep a space always filled with clean energy like your own room for example. If their is an enemy thought form in your home you can perform a banishment ritual to remove it. Stay strong and persistent and keep a calm mind.

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Re: Hello

Postby Quietlysings » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:36 am

Thank you. Thanks for replying. I overeactsometimes and freak out. I just gatta say it, the time was just left on the dot and as i finished part of the schedual for today,Their was rain and then when I Hailed Satan forever, lighting and thunder literally flashed outside! Im prettty sure the ritual went with the lightning, then I also read before on the JoS website that storms magnify the energy,! I feel so awsome! Then the Gods and I were together and after doing all these rtrs all the time and meditating I can see bright blue and purple colors on the astral! Like for real! Like I can really see into the astral plane! 666! :D

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Re: Hello

Postby NaziMan12 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:30 am

Hopefully you have not missed this form of spiritual warfare Joy of Satanists do;

First off, I want to state here that in addition to us being cursed, there are Wiccan idiots and others who have sent binding energies to us, especially in regards to the RTRs, as the RTRs have been actively and effectively destroying the enemy. [That 72 Name is the most powerful against them, as that is their bulwark].
Satan just confirmed to me early this morning what I had already believed; that HE has power over ALL witches that he said, “connect with our Gods.” In other words, any practitioners of magick and witchcraft who connect with Pagan Gods are all under His power. He also stated that a very large percentage of Wiccans and related are cowards. He said, “They are fearful.” “That’s why they practice Wicca.”

A few hours ago, there was a New Moon. During the waxing of this Moon and beginning as soon as possible, I strongly recommend everyone here do this ritual for yourselves. The last ritual we did was to clean our auras thoroughly and to return the curses and negative energies back to the senders.
With so much emphasis on the Moon, an extremely powerful source of pure energy, the Sun is often overlooked. I have found the energy of the Sun to be the most powerful between 11:00 and 14:00 approximately. This is when the Sun is directly overhead.

When the Sun is rising [waxing on a daily basis], this is another powerful time. An excellent time for meditation has always been before the Sun rises, before dawn. The setting [waning] Sun also has some of the same effects as a waning Moon in removing and ending things. But, ALWAYS take into consideration the Moon.

The Sun has fire energy, the element of fire. When doing a thorough aura cleaning, stepping outside into the Sun on a sunny day when the Sun is high in the sky can work wonders. For this to be effective, you must be directly in the Sun. Just breathe in the solar energies into your aura and soul, engulf yourself in the solar energy, which is even easier to see astrally when you are standing in the brilliance of the Sun. You can even do a full rosary, vibrating SURYA [Satan told me 216 times is more effective than 108], and to do this, just reach the last bead on your rosary and then turn it back. I have worked with this and it is very effective.
Given this working will be over a period of about 2 weeks, there may be days when it is cloudy or even rainy. Going outdoors anyway and invoking the Sun, repeating the ritual will still be effective. Even sitting facing a window, as long as the light is falling on you, but out of doors directly under the Sun is the strongest and the most effective.

You can breathe in energy from the Sun, lighting up your aura with brilliance and then on each exhale, vibrate SURYA.

The Ritual:
From right now until the full Moon, everyone here should be building a powerful aura of protection. This is more advanced than the standard aura of protection. Given the attacks we have been under and the state of this world right now, this working should be repeated from every new to full Moon every month for a year. This will stay on your soul eternally, protecting you, and keeping you safe from the malice of others, destroying your enemies.

1. Raise your energies. This is best done [as with all magickal workings] when you are at your most powerful, feeling a strong energy buzz. If you are new, just do the best you can. You can also use the energy of the Sun as indicated in the above to raise your energies with reciting SURYA, using a Satanic rosary [or anything that will help you keep count]

2. Clean your aura thoroughly, as instructed from Part 1 of Returning Curses. DO NOT hesitate to ask for a Demon/ess to help you. Even if you cannot hear, sense or see the Demon/ess, know He/She is there and is helping you, and delivering the energies back to the sender/s.

3. Engulf yourself in the light. Again, I repeat, if at all possible, use the Sun. Another effective tactic, if you are unable to use the Sun and have trouble visualizing is to use a lamp, with the bright bulb facing you, shining right in your face as you close your eyes and visualize the light.

4. Affirm 18 times:
“My aura is constantly and continuously deflecting and repelling any and all negative energies, curses, bindings, hatred and destructive energy directed at me and is immediately returning these directly right back to the sender.”

Do this daily from now [New Moon] through the 13th of March [Full Moon]. From the Full Moon to the New Moon[ waning Moon], I strongly recommend everyone do the INTENSE AURA CLEANING indicated in Returning Curses 1, and keep repeating this through the cycles. You will find with deep cleaning your aura, not only will this remove any curses, but all kinds of other crap that has kept you down in your personal life. A dirty aura also hinders your workings and personal powers. The aura and soul have accumulated all kinds of negative energies throughout many lifetimes and these cannot all be removed in one working. It must be repeated. AGAIN, I strongly advise you ask Satan to send you a Demon/ess to work with you in removing these energies. Even if you are new and cannot see or feel him/her, follow your gut feelings and intuitions. It is extremely important to always say the prayer before your aura cleaning:

Hear me oh Great and Mighty Satan. I ask your help in returning these curses, amplified to the senders who have attacked us for doing your work. You know who they are. They will know your wrath. I ask that you send a Demon to me to take and deliver the curses and thoughtforms that I have cleaned from my aura and soul directly to those who have sent them. O Mighty Satan, fill me with truth, wisdom and understanding, keep me strong in my faith and service, that I may abide always in Thee with Praise, Honor, and Glory be given Thee forever and ever.

Especially if you are actively working for Satan.

Open with the following prayer:
Hear me oh Great and Mighty Satan. I ask your help in returning these curses, amplified to the senders who have attacked us for doing your work. You know who they are. They will know your wrath. I ask that you send a Demon to me to take and deliver the curses and thoughtforms that I have cleaned from my aura and soul directly to those who have sent them. O Mighty Satan, fill me with truth, wisdom and understanding, keep me strong in my faith and service, that I may abide always in Thee with Praise, Honor, and Glory be given Thee forever and ever.

1. Visualize a brilliantly bright Sun directly above your head. Affirm: “The light is cleaning and removing any and all negative energy, thoughtforms, and curses on or connected to my soul that have been directed to me, and is returning them to the senders.” State this 3 times.

2. Visualize this Sun descending down into your head and pushing down any dirt, filth, thoughtforms [thoughtforms can appear as chunks of filth or for those who are advanced, you can see them as they may be shapes, symbols, like elementals, or otherwise]. This will be grey or black energy [as it collects], and will get darker as it descends.

3. Visualize the brilliant light descending through your throat, down through your shoulders, chest, then stomach area, hips and all the way down through your feet, pushing out all of the dirt from your aura and soul.

4. Move the filth beside you, in a pile.

5. DO THIS THREE TIMES, steps 1 through 4. Keep piling the dirt.

6. When you are finished, your aura and soul should be much brighter and cleaner. You can either ask for a Demon to take the energy and to return it to the senders [especially if you’re new], OR, you can visualize it shooting away from you, directing it to the senders.

For Familiars:

The above illustration is both the same for a cat or a dog, a horse and all four legged animals. Snakes and other reptiles have their chakras lined up along their bodies the same way. Some members also have spiders. For cleaning a spider familiar, just visualize the spider engulfed in a brilliant Sun and pull the Sun from its body, pushing out any negative energies. The same goes for other small familiars.

You should do the exact same ritual above for your familiar/s. This is extremely important. You can also use an astral brush or comb [visualize this] in addition and brush any astral negativities from his/her fur, piling it up in the same way, and returning it to the senders.

Your familiar protects your soul. It is important to clean his/her aura frequently. Also, to build a powerful aura of protection around him/her. This should be done every day during a waxing Moon. I will post this shortly.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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Re: Hello

Postby hailourtruegod » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:45 am

Also try using blue Satanic fire to cleanse your own room just to be sure.
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